Filling of tooth canals: methods and materials

Filling of the canals is a sealing after removal of the pulp. Manipulation serves as a protection against infection and strengthens the tooth. There are a number of different ways to seal the channel. Each of them has its pros and cons.

Mouthwash "Listerine": reviews

For most people, oral care comes down to brushing your teeth. But the teeth - this is only 25% of the total oral cavity, the lack of full-fledged care is fraught with serious diseases. Mouthwash "Listerine" - an effective addition to hygiene procedures for the care of teeth and mouth.

Tubal anesthesia in dentistry: technique, preparations

Tubal anesthesia is the most dangerous, in terms of complications, injection equipment. At the moment, this procedure is used infrequently. It is carried out by extraoral and intraoral administration of drugs. Anesthesia is used to anesthetize the area of ​​the upper molars, in particular for the blockade of the lunar nerves.

An unusual way to use hydrogen peroxide: teeth whitening

Very few people know, however, teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide is one of the most effective and affordable in price terms. How to carry out the procedure correctly? What precautions should be observed in order not to harm the body?

Prevention and treatment of caries in children

Caries is a disease of the oral cavity. He appears unexpectedly and in a short time literally eats his teeth. Recently, dentists have noted that with the problem of caries children come more often than adults. Why is that? Let's try to understand.

Dental Clinic Normodent on Myasnitskaya Street, d

Choosing a place for dental treatment is not as easy as it seems. What about dentistry Normodent on Myasnitskaya? Are the visitors happy with the service? What services can I get here? How does dentistry work?

6 dental clinic in Voronezh - the standard of professionalism

Dentists have been giving our teeth health and beauty for many years. In recent years, the so-called Hollywood smile has become incredibly popular, because patients are not enough just to cure their teeth - they need to get a radiant addition to their image.

Tooth deposits: types, causes and methods of disposal

Dental deposits inevitably appear in the mouth after eating. If you do not comply with oral hygiene, then from soft formations, they will gradually turn into hard dental stones, which will have to be disposed of in the dentist's office.

Insertable teeth: features of prosthetics of teeth

Both men and women dream of a beautiful and dazzling smile. In the absence of one or more teeth, one can resort to their prosthetics. In this article we are talking about removable dental prosthetics.

What is periodontal disease? Causes of its occurrence

Parodontosis is a disease that leads to dystrophy of the peri-toothed tissues and atrophy of the jaw. Because of this, pathological disturbances of the interdental areas occur. The microcirculation in the blood vessels is broken, the gum acquires a pale shade, descends, exposing the roots of the teeth. This leads to their loosening and even loss.

Stomatitis - treatment in adults

Stomatitis is a disease of the oral cavity, in which the inflammatory process of the mucous membrane develops. Consider how to deal with this ailment.

Irrigator: what is it, what is needed, how to use it? Oral hygiene

Increasingly popular among people who are worried about the health of their teeth is acquiring a device for oral care - the irrigator. What it is? A unique device for cleaning teeth, gums and the whole oral cavity with a jet of water supplied under high pressure. Due to its design, it not only cleans, but also heals. The answers to what it is better to choose, how to use and to whom it fits, this article will give.

Tools for removing teeth and their roots

Often the degree of tooth damage is so great that it is necessary to make a difficult choice: to save or remove it. With a timely visit to the dentist, the damage is usually completely recoverable. But not everyone visits the doctor on time. Sometimes the tooth has to be removed so that the infection does not spread further.

Types of anesthesia in dentistry: types, description

Dental treatment, reminiscent of medieval torture, has sunk to oblivion. Modern equipment, effective and diverse types of anesthesia in dentistry is a completely new principle of work, which helps to minimize all discomfort.

Crowns plastic for the front teeth: indications, reviews, photo

A beautiful smile, healthy, strong, snow-white teeth is the dream of any person. However, poor nutrition, bad habits, poor hygiene - all this negatively affects the health of teeth. To temporarily hide the deficiencies of the oral cavity, dentists use plastic crowns on the front teeth. Comments on this procedure have already left many customers. Let's consider these crowns in detail, their advantages and disadvantages, indications for use and customer references.

TMJ: problems and solutions, treatment methods

Few people notice the importance in the body of the TMJ. The problems and solutions associated with it are of no interest to anyone. But only until the person himself will not face the disease of this joint.

Professional teeth whitening: methods, contraindications

"Hollywood smile" to date is an integral part of the image of a successful person. In connection with this fact, dentists are constantly looking for all new methods of bleaching. Professional teeth whitening, unlike home, is performed in the dentist's office using high concentration components and special devices. This procedure is carried out in different ways. There are contraindications to the conduct. Details - next!

Periodontal abscess: treatment at home

The parodontal abscess is an extremely unpleasant pathology that develops very quickly. Only soft tissues are touched, the tooth does not suffer at all: a purulent abscess is formed exclusively on the gum.

Oral hygiene

The causes of problems with the teeth. Hygiene of the oral cavity: the basis of the procedure, the prevention of dental diseases. Benefits of professional oral hygiene.

Veneers: reviews, recommendations for use

It often happens that a person has good, strong teeth, but their color is far from perfect. Whatever you bleach, the natural enamel remains yellowish-gray and spoils the impression of a well-groomed face.

Kapy for the alignment of teeth: reviews, photos before and after

There are designs that are successfully used to correct defects in people of all age categories. Just about one of them will be discussed in this article. We will talk about what constitutes a kapi for leveling teeth. Feedback from experts and patients for us will also be useful.

Which teeth are better to insert? We choose the material

Very often patients have certain difficulties with the choice of certain dental services, the variety of which affects any imagination. Many want the teeth to be not only strong and healthy, but also beautiful. Dental clinics offer a very wide range of services and a choice of materials, therefore, when answering the question "which teeth are better to insert," you need to focus on the amount of wallet and your own preferences.

Gum recession: causes and treatment

The recession of the gums is an insidious and rather unpleasant disease. Timely detection of the cause of pathology, competent treatment of it makes it possible to return a dazzling smile and forget about the problem forever.

In the struggle for a snow-white smile, or What is irrigation

Irrigator - a device without which there is not a single dentist, it is in every dental office. And you can buy and use this device at home. What is irrigation, what is it for and how can it help in the struggle for a healthy white smile?

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