Today the subject of our article was the dental clinic "Normodent" on Myasnitskaya. This network of medical institutions attracts a lot of attention. What services can I get here? How does this institution work? What are the patients satisfied and not satisfied with? It is not so difficult to understand all this as it seems. Do not be surprised that in some cases there are conflicting opinions: everyone has his own view of what is happening. What do customers stress? Is dentistry as good as it seems.

"Normodent" is a network of dental private clinics. It provides services to both children and adults. Judging by the numerous reviews, this organization is itself a family dentistry.Dental Clinic Normodent on Myasnitskaya Street, d

Here you can get almost all dental services: from consultation and treatment of caries to the manufacture and installation of dentures. The main advantage of this network is that the emphasis is on the family direction. In the "Normodent" can be treated and children and adults.

There are 5 branches all over Moscow. For example, besides Myasnitskaya there are also other addresses of the clinic "Normodent": March 8, 6, or Pyatnitskaya, 54. Also it should be noted that there is another branch on Komsomolsky Avenue, in house 28. But "Normodent" on Myasnitskaya Street, house 13, is a head office, multi-profile. It is here that many are turning.

But why? What is the range of services offered by this organization? Is it worth it to go here on this or that occasion? In fact, there are no specific or new services in the clinic. This is an ordinary dentistry, which takes both adults and children. It has already been said that here everyone has the opportunity to get a full list of dental services.

Among the most popular destinations are the following:

  • providing advice on any dental issues;
  • prosthetics;
  • treatment (caries, pulpitis);
  • extraction of teeth;
  • bite correction;
  • teeth whitening;
  • the installation of seals;
  • restoration;
  • installation and manufacturing of dental implants;
  • cT scan;
  • x-ray.

All this is a standard set of services for almost any dental clinic. A distinctive feature, as already mentioned, is that both children and adults are treated here.

Operating mode

How does Normodent work on Myasnitskaya? For the mode of admission patients can not worry: even the busiest people will be able to get here. The only thing worth thinking about, as the customers think, is about the work of specific doctors. Someone can have a day off, someone can have a vacation. These factors should be taken into account.

If there is no principle in relation to doctors, you can apply to this clinic from 9 am to 9 pm. It was during this period that the center on Myasnitskaya was opened.

Doctor's appointment

Pleases all patients the principle of recording to specialists at the reception. Many visitors indicate that you can get to any doctor without any problems. How to enroll in "Normodent"? The addresses of the clinics have already been indicated. First of all, it is required to determine which branch is planned to pay a visit. Then there are several options for the development of events.

Among the recording methods are:

  • personal visit to the branch;
  • making a phone call;
  • use of e-mail;
  • record through the company's official website.

Most customers prefer, as they admit, a personal record. The clinic "Normodent" and its employees are not immune from various failures and malfunctions that occur in the process of electronic recording. Therefore, some doubt the quality of using this feature.

Nevertheless, without special problems, everyone is able to register through the official page of the Normodent clinic. On Myasnitskaya or any other street - it does not matter. It is enough to go to the site, then select "Recording at the reception." Then, before the user opens a form that you can fill in to fill in. At the same time to coordinate the reception of a potential patient will call an employee of a clinic. Very comfortably. Numerous reviews indicate that the citizen will be called back within 10-15 minutes. Only the recording is required during working hours. Otherwise, the call will take place around 9 am, after the opening of dental centers.

Contacts for communication

The next question that interests many is how you can call the clinic. All contacts can be seen while studying the official website of the company. Only telephone numbers are not very convenient, some can not detect them.

Call the "Normodent" on Myasnitskaya Street by calling 8 (495) 621-16-77. The workers respond quickly, resolve all questions of interest. On the same phone you can make an appointment.

But in order to call the clinic "Normodent" located on another address (March 8, house 6, for example), you need to use a different combination. This clinic has a telephone number of 8 (495) 614-13-25. In the center of dentistry on Komsomolsky Avenue, 28, you can get through 8 (495) 287-90-83, and at Pyatnitskaya, 54, - 8 (495) 953-29-69.

You can call at any time, but there are restrictions. It's about the time of the company's work. While dentistry is open, all callers will be quickly answered. It is noted that communication problems are not excluded: if the flow of customers in the center is large, then the answer to the call will have to wait. Now it is clear how to call the "Normodent" on Myasnitskaya. The phone connection with this branch is no longer a mystery.

But if you want to communicate with dentistry through correspondence, then the company website has a form of feedback. You can also write a letter by e-mail[email protected]

What do visitors pay attention to when contacting any private medical center? Of course, the price. Do not really want to overpay for these or other services, especially if a person does not know how the clinic treats teeth. It is in practice, and not based on the reviews read.

"Normodent" prices offers its visitors a variety. It all depends on what kind of treatment was prescribed, and also on the chosen preventive procedures. But in general, as many patients say, the clinic is not too cheap. "Dorogorato" - this is the word that characterizes dentistry.

