Man's vessels are a kind of pipeline. Blood flows through it, which ensures the metabolism. With age, the vessels become weaker, clogged, the blood can no longer circulate normally, so malfunctions appear in the life of a person. The first signs of problems with blood vessels are worsening mood, poor health and fatigue, hypotension.

Strengthening blood vessels: folk remedies

Time spent cleaning and strengthening of vessels by national means will allow to avoid campaigns on doctors and again to feel excellently.

All diseases - from nerves

This phrase is not far from the truth. Vessels of the body are weakened by nervous exhaustion. Modern life makes the maximum possible for this. Everywhere stressful situations, busy schedule, a lot of trouble. Millions suffer from prolonged depression. Eventually, the nervous system fails, headaches appear, and blood pressure rises.

Malnutrition leads to the formation of cholesterol plaques in the vessels. It concerns basically fat, sharp and salty food, which people in the last decades began to use much more.

A sedentary lifestyle also does not contribute to the work of vessels at full capacity, they "stagnate". Smoking and the abuse of alcoholic beverages also do not contribute to the purity of blood vessels.

Symptoms of bad blood vessels

The clogged blood vessels of the body can cause a large number of different diseases. To address to the doctor or to try strengthening of blood vessels by national means costs or stands when there are:

  • Frequent dizziness. Especially if they are marked with a sharp rise.
  • Cold hands and feet.
  • You're rocking in transport.
  • There is a rapid heartbeat, there are fainting.
  • If in a calm state there are "knocks" in the temples.

With age, people are increasingly suffering from problems with blood vessels. Often, the greatest difficulties occur with the vessels of the brain. And the older the person becomes, the higher the risk. Often, the disruption of the operation of the cerebral vessels leads to a lethal outcome. After 50 years, the risk of such death increases dramatically, and every two to five years later it increases twofold.

According to studies, in people aged 50 to 59 years, there is a high probability of getting a hemorrhagic stroke, that is, a hemorrhage to the brain. At the age of 60 to 79 people are more likely to suffer from ischemic stroke, that is, because of thrombosis of the brain vessels.

According to statistics, because of a stroke, 40 to 50% of cases die. If the patient survives, the consequences are severe. In some cases, the ability to move is lost, paralysis occurs. There may be a loss of memory. Sometimes muscle atrophy occurs.

What people are at risk and can get a stroke? The first in this list are those who have a hereditary predisposition. Next are people who suffer from hypertension and atherosclerosis. But it is inappropriate to talk only about them, a stroke can happen to everyone.

Treating a stroke

It is possible and necessary to purify and strengthen the vessels with folk remedies. Also, these methods will help stabilize blood pressure and improve blood supply to the brain. After the turn of 50 years it is desirable to take them as prevention.

You will need such herbs as labaznik, motherwort, cotton grass and hips. You need to take them in equal proportions. 4 tablespoons of the mixture are brewed in 1 liter of boiling water and infused for 8 hours. The broth is taken 3-4 times a day for half a glass. Duration of admission - 1,5-2 months.

A month later, you can continue to strengthen the vessels of the brain. The people's means in this regard are the best assistants. Now you need 2 tablespoons meadow geranium (herbs), Japanese Sophora fruits, and sweet clover flowers. All this is poured with 2 cups of boiling water, and then brewed in a thermos bottle during the night. Ready to boil the decoction and take 3-4 times a day for a third of the glass. Duration of admission is also 1.5-2 months.

How to make the vessels more elastic

As a prevention of stroke and diseases such as heart attack and atherosclerosis, it is important to strengthen the vessels. Folk remedies give a tremendous choice of such methods.

To cleanse the vessels and restore their elasticity, you can try the following folk recipe. The flowers of chamomile and St. John's wort, buds of birch, immortelle and yarrow are mixed. The course of treatment requires one glass of each ingredient.

A tablespoon of herbs is poured half a liter of boiling water and insisted. Then the infusion is filtered. Drinking a glass of drug is recommended before bedtime with the addition of a spoonful of honey. In the morning, the infusion left in the evening is heated and also drunk with honey. Take the drug on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before eating. Treatment continues until the mixture is finished. Repeat it preferably at least once every 4 years.

Strengthening the heart

Diseases are easier to prevent than to cure - the truth known to all. The heart also needs to be strengthened. The best time of year for this is winter. To start to be engaged in preventive maintenance it is better with change of a food as cholesterol, hammering vessels, undertakes from food.

