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Oncological diseases can hardly be considered a rarity. And, unfortunately, they are often exposed to even newborn children. Why does neuroblastoma occur? What it is? What are the symptoms of the disease? Are there effective methods of treatment? These questions are of interest to many.

How to get cancer and what to do to avoid this disease

This ailment is as old as humanity itself. On the question of how cancer develop, scientists from all over the world are racking their brains. But so far, many puzzles remain undisclosed. What you need to do to reduce the risk of developing cancer, you will learn by reading this article.

Cancer is curable or not

The problem of cancer in the past few years is under the scrutiny not only of the medical community - many people are monitoring the development of the issue. It would seem that every year scientists are getting closer to discovering the riddle, but there is still no definitive answer to the question of whether cancer is cured.

Rectal cancer

In recent years, colon cancer has come in first place in the statistics of oncological diseases, where the oncology of the rectum accounts for almost half of all cases.

Natalia Lebedeva: her fight against cancer

The Nizhny Novgorod region has recently reached the eighth place in the country in terms of the incidence of oncology. Natalia Lebedeva, a resident of the city of Balakhna, is a sad mother and a happy wife. Eight years of carefree, full of joy of life ended suddenly in 2014. It was then that the woman suddenly lost the ability to move. Doctors announced the presence of a tumor of the spinal cord, pressing on the nerve roots.

The tonsils are aching

Cancer of the tonsils is a malignant disease. It is characterized by the formation of a tumor. This ailment is considered to be a rare type of oncology. In this case, most often, men suffer from tonsils. Cancer is diagnosed, according to statistics, in men of advanced age (from 60 years), and this type of oncology is found in this group almost 10 times more often than in women.

Thyroid cancer: how many live? Consultation of an oncologist

A malignant tumor can spread to any organ. The thyroid gland is no exception. Transformation of cells of glandular epithelium into oncological, their uncontrolled division contribute to the development of a life-threatening disease. From the materials of this article you will find out what symptoms are accompanied by thyroid cancer, how many people live with such a diagnosis, how can one prevent this pathology.

Research Institute of Oncology

Research Institute of Oncology. Petrova N.N. is formed with the aim of implementing state policy in the sphere of health protection. The Institute is considered one of the main state scientific research institutions in the field of cancer treatment, it has powerful scientific human resources that solve scientific and medical problems at the highest level.

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