"A spider-boy was born in India!" - it was with such headlines that several years ago all printed publications in South Asia were published. And this is not the yellow press, because such an event actually took place.

Is it true that a spider-boy was born in India?

In India, a spider-boy was born: truth or fiction

At first, no one believed that such an event could really happen. But after the first pictures of the baby appeared in the newspapers, all doubts fell away. Since then, it's been quite a few years, but this boy is still written and spoken about.

Cause of pathology

The reason for this deviation became known to doctors immediately after an Indian boy named Diipak Pasvaan was born. After all, from the first moments it was clear that the child has a rare anomaly (even rarer than Siamese twins). In the body of the little boy was not developed a parasitic twin brother.

Appearance of the child

As you know, Dipak Pasvaan had eight extremities: two pairs of arms and legs. Some Hindus believed that this was the reborn god Vishnu. However, doctors argued that this is just an anomaly that arose as a result of the wrong development of twins in the womb, with one fruit literally rooted in the other.

Unfortunately, immediately after birth, the baby could not do a pretty serious operation to remove the parasitic twin. In this regard, the spider-boy up to seven years did not pass even a simple radiography. However, his parents did not lose hope that eventually their baby will still be returned to normal human form. After all, this is all the grounds, since back in 2005 in the same state a girl named Lakshmi Tatma was born, who had quite similar congenital anomalies. When she was 2 years old, she was successfully operated.

Hearing about this news, the parents of Diipak Pasvaan immediately began to look for a surgeon who would undertake this difficult business. And I did not have to wait too long, because very soon such a doctor appeared.

Favorable outcome

"A Spider-Boy was born in India!" - this title will no longer appear in print. And this is due to the fact that Diipak Pasvaan was operated on, and quite successfully.

According to the surgeons, it was difficult for them to decide on the procedure for separation of twins, because the child was never properly examined, and it was completely unclear how the blood systems of the parasitic twin and the boy himself were combined, and also whether they have common organs or not.

After a long medical examination, a group of doctors still decided to operate the baby. As you know, for this difficult task experienced practitioners of the clinic, which is located in the large Indian city of Bangalore.

To remove excess legs and hands, doctors took more than four hours. And, it should be noted, the doctors did not in vain take up this matter. The operation to remove the parasitic twin was more than successful. And now the stunning headlines "A Spider-Boy was born in India!" Remained only on the old pages of newspapers and magazines.

After surgery, the boy underwent full rehabilitation. He became a full member of society. Now the kid can safely go to school and lead a normal life.

It should be specially noted that such an operation would cost the family of Diipak Pasvana about 80 thousand dollars. But the doctors decided to conduct this unique procedure for free. "This is a fairly rare congenital pathology. Not all children with such abnormalities survive. We took a chance, and the operation was successful. As a result, the boy was able to walk freely. Now he does not lag behind peers in physical development, "said surgeon Ramcharan Tiagarayan.