The best way to strengthen the heart is herbal infusions from hawthorn or rosemary:

  • Take the hawthorn - 5 tablespoons chopped fruit. They pour a glass of boiling water, and then boil on low heat, until the volume is reduced by half. The resulting broth is filtered. Take it on 20-40 drops 3 times a day before meals.
  • Infusion of rosemary has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. It is important to observe the correct dosage, since the action of the infusion is stronger than that of the medications. 5 tablespoons of dried rosemary are poured into 100 milliliters of vodka, insisted for a week and filtered. Take them 25 drops 3 times daily before meals. The course lasts no more than 12 days.

Taking simple infusions and decoctions, you can ensure the strengthening of the heart with folk remedies. And the vessels will be cleaned, and the nervous system is calm.

Head massage

Massage also contributes to the phenomenon of vascular strengthening. People's means can be accepted. Double effect enhances the result.

In the morning, waking up and sitting on the bed, you can massage your head and face. Begin it with the ears. You need to hold the lobes with your thumb and forefinger, and then massage them clockwise for a minute. After that, the ears should be rubbed with the palms until they turn red. The redness itself will come down in 10 minutes.

Now you can start massaging your head. The fingers are widely spread and slightly bent at the tips. In this position, you need to massage. Circular movements also last for a minute.

Then comes the turn of the eyebrows. Mass them by moving your index fingers counter-clockwise. Massage is done for 20 seconds, after which it should be interrupted for 10 seconds and repeat the procedure.

Such a massage gives a person a charge of vivacity for the whole day, adjusts it to a positive mood, and also helps strengthen the vessels of the head.

It is important to strengthen the walls of blood vessels with folk remedies. But also a number of protective measures should be taken to help cope with the disease. Well strengthened vessels contrast baths. If you do not risk pouring the entire body, you can also take foot baths. The usual morning exercises also perfectly strengthen the vessels. Only 10-15 minutes a day will make you feel much better, and the blood will well flow to all organs.

For charging, you can use a set of exercises, familiar from school. In the morning it is very difficult to force yourself to do exercises, but when this becomes a habit, the mood will be excellent, and the body - more hardy, and the vessels - clean and healthy.

You can start with slopes. It is advisable to try to reach out with your fingertips to the floor. Movements should not be sharp. This exercise acts in the same way as strengthening the vessels of the feet with folk remedies.

We perform the following exercise. First, we sit on the floor and spread our legs widely. The hands must be bent at the elbows. We lean forward, trying to get the floor with elbows. There must be several approaches that can be diluted with short respites.

Excellent strengthens the vessels and the famous exercise "bicycle". After doing these exercises, you can walk around the room a little on your knees.

Eat right

Proper nutrition also provides strengthening of blood vessels. Folk remedies, along with diet, are more effective. Nutritionists are advised to eat 4-5 times a day, portions should be small. If the vessels in the body are weak, after a heavy meal there is a feeling of weakness, there may be dizziness and noise in the ears. It happens because the blood flows to the stomach.

It is necessary to abandon bad habits, since both tobacco and alcohol severely impair the functioning of the arteries. Vascular spasm can occur, they can even become clogged.

Strengthening of vessels by folk remedies is achieved by adding to the diet of red and black currants, raspberries, kalina, gooseberries and walnuts. Regular use of these products and charging will help to gain health, and the vessels will be elastic and strong.

Also, experts advise to strengthen the vessels as follows:

  • Start the day with the oatmeal cooked on the water.
  • On an empty stomach, drink a glass of water, and after an hour eat 2 tablespoons of rice.
  • Daily intake of olive oil for 1-2 teaspoons. If it is difficult to take just butter, you can add it to a salad consisting of cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet pepper, onions and greens: parsley, dill, salad.
  • Cucumbers need to be peeled.
  • Cooking the second course is preferably a couple and try to alternate fish and meat.
  • It is useful to drink green tea and infusions of hawthorn and dogrose.
  • Pomegranate juice, diluted with boiled water, also positively affects the vessels.
  • Apples are baked with honey.
  • Supper can be baked potatoes with a salad of boiled beets with prunes and sour cream.
  • At night, you can dilute 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of water and drink.


Diseases can not be overcome overnight. Patience and perseverance should be shown. Then the result will be achieved. Changing the way of life, going to the right food, doing morning exercises, you can get excellent health and strengthening of blood vessels. Folk remedies are better and in many ways more effective than medical ones. As prevention they are irreplaceable.