One of the defects of the skin are moles. They can be both congenital and acquired throughout life. For example, children under the year of moles are almost none.

Laser moles removal: consequences, complications, post-procedure care

Laser moles removal: consequences of degeneration of spots in melanoma

By themselves, such accumulations of pigment do not cause unpleasant sensations. But they are connected with a lot of questions, one of which worries many of us, namely: are birthmarks dangerous? There is no unequivocal answer. Since birthmarks are safe until the moment when certain factors (for example, sun radiation or trauma) are affected, they will not degenerate into melanoma. And this is already a malignant tumor. That is why if moles are in a place where they are easily and often can be exposed to different effects, they are advised to remove. But it is necessary to do this only after a preliminary consultation with a specialist.

Who can tell if the mole is dangerous, and what are the indications for its removal

First of all, for consultation it is necessary to address to the dermatologist. He will carry out the necessary examination and determine if additional consultation of the oncologist is required, and whether the removal of the birthmark is necessary. There are certain signs that indicate that you urgently need to see a specialist and consult about the removal of the tumor from the skin. So, they are:

  • increase in the size of a birthmark;
  • changing the color of the birthmark or its contours;
  • hair loss from a mole (if any);
  • redness of the skin around the mole;
  • unclear identification;
  • pain or discomfort at the site of a birthmark.

In these cases, an immediate consultation with a specialist is required.

Ways to remove moles

There are several methods for removing moles. And they are all the most safe for health and relatively painless. Moles can be removed by surgery, nitrogen, electrocoagulation or laser. The success of the procedure depends on how correctly the method of removing moles in certain places is correct. It should be noted that before entrusting this manipulation to a specialist, it is necessary to check the availability of all necessary documents and certificates confirming the qualification and ability to work with the equipment. And also read customer reviews about this clinic. Do not under any circumstances carry out the procedure in the beauty salon - only a doctor with appropriate medical education should be involved in the removal of moles.

Methods of removal of moles: laser

It should be noted that physicians prefer to remove moles by laser. In his favor, the following data is said:

  • in most cases the result is achieved after one procedure;
  • the place of removal of the birthmark heals very quickly, it will take no more than a week;
  • when removed, there is no bleeding;
  • and most importantly, complications occur very rarely.

However, after the examination, the doctor can choose another method for removing unwanted spots.

Other ways to remove moles

When removing moles with nitrogen, the result is not always achieved from the first time, especially if the stain was large. And thus the healthy sites of a skin are often damaged. When the moles are removed by the action of an electric current, the procedure occurs quickly, and the moles disappear from the first. However, scars are often left on the site of removal. Surgical removal of large moles or malignancies is performed. This procedure causes the need for suturing, and in most cases, bleeding from the wound is possible, which is very undesirable. To ensure the safety of this procedure, you can see the information given in our article, which tells in detail about the removal of moles. The consequences, the photo after similar manipulations are also given below.

How does laser mole removal work?

If the birthmark delivers discomfort or you just do not like its appearance, but, in general, it does not cause any suspicion, it is worth contacting a good cosmetology clinic. The one where the practice of removing moles with the use of a laser is practiced. These modern installations are almost safe. The removal of a birthmark with a laser does not take much time and goes as follows: first, local anesthesia is made around the site of treatment. Then, in fact, the laser is exposed to the birthmark. This gradually removes all layers of education. The laser allows you to accurately affect the required depth, as well as control the strength of the beam. If the birthmark is small, then at the request of the client, anesthesia may not be carried out. We can say that the most effective solution to the problem in question, if it is of a cosmetic nature, is precisely the removal of moles by a laser. The consequences, if we talk about the side effects of such manipulation, are practically not manifested. This is achieved due to the fact that neither microbes nor infection can get to the site of removal, since in addition to the laser beam, nothing is in contact with the mole. Important is the fact that the site of removal does not leave scars or scars. Only for a while will there be a small depression that will soon disappear.

Skin care after removal of a birthmark

To completely get rid of the unwanted speck using the above method, it takes about 5 minutes. And after removal of the birthmark with a laser, nursing is necessary for 14 days. It includes several simple procedures. Note that a dark crust forms on the place where the birthmark was removed. In the early days it is especially important that water and cosmetics do not get into this damaged area. The only thing that can be applied is a sunscreen with a high SP-factor. This must be done to ensure that the crust is not wet and does not exfoliate, and that the wound does not get germs. The dried tissue should never be removed, it must go away by itself - this will guarantee that there will be no scar or scar on the site of the procedure. On the left you can see the photo after removing the birthmark with a laser, as you can see - this is an absolutely even area of ​​the skin.

