How is the stop arranged?Anatomy of the human foot bones

The foot is the lower part of the lower limb.One of its sides, the one that touches the floor surface, is called the sole, and the opposite, the upper one - the back.A flexible, flexible and elastic arch structure with a convex upward motion has a stop.Anatomy and this form makes it capable of distributing gravity, reducing tremors in walking, adapting to irregularities, achieving a smooth gait and elastic standing.This article describes in detail its structure.

Therapeutic properties of burdock

In folk medicine, there are many plants that closely walk with the human race since ancient times.Among such natural healers, an honorable place is by right the burdock, in another way it is also called burdock.About this useful plant, as well as about which side to put the burdock to the sore spot, will be told in this article.

What is on the left under the ribs and what can be sick there

If you know by heart all diseases and their symptoms are not necessary at all (for this there is Internet), then it is worthwhile to understand the arrangement of organs.Today we propose to address to such a field of science as anatomy, and to find out what is on the left under the ribs.

What if the trigeminal nerve is inflamed?Treatment at home with folk remedies

The triple nerve is an education in the facial area, divided into three branches;One of them is directed to the frontal part, the second is directed towards the lower jaw, the third grasps the jaw of the upper, nasal region, and also the cheek.Each branch is divided into smaller, transmitting nerve signals to all parts of the face.The triple nerve, which is sufficiently effective at home, is inflamed when squeezed due to external and internal factors.

Sinusitis - what is it?Treatment of sinusitis in children

Despite the popularity of this disease, many still do not know what sinusitis is and, thank God, they do not know!Hence, they never hurt them - and it pleases.And now seriously.This disease affects both adults and children.Sinusitis does not appear on its own.It provokes a cold or an allergy.What is this disease and how to treat sinusitis in children, we will tell in this article.

Exudative inflammation: causes, types, outcomes

Exudative inflammation means that the inflammatory process in the body has reached the stage of formation of exudate - the exit from the blood vessels in the tissues of specific fluids.On their composition depends clinic of inflammation, symptoms, treatment methods, consequences and prognosis.Details about the types of exudative inflammation, their etiology and pathogenesis can be found in this article.

How to use a sponge from stretch marks

Throughout her life, a woman makes every effort to save her youth and beautiful appearance.One of the most terrible problems is stretch marks on the skin, which are formed after childbirth, abruptly set / lose weight, or for other reasons.

What is disinfection: types, methods, the main means used

Microorganisms have the ability to multiply under the influence of favorable factors for them, and therefore create conditions that are dangerous for the human body.Disinfection is a specially developed method for controlling microbes in order to minimize their amount in the environment.Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely destroy the pathogenic flora and its disputes with the help of the measures used, but it is possible to minimize their number.

Application and contra-indication of onion husks

A good housewife gets much less waste in garbage - they often are not superfluous, but surprisingly useful.For example, take onion husks - we throw it out almost every day, because onions go to roast, soup, to salads, meat, and its fees begin only by Easter.But this is not just a beautiful natural dye, it is also a good remedy against various diseases, problems with appearance, and ailments.

Lymphoma is a kind of cancer

Lymphoma is the development of cancer cells in the human lymphatic system.This term unites a group of 30 diseases, differing in their symptoms, type of tumors and response to therapy.For productive treatment it is necessary to know which version of lymphoma is involved.

Type of deprivation will be determined by a doctor

Diseases characterized by similar manifestations: pruritus, inflamed and flaking color spots on the skin - are united by such a general concept as lichen.The causative agents are viruses or fungi, which are able to live for years in the human body, not betraying themselves.microorganisms and the appearance of unwanted rashes on the skin.Determine the type of depriving and prescribe the treatment should the doctor.

Anoskopiya: what is this method and what is its peculiarity

Absolutely in all medical directions, comprehensive examination, which helps to establish pathology at an early stage and to prescribe optimal therapy, is not an exception and proctology is of great importance.For more detailed investigation, anoscopy is used.What is this technique and for what purpose it is carried out, let's understand more in detail.

Seizure - what is it?Causes, symptoms, treatment

Seizure - what is it?It is a contraction of the muscles, which occurs involuntarily and has a paroxysmal character.Cramps can appear suddenly and last usually not for long.After a certain period, a repetition of the state is possible.The contractions of the muscles are accompanied by a sharp pain.

Institute of Rheumatology at Kashirka: reviews

The Institute of Rheumatology is one of the few metropolitan medical institutions that are seriously engaged in the study of rheumatic diseases.Ultramodern methods of treatment can get rid of these diseases, while the age of the patient does not matter.

Krasnozersky sanatorium of Novosibirsk region

Because of climatic features and geographical location in the Novosibirsk region, forest vegetation prevails.Thanks to the amazing nature and miraculous air in this region are the largest boarding houses-sanatoriums in Russia.

Why there is itching and burning in an intimate place

Itching and burning in an intimate place can occur for various reasons.If this pathological condition worries you very much, then it is recommended to consult a doctor.In the event that in the near future you do not get to visit the hospital, then the list provided will help you to find the true reasons for this deviation.

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