Kegel exercises at home will strengthen the musclesVumbilding is Kegel exercises. At home, this complex is very popular with women, because you can actively train the muscles of the perineum, without embarrassment.

Women who have given birth often face the problem of lowering the tone of the vaginal muscle. Sometimes the problem can be solved only surgically. Doing Kegel exercises at home, you can keep the natural elasticity and muscle tone. And the operation is required if the woman does not pay attention to her problem and is not treated.

Kegel Exercise, how to do

First, choose a convenient place, turn on relaxation music, take the prone position. Muscles of the vagina should be strained and relaxed. For the first time, only 10-15 exercises will be enough, gradually increase the figure. When you can easily "cut" 50 times, you can stop.

Now, when the technique is mastered, you can complicate the exercises. It is necessary to severely cut the muscle, then, in seconds, thirty-forty, relax, but not to the end. After a short time, relax again. When you reach perfection, you can effortlessly relax 50 times for one "strained".

When you can easily relax, accelerate the pace. Some women in the process of experiencing orgasm.

The plus of this technique is that a woman who performs such exercises will become an excellent mistress in bed! Girls thus not only strengthen muscles, but also give themselves pleasure, this is helped by the exercise of Kegl. The comments of the fair sex representatives indicate that this technique is working.

Are Kegel exercises, home-grown, useful in planning pregnancy?

Engage in this technique is necessary before pregnancy. This is an excellent, we can say even better, method that will help to avoid gaps. It is very important to engage in such physical education for the vagina, as during the process of pregnancy the muscles naturally weaken. But it's intrepid, because you can train, and after a while you significantly strengthen health in an intimate sense.

What is the essence of the methodology

These exercises are so simple that it can be done by any woman! The main thing is that during the exercises only vaginal muscles are strained. Buttocks, hips and stomach should remain in peace. Otherwise, the positive effect will be negligible.

Kegel exercises at home can be done not just lying, but also raising the hip part. Before the beginning it is necessary to empty the bladder.

Also these exercises can be done standing. But only when in the horizontal position you have already reached the maximum result. In the vertical position, do best with legs apart. Only vaginal muscles should be strained.

All the pluses of the technique

If you perform Kegel exercises at home, it will help to avoid a number of problems: