Gastritis with high acidity: treatment and prevention

Increasingly, doctors diagnose gastritis. Everyone can get sick with this disease, even a schoolboy. Gastritis with high acidity, the treatment of which takes a long time, usually arises from malnutrition, in particular due to excessive consumption of acidic, salty or acute, quick chewing, untimely food intake, etc.

Ways to treat ossicles

Bones on the legs - this is a serious deformity of the foot, requiring treatment. Over the years, the bone becomes larger, it is difficult for a man to wear narrow shoes, he is troubled by severe pain.

How and when can bury boric acid in the ear

Everyone knows that ear pain is one of the most painful sensations. Because of the anatomical features of the auditory tube, children often suffer from otitis media. But also the otolaryngologists who treat adult patients also do not remain without work.

Dried or fresh? Figs

How useful is fresh figs? These juicy thin-skinned fruits contain carotene, ascorbic, tannins, fatty acids, proteins, trace elements (magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium) and sugar. What is the difference between dried fruits and fresh fruit? The difference is that the fresh sugar content is about 25%, while in dried fruits it is increased to 40%, while the dried fruit is stored much longer.

Than to knock down temperature at the adult person: practical advice

Than to knock down temperature at the adult? This question is rare, but almost every person on our planet has ever appeared. A sudden rise in temperature always indicates that there are any inflammatory processes in the body. Most often this symptom is associated with a common cold. If this is the case, and the mercury column did not rise too high, then the temperature can be knocked down without consulting the doctor.

MRI is

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive modern diagnostic test method that allows you to visually examine deeply located biological tissues. It is based on such a physical phenomenon as nuclear magnetic resonance.

A Dangerous Disease - Mouse Fever

Mouse fever is a disease that is viral in nature and threatens with general intoxication and kidney damage. The name of the disease is not difficult to guess that the main culprits of human infection are mice. While from a sick person healthy do not get infected. Typically, infection with a mouse virus occurs through foods that have been contaminated by sick rodents, or rather their urine or feces. Also, you can catch and when you breathe dry feces sick gnawing

Poisoning is

Poisoning has recently become too widespread. The huge variety of potentially dangerous substances, as well as the ignorance of the population about their poisoning properties, become the main factor influencing the growth of the number of poisonings.

First aid in case of electric shock

A person is surrounded by many household appliances connected to electrical networks. In such a situation, accidental electric shock is possible. Large currents causing injury or death are rare. Of the 140-150 situations, only one case is lethal.

Filling of tooth canals: methods and materials

Filling of the canals is a sealing after removal of the pulp. Manipulation serves as a protection against infection and strengthens the tooth. There are a number of different ways to seal the channel. Each of them has its pros and cons.

How to find out if there are worms in the human body

The bulk of people are convinced that there are no parasites in their body. In addition, even assuming their presence, many do not take any measures to cleanse their bodies. However, you should not be so presumptuous and engage in self-deception. Parasites are present in ninety percent of people living on the planet and always lead the body to an incurable pathological condition.

Sour taste in the mouth - causes

Feel sweet and sour taste in the mouth is quite normal. But this is only if you ate a suitable product or an unusual dish before you. It should also be noted that in such a situation, such feelings pass fairly quickly, especially if one kills any vegetable or milk.

Iatrogenic is what? Types of iatrogenia, causes, prevention

Often in modern medicine, the term iatrogenia is used. This concept denotes those states that are directly or indirectly tied to the actions of medical personnel. Often a doctor brings a certain traumatism to his patient, incorrectly communicating with him or performing certain manipulations.

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