For each of us, one of the most important, vitally necessary and, however strange it may seem, the ears are the irreplaceable sense organs. Thanks to them, from the very childhood, we begin to hear the voice of our mother, who speaks tenderly to us and reads fairy tales; get acquainted with music - classical, modern; We communicate with friends or colleagues.

Therefore, those who have independently become acquainted with the horror of pain in the ears, such impressions will remain for a long time. It can be so intolerable that the sufferer rushes to the hospital without waiting for advice from the family.

We hear - we do not hear

Quite a different situation unfolds, if suddenly, "on tiptoes", crept deafness. It seems that not everything is as bad as it might seem at first glance: due to the fact that ears have begun to stuff without pain, the quality of hearing decreases, but it is because of the absence of pain that everything that is happening is ignored for a long time.

And yet, any upcoming stuffiness of the ears without pain can deliver a lot of incomprehensible and unpleasant sensations. Do not give way to panic and hysteria. To begin with, you should try to understand the reasons that led to the fact that it simply laid the ear.

Ejaculation of the ears without pain

In order not to waste nerves and time to go to the doctor, a method that is used quite often, which uses a sufficiently large number of people to eliminate stuffy ears without pain, is self-medication. It is not contraindicated. And yet, in order for the efficiency of the chosen treatment option to reach 100%, it is necessary to find out what preceded the appearance of deafness.

Our ears, ears

Mother Nature has identified a sufficient number of reasons for the initiation of ears without pain. Experts subdivide them into factors of a natural and physiological nature.

Natural, that is, physical, reasons include:

- Fluid entering the ear cavity during bathing or diving;

- pressure drops (in airplanes, elevators, on attractions).

Water in the ears

With such difficulties it is quite possible to cope and at home. In the first case, in order to extract an unnecessary liquid from the ear, it is enough just to jump on one leg (if water penetrated into the right ear - then on the right leg and vice versa). If the desired result is not achieved, you can use warming: lie on the warmer from the side of the stuffed ear (the ear should be on the heating pad) for a quarter of an hour, no more.

Up down

If the ears are laid after the aircraft, what to do in this situation? Those who hovered in the air on snow-white liners, clearly remember that at the moment when the iron bird soars upwards or, on the contrary, falls, heavily pawns ears. The same sensations appear after trips in elevators or walks in the mountains. Not everyone likes it, but so is conceived by Nature itself. There is nothing terrible in this situation. Spending just a couple of minutes, you can return everything to its place. You just need to open your mouth and do the massage yourself between the ear cartilage and the temple. Or you can just swallow a little or just yawn deeper. Such actions distribute pressure and relieve congestion. So, if you have laid your ears after the plane, what to do, you do not ask anymore, this question will not be so acute any more.

Physiological factors of zalozhennosti ears

Unfortunately, there are much more serious situations. It happens that at times it lays the ear, as a consequence of the common cold, which is accompanied by a cold. Slime from the nose enters the auditory canal and promotes the onset of the inflammatory process. As a result, hearing loss. In this case, experts do not recommend doing anything on their own. It is more correct to come to the reception to the otolaryngologist, who can perform a routine examination, but can also assign special functional tests.

Proceeding from the fact that it was the primary cause of a sudden decrease in hearing or even complete deafness, the doctor will be able to professionally choose the necessary variant of all possible methods of cure.

Human ears - the organs are fragile enough. If they are not provided on time or inadequate, complications can be very serious, and treatment can be lengthy.

Our enemies - sulfur fuses

In cases where the ear periodically lays, but there is no pain, a person does not catch a cold, does not ride in an elevator, does not fly in an airplane, does not climb mountains, then, most likely, the hearing decreases due to the presence of sulfur plugs. And they can arise if the auditory canal is narrow from birth or the "master" improperly takes care of his ears. The ear gland will produce sulfur, which can accumulate in the ears, lowering the ears.

"Fight" with traffic jams can, without resorting to the services of doctors, and at home. One way - to drip into the affected ear a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. The second home method is to take a hot shower, dropping two or three drops of warm oil or glycerin before it. The plug is very easy to get, using ordinary cotton wool. But you need to do it carefully.

Learning to Flaunt

There are cases when, when blowing out, lays an ear. It's not scary. Most likely, the reason for this is all the same sulfur fuses. Most likely, fossil sulfur has moved from the place in the ear passage. The ENT doctor will wash them with a syringe with plain water. If there is no desire to go to the hospital, you can drip into the ear of "Otipaks" and rinse your nose. In general, even flaunting should be neat: one nostril "works", the second is clamped with a finger.

Pressure and stuffiness of the ears

Being in flight on a snow-white liner, passengers usually lay their ears. What reasons contribute to this? At what pressure does the ears pawn? All this is due to the difference in pressure. During the flight on iron birds there is a fairly sharp decrease in atmospheric pressure, that is, external. And pressure in the ears does not have time to adapt to this. As a result, a feeling of insecurity arises.

And it does not matter at all, specifically at what pressure the ears pawn. The main thing to remember the recommendations of doctors about the implementation of rapid swallowing movements.

After all, the ear, as already mentioned above, the organ is quite complex and neatly organized. The tympanic membrane, which "hides" the middle ear from the outer passage, plays the role of baro-func- tion. On both sides of the membrane is maintained a certain balance, so that the most convenient for human conductivity sounds. With a decrease in atmospheric pressure, air passes from the middle ear to the nasopharynx. With increasing pressure, everything is reversed.

When there is a violation of the baro-function, the resistance of the membrane to injuries is significantly reduced, which leads to deterioration of the hearing.

Charging for ears

If there is only stuffiness in the ears, without pain, doctors can recommend gymnastics for the ears, thanks to which the feeling of stuffiness will go away very quickly.

First, it is necessary to push the lower jaw about five times. Then you need to make circular motions with the lower jaw.

Only all this is done very carefully, so as not to earn a dislocation.

If the stuffiness in the ears goes in parallel with the fever, then all procedures with ears should be done very carefully and carefully. The advice of ENT doctors in this case: as soon as the patient begins to increase body temperature, any warming ears of manipulation are prohibited.

There is no reason to worry if ears pawn rarely, but if it is included in the system - it will be prudent to visit a specialist, because the underlying cause can hide in a state of health.

To complicate the health situation does not concern readers, you should know and remember: often self-medication is the beginning of a variety of complications. Therefore, if the ear is stuffy, it is extremely wise to apply on time for help to medical workers on time.

Thanks to such an exclusive instrument as our ears, it is possible to enjoy the open world of a variety of sounds. Therefore, our main task is to carefully take care of their good location, so that the hearing organs are in an intact and safe condition.