Today, people with disabilities, society is well. Disabled, and simply those who are "not like everybody", sorry, offer different benefits and particular conditions are trying to help. But very different was the case half a century ago. Siamese twins Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyapova – one of the most famous in our country. In many interviews, the sisters recounted that life was not easy, and not only because of the unusual physiology.

Siamese twins Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyapova: they spread death

Difficult twins

Michael Krivolapov worked as a personal driver from Lavrenty Beria, and his wife Catherine Krivoshlyapova – was a housewife. The young couple wanted children and were incredibly happy about the ensuing pregnancy. Belly Catherine grew quite quickly and was struck by its size, all the relatives immediately realized: we should expect twins. January 4, 1950 by caesarean section was born the Siamese twins Masha and Dasha. According to one version, the doctor who delivered, from time to time allowed themselves to drink alcohol in the workplace. Abused it on the day of the birth of unusual children. Seeing the twins, the doctor lost consciousness and waking up, I decided never to drink alcohol. Unusual mother's sisters said that her children died almost immediately after birth. However, one of the nurses could not look at the experiences of a young woman and secretly showed her girls. After seeing Catherine experienced a serious shock, and for several years went to a psychiatric hospital.

The physiological characteristics of the sisters

Gemini Krivoshlyapova had two two heads, four arms and three legs. The bodies of the sisters were joined at an angle of 90 degrees. The scientific name given to anomalies of development dicephales tetrabrachius dipus. Also the twins in the case of the fusion they have in the lower limbs, pelvis and abdominal wall are often called esophagi. Scientists, of course, interested in these children. There were many questions: is there a common internal organs, and even operates such a dual body. The separation of the Siamese twins in those days a rare operation. However, you ought to study all the physiological capabilities, then you could consider this option.

Childhood and adolescence

The first seven years of his life Siamese twins Masha and Dasha held at the Institute of Pediatrics of the USSR AMS. In their Mature interviews sister recalled that time with horror. According to Masha and Dasha, they daily conducted a variety of experiments, sometimes just horrifying in its brutality and tenderness. Once girls put on the ice to ensure that they got sick and the doctors were able to observe the body's response to acute stage of colds. After this study sisters lay some days with temperatures around 40 and mentally prepared to say goodbye to life. But the girls were stronger and survived.

On the seventh day of the birth of the sisters, the doctors got all the data of interest and successfully defended more than a dozen dissertations. After that, Siamese twins Dasha and Masha Krivoshlyapova were transferred to the Central scientific research Institute of traumatology and orthopedics. It was there that the girls met your mother – nurse Nadezhda Fedorovna Gorokhov. The woman first treated Krivoshlyapova as regular kids, not a scientific exhibit. The Institute of the sisters received an education and learned to walk.

Time passed, and interest in the unusual twins faded. Teenage sisters amputated third leg, and then sent from Moscow to Novocherkassk, in the usual boarding school for children with problems in motor skills.

From the world of science in the real

Siamese twins Masha and Dasha suffered from many doctors for the first twenty years of life. But if life in academic institutions was not very pleasant and easy, after you have started a real hell. In the boarding school of the sisters immediately took a dislike to. The other kids constantly mocked over them, sometimes hurt physically.

After the amputation of three legs, the sisters could move only on crutches or a wheelchair. The "extra" limb performed the support function, deprived of her girls felt worse. Moreover, in some interview, the sisters spoke about what he had experienced from time to time the phantom pain.

After 6 years of living in the boarding school of the sisters of Novocherkassk Krivoshlyapova returned to Moscow. Was 1970, they have not once turned to find a place for permanent location. But after a while they settled in a nursing home on No. 6. There is a woman and lived until his death. The neighbors in the nursing home remembered Dasha and Masha sullen and aggressive. Sisters never smiled, often swearing, sometimes drinking.

Was there a separation?

According to some sources, in 1989 the sisters were offered a separating operation. No guarantees in such cases, no one gives. Often, the operation ends with the death of one of twins or two. In addition, the case of the sisters Krivoshlyapova was unique and complex in itself.

Masha and Dasha had common circulatory system and some internal organs. The separation of conjoined twins in this building rarely has positive results. Anyway, even if the operation offered, the sisters rejected it without hesitation. Too much they were related to each other. Women journalists told me that I see some dreams and even read each other's minds. If you eat one, the second one is not experiencing hunger, and even the mood is often one to two.

Relationships with family and society

Incredibly famous Siamese twins in the Soviet Union Masha and Dasha were the first children of their parents. After the appearance of the girls of their mother a few years treated in a mental health facility. After recovery, the woman tried to find their children, but the meeting never took place. The sisters claim that they themselves found the mother and met with her in adulthood, it was then 35 years old. His father was never interested in the fate of their children. Did not want to communicate with unusual sisters and two younger brothers who were born perfectly healthy. With mother, Masha and Dasha some time to support communication, but then refused to see in the future. The society belonged to the unusual sisters hostile. Siamese twins Dasha and Masha Krivoshlyapova visited Paris in adulthood. They were shocked by the fact that in Europe people on the streets not looked at them, and everywhere they were treated as the most ordinary people.

One body, two souls

Not so often there are Siamese twins in Russia. Masha and Dasha all my life I have proven to others that they are two different people. Indeed, initially the girls had one birth certificate for two, and two passports to give them did not want. While sisters was radically different personalities and habits. Dasha was more vulnerable and soft, and Maria is calmer, something nastier. Hard to believe, but, despite his physiology, the sisters managed to mutually fall in love and once even nearly got married. Dasha has always dreamed of children and their families, but the doctors in my youth told her to think about such should not be. According to some sources, the sisters tried to commit suicide more than once. If such stories can be safely attributed to gossip and rumors, and that is the hard facts. In the last years of his life, Dasha began to drink heavily. Doctors even encode the sisters to alcoholism, but this measure did not help.

A sad end

13 APR 2003 Dasha woke up and called the doctor as I felt very bad. Sisters was hospitalized, and it turned out that Mary had passed away. There was a diagnosis of "acute heart attack". Live, she said that the sister was given an injection of potent drug, and she's just sleeping. At this time, has already begun intoxication, and after 17 hours died the second of twins. The sisters at that time was 53 years old. This is a rare case, because many other stories of conjoined twins over a couple of years after the birth of unusual children. According to experts, Masha and Dasha could live longer, if refused use of alcoholic beverages.

Media about the twins Krivoshlyapova

The first time the sisters hard to hide from the public. Experts believed that such a sight might scare and to shock Soviet citizens. But over time, began to appear in documentaries and publications. Gradually the sisters Krivoshlyapova become world famous and quite popular. In adulthood, they from time to time personally gave interviews and talked to journalists. This unusual not covered in major print publications and even on TV. Many viewers remember, for example, dedicated Krivoshlyapova edition of the program "Let them talk". Siamese twins Masha and Dasha from such fame is not got nothing. Their lives, the sisters lived quite modestly, and their main source of income being the disability pension. After the death of the Siamese twins had been cremated, their remains are buried in the columbarium at St. Nicholas Archangel cemetery.