Hair on the head grows constantly, without interruption. At night - more slowly, in the afternoon - faster. In adults, on average, they grow up to fifteen millimeters per month. On the head is from about one hundred to one hundred and fifty thousand hair follicles. Often happens, unfortunately, when excessively hair falls out and become very thin. What should their owners do? What tools to use? About this the following article.

Hair fall out and become very delicate: causes

Every day people lose from fifty to a hundred hairs, each of which lives on the head from three to seven years. Ninety percent of all ringlets are in a state of growth, ten percent are at rest from two to six months, after which they drop out. Usually hair does not thin with age, but it happens that in place of the former the new ones no longer grow. This sometimes happens at a young age. If the hair falls out and becomes very thin, it can be caused by a variety of reasons. Eliminating them, it is usually possible to restore growth where it stopped.

Causes of fallout

You can identify internal and external factors affecting hair loss.

diseases of the endocrine system, gall bladder, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, cervical osteochondrosis, cutaneous;

stressful situation makes itself felt on the hair about two months after its inception;

hormonal changes, such as thyroid disease, pregnancy, menopause.

exposure to ultraviolet rays;

discoloration, staining and curling;

smoking, malnutrition and caring.

Improper care

If the reason that the hair falls out and become very thin, is an internal disease, it is clear that you need to urgently deal with its treatment. But here, as for caring for your curls, we can consider in more detail.

When the hair is healthy, each of them is covered with a fat film providing active protection. But it is damaged by ultraviolet rays, salts, chlorine, fatty acids in cosmetics and so on.

In addition, low temperatures worsen the nutrition of the bulbs, so that the curls stop growing and their loss is observed.

What mistakes lead to the fact that the hair fall out and become very thin:

use of alkaline shampoos containing SLS, parabens and so on;

long stay in the sun without a hat;

daily styling with a hairdryer;

washing cold or, conversely, hot water;

wash every day with shampoo to increase volume;

coloring and perm, conducted simultaneously.

What to do?

wash strands should not be more than twice a week;

the hairbrush should be of high quality, with rare denticles;

will help in such a situation the intake of vitamins A, E, H and others;

the correct diet, including fruits, greens, protein - products should contain silicon, iron, selenium, methylsulfonylmethane, biotin;

quality nourishing masks;

tinctures for hair growth;

exfoliate the scalp with a scrub once a week;

haircut on the lunar calendar.

With this approach, the problem will gradually be solved when the hair falls out and becomes very thin.

Folk remedies

Herbs that will best help with this problem are chamomile, horsetail, yarrow and sage. From them prepare broths and tinctures, which rinse curls after washing and rub into the skin. The procedures are carried out once or twice a week, usually when the head is washed.

Essential oils are also excellent tools in the fight. Laurel, cedar, juniper, chamomile, sage, ginger, ylang-ylang, lavender and thyme will stop hair loss. Essential oils are mixed with the base and rubbed into the skin and ringlets. The composition is left on the head for at least forty minutes, after which it is washed off with warm water. The basis for them can be cream, honey, sour cream, peach or olive oil.

It is useful from time to time to comb your hair, first splashing a couple of drops of oil on the comb. So the curls will not only smell great. This will contribute to their rapid recovery.

Separately, you can identify macadamia oils and avocados - they will truly be magical means to strengthen the curls.

Once a week, it is useful to rub sesame oil and leave it for five to ten minutes.

Every day you need to massage the scalp with a comb from the top down fifty movements.

This procedure can be done simply with your fingers. Its task is to increase blood circulation in the skin, because of what processes are activated and hair growth is stimulated. However, massage can not be done if there are pustular eruptions and fungal diseases on the head.

Alternative to shop shampoos

It is useful to wash your head from time to time with egg yolk, crumb of bread, rye flour, mustard powder, soda, sea salt and other folk remedies.

You can prepare such a dry shampoo: take the corn flour, add almonds and rub it in the skin, then do not rinse with water, but just shake off the head.

This is another effective tool that will help when the hair falls out and become very thin. What vitamins to drink or inject intramuscularly to improve the condition of their curls?

A, F, B5 - strengthening.

B1 - anti-stress.

B2 - restores the roots.

B3 and B6 - normalizes the exchange processes.

B7 - helps against alopecia.

B8 - increases the effect of other vitamins.

B9 - Updates the cells.

With - strengthens immunity.

If the hair falls out and becomes very thin, the masks will also help restore their former beauty. They are applied to curls when they are dirty. After removal, the head is usually washed. Masks are left for about forty minutes to an hour. The excellent components are as follows:

vegetable oils (almond, castor, cedar, olive, burdock and others);

As a basis, oil or kefir is taken, yolk, bread and so on are added. Irritant components (onion, garlic, pepper) should be about ten percent of the entire mask.

Shave or not shave?

This is another tool that can often be heard when the hair falls out and becomes very thin. Folk methods consist of a simple shave of hair. They say that after that they will grow thick, healthy, lush and shiny. Girls often believe and follow the advice, waiting for months later, when the long-awaited thick head of hair will grow.

What happens when the hair is shaved off? They are temporarily absent on the surface of the head, but in the skin their roots, the follicles continue to work in the previous regime, so they do not have any effect on the shaving. That is why the growing hair will be exactly the same as before, both in thickness and in structure. After all, the body worked as before shaving, and continues after, and the keratin by hair was distributed in the same way as before.

Although some girls who decided to take this step noticed that their strands were getting better. Nevertheless, we must not forget that short hair always seems thicker, and medium lengths and long ones usually already undergone a lot of different procedures, which, of course, affected their appearance. Growing hair is always stronger, but when a certain length is reached, it is usually found that the former density is lost.


When the hair falls out and becomes very thin, the main thing is to remember that there are no miracles, there must be constant care and a careful attitude towards them. The curls will not become thick overnight by using magic shampoos that increase the volume, and other miracle means. As a result, the use of such tools will have a detrimental effect on the head of hair and will further aggravate the situation, since such funds weight the strands from the outside, which is an additional burden on their roots and follicles. Pity your hair when hair falls out and becomes very thin. The reasons should be eliminated, and then, if you take care of your hair day by day, strands will gradually acquire a healthy appearance and natural volume.

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