Some people, since childhood, suffer from ear diseases. During periods of exacerbation, unbearable pain is felt, by the middle of life, even a partial loss of hearing can be observed for a certain period. If you do not take any action, then in due course a symptom will begin to appear, accompanied by a sensation as if in the ear water. It seems to the person that it is poured, there is a constant noise, similar to a low-frequency pronounced squeak. In the mornings, even a liquid with an oily appearance may even flow.

What can I do if it seems like there is water in my ears?

Is it water in your ears? What to do when it's like water in the earVery many people are faced with such a feeling. No wonder there is such a stable expression: "In the ears like water." what
doing is the first question they ask themselves. Here there is such a phenomenon that when the head bends, the hearing returns, with the reverse movement - disappears. The pain is not felt at all. It can occur for one or two weeks.

A lot of discomfort brings a person such a condition when the ears are like water. Treatment of it should be appointed by a competent specialist. When seeking help in the hospital, the doctor can recommend washing the ear canal, which allows them to clear from excessive accumulated sulfur, which arises due to increased secretion.

What causes tinnitus?

Symptoms of such a plan can appear in many conditions and diseases. To find out what caused them, you need to undergo a full medical examination, and only by its results can you judge the causes of the ailment.

It happens that sulfur fuses provoke a feeling that patients describe so that the ears are like water. This problem is eliminated after flushing. If the removal of the sulfur plug does not lead to the desired result, impedance measurement and audiometry are necessary. These manipulations are possible only during a relatively healthy state of a person. It is not recommended to carry out procedures of this nature in case of acute illness of the external respiratory tract or chronic exacerbations.

What is the essence of the impedanceometry method?

Impedanceometry is understood as an objective method that allows one to examine ears. It is based on the fixation of the oscillations of the eardrums, where the response is the change in pressure inside the hearing aid.

With the help of this method, it is easy to diagnose cicatricial and inflammatory processes of the middle ear, to detect exudate (inflammatory fluid) in the tympanic cavity. It is also often diagnosed internal hemorrhage, perforation (violation of integrity) or rupture of the auditory ossicles, otosclerosis, abnormality of the auditory tube. Impedanceometry consists of tympanometry and acoustic reflexometry.

What is the essence of the method of impedanceometry and audiometry?

The procedure for audiometry involves the study of hearing acuity. It is often prescribed to those people who have a condition, when there is water in their ears. Here, individual sensitivity to the waves of various sounds is determined, which are fed at different frequencies. Only such a surgeon can perform such manipulations.

Audiometry can be several options: speech / voice / computer. The speech procedure for studying the acuity of the ear is the simplest and is done with the help of whispers and conversational speech. Tonal audiometry makes it possible to study the threshold of individual auditory sensitivity for individual sound waves. The frequency range can vary from 125 to 8 thousand Hz. If a doctor approached a doctor who says that he seems to have water in his ear, then the expert in this case must find out the minimum level that the subject can hear.

Computer audiometry is the most objective way of research. There is no need for the active participation of the subject. The procedure, which allows to study the acuity of hearing, is carried out automatically. It is successfully used not only for adults, who have exactly the condition when there is water in their ears. It is effective when working with children of different ages and even newborns.

Study of ear ailments: how does it go?

Various audible signals are sent to the subject's ear. Thanks to special electrodes, the computer system clearly registers incoming brain signals and builds an audiogram on their basis. The peculiarity of this technique is that for its implementation the patient must be in a state of sleep. The electrodes are attached to the head of the test subject and they are connected to a common computer system. There are no contraindications. The entire process takes no more than half an hour.

Conclusion: if you feel that the ears are like water, do not panic. Today, there are many innovative methods to quickly find and eliminate the cause of the disease. New methods are highly effective, painless and short-lived.