How else is it recommended to take care of the skin after removing the birthmark

So, right after the crust disappears, the skin beneath it will turn out to be a gentle pink color. This area is very important to protect from exposure to ultraviolet rays. You can cover this place with dense clothing, but if this is not possible, you should always lubricate the operated area and the area around it with sunscreen. It is always necessary to use a high-quality product with a high degree of protection. If this is not done, the skin may acquire a darker shade. Also, you should not comb the wound and smear with any ointment. All care products, if they are required, should be prescribed by a doctor. Keep in mind that it is very dangerous to get into the place of wound alcohol solutions, as this can cause severe irritation. Also, do not consume alcoholic beverages within 7 days after removing the birthmark.

Removing moles: consequences, reviews, recommendations

However, each procedure can have undesirable consequences, no matter how harmless it may be. Therefore it is very important that this mini-operation is conducted by an experienced doctor in a specialized medical institution. Even a seemingly simple enough removal of moles by laser effects can have negative effects. Of course, every patient wants to avoid them, so after the procedure it is important to follow all the doctor's recommendations on the use of ointments, medicines, sun protection and the like. And also immediately go to the clinic, if after a mini-operation you notice any discharge, redness, and so on (for more details about the symptoms we'll talk further on). Of course, most patients are very successful in removing the moles with a laser. The consequences often arise when the patient does not follow the basic rules of care. If you did everything correctly, but at the removal site a scramb formed, you need to start using emollients - creams or oils. For this, cocoa butter is ideal, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. The oil must be applied to the scars so that they become not so noticeable. It should be borne in mind that if the procedure is incorrectly performed by a specialist or if the body reacts negatively to laser exposure, the following symptoms may occur:

  • significant redness of the skin;
  • severe itching;
  • the presence of excreta from the wound;
  • temperature increase;
  • long preservation of crust;
  • tumor of the site of removal, which occurs in the case of an allergic reaction of the body to the laser radiation.

If you have any symptoms, you should contact a doctor who will prescribe an adequate medication. But it should be noted that patients are very positive about the procedure for removing moles by laser - it is really painless, safe, and undesirable consequences are rare. In addition, scars and scars after it practically do not remain, since the operated site does not need to be stitched. The crust departs on the 3-4th day, and skin care is simple and does not require special expenses.

A little about removing moles on the face

Especially unpleasant is when the symptoms outlined in the previous paragraph cause removal of moles on the face, the consequences in this case are also psycho-emotional, especially in women. After all, hiding a site with redness or even a wound is not easy. You should carefully analyze what will remove the speck and whether it really needs to be done, maybe this is the "highlight" that gives your appearance a special charm and personality. Of course, you need to responsibly approach the choice of a clinic and a specialist, follow all the prescriptions of the doctor, and then decide to remove the moles on the face. The consequences in this case will be very minimal (the damaged area or patches will still be noticeable for a while), and will depend only on you and your doctor as soon as the tissues heal and the scar remains.

Contraindications to the procedure

Fortunately, it should be noted that the removal of moles by a laser has practically no contraindications. So, the main thing is the presence of allergies to ultraviolet radiation. In this case, there may be a significant reddening of the covers to which the beam has been exposed. And if the skin is hypersensitive, then the probability of blistering is high, as in burns. It happens that the covers after the procedure change the pigmentation, that is, its natural color. This phenomenon is temporary, and only in isolated cases such a change can be for life. In a number of skin diseases, for example, with acne or herpes, the procedure is performed after appropriate treatment. And the main thing: do not try to remove the tumor, even the smallest, at home, the consequences after removing the birthmark in this way can be the most unpredictable. Up to the degeneration of a harmless speck in the most dangerous form of skin cancer - melanoma.

Cost of removing a birthmark

The procedure considered in our article is the simplest and safest method, helping to get rid of unwanted melanin accumulations on the skin. Therefore, it was so widely used. So how much does it cost to remove a birthmark with a laser? The price of such a procedure directly depends on the size of the spot itself. The more a birthmark, the more expensive it will cost to remove it. Also the cost depends on the clinic, in which this mini-operation will be performed. Usually, in order to remove one birthmark of a small size, you need to pay at least 1000 rubles. If the area of ​​work is large, the cost can reach up to 3000 rubles. Ultimately, the amount depends on the region, the qualification of the doctor, the reputation of the clinic, where laser moles are removed. The cost can also vary from what kind of equipment is used during the operation, the quality of anesthesia and from a number of other factors. It should be noted that the laser only removes moles for cosmetic purposes. Any neoplasm that causes suspicion that it belongs to a malignant tumor can only be removed by surgery in the hospital.

So, in our article we have in detail considered a theme "removal of birthmarks by the laser". Consequences, photos and reviews are also given in the text - we hope that this will help you to decide on such a simple cosmetic operation, or, on the contrary, to think and abandon it.