However, services for dental services have never been cheap. "Normodent" offers advice for 600 rubles, tooth extraction for 2500 (simple), treatment of caries in children costs an average of 3,400 rubles, the procedure of sedation with nitrous oxide - 2000. A photopolymer seal in this medical center will cost 2-3 thousand rubles.

Nevertheless, these prices do not stop there. Each service and every treatment is an individual process. Therefore, it is difficult to say how much one will have to pay in any particular case. On average, the check is in the "Normodent" 4-5 thousand.


Also, for any private medical center, the situation is important. "Normodent" - dentistry, which is considered one of the best in Moscow. Therefore, entourage should attract new customers, and not scare away.

It is noted that the atmosphere here is pleasant and cozy. There is no impression that the patient is in the hospital. New furniture, new equipment, everything for the convenience of visitors. I want to come back here again and again.

"Normodent" on Myasnitskaya is a large and bright medical center. If you want to visit dentistry with a soothing and friendly atmosphere, then you can contact here. And all the same, what will be the street: Myasnitskaya, Komsomolskaya or 8 March. The main thing is that the network of clinics remains the same. It's not scary to be here, it's nice.


Special attention is required by specialists - doctors who work in the studied network. OOO "Normodent-Center" on Myasnitskaya is a private clinic in Moscow that provides dental services. The final result depends on the literacy of the attending physician. Therefore, specialists and their choice to pay a lot of attention.

Work in the "Normodent" different dentists: there are doctors with a long work experience, there are newcomers. Most of the staff are specialists in the higher categories. So, they know their business exactly. Constantly the doctors are improving and are taking advanced training courses. Just what the medical workers need!

But despite this, "Normodent" reviews get mixed about their employees. There are both positive and negative opinions. For example, someone claims that the surgeon here is terrible - a young girl who does not know what she is doing. And at the same time, other people talk about this same doctor as an experienced, though a young specialist. Therefore it is difficult to judge how good the doctors are here.

Nevertheless, many are satisfied. It does not matter where the service took place - whether it's Myasnitskaya Street or March 8th. The main thing is that the whole network of clinics employs mostly professionals. With its shortcomings, but often treatment takes place without problems, so that visitors are satisfied.

Free or paid

It should be noted that "Normodent" serves customers not only for a fee, but also for the OMS program. That is, some citizens are able to get help with dental treatment here absolutely free of charge! This fact pleases many. After all, you can see that the "Normodent" is left mostly positive reviews. Some people think: is it worth paying for service or not?

It is also very problematic to determine here. Some opinions indicate that citizens who come to be treated for free do not pay too much attention. The same goes for people who were dissatisfied with the treatment and returned to the clinic with some problems that arose after they applied to one or another specialist. There is no evidence for this, but some reviews detail how neglectful of such patients are treated.

That's why many are decided on paid service. In fact, it's up to everyone to decide how to treat their teeth. As practice shows, in fact the doctors of the clinic "Normodent" on Myasnitskaya treat each visitor with equal care. And from the wrong treatment or from negative consequences, no one is immune. All this is the suspiciousness of patients: they are paid for, and free of charge in dentistry, provided with services, with the same quality.

For example, you can see that some clients who use the OMS program complain of pain in the gums, which worries after anesthesia. At the same time, there are similar claims and "platnikov." This situation is not only found in the "Normodent", this is normal. But at the same time the clinic is being accused of dishonesty.

Delete, can not be left

There is a whole category of people who do not believe in the correctness of the prescribed treatment. And it does not have to be about teeth. Such people, referring to the "Normodent" on Myasnitskaya, are unconsciously sure that they are deceived. And as a rule, they leave not the best reviews about the work of the medical center.

Most often there are opinions that indicate that there is an alleged collusion between doctors in the clinic. For example, the dentist talks about the need to remove the tooth, the surgeon confirms, and the prosthetist to the appointed check has additional money for a denture, and not cheap. Yes, such cases occur, but not because of collusion.

The thing is that some teeth can not be cured. Only delay their removal. Therefore, if the doctor in the "Normodent" indicates the need for removal, do not blame him for colluding with colleagues. In fact, such words indicate that the tooth will be problematic, completely cure it will not work, and soon all the same it is necessary to delete. In this medical center, doctors work with special responsibility!

"Normodent" on Myasnitskaya, 13 (and not only here) is a network of private dental clinics in Moscow. It is considered not the worst place to seek help. As practice shows, the majority of visitors are satisfied with the service. A friendly atmosphere, a wide range of services, the possibility of family treatment, permanent promotions - all this attracts. Despite this, the prices at the medical center can not be called low. But "Normodent" participates in the OMS program, which allows you to get free maintenance without any problems.

Most negative reviews are either deceptive, because there are no significant claims to the clinic, or a consequence of the suspiciousness of visitors. Some people like these doctors, others do not. In any case, "Normodent" is a good Moscow private dentistry. It is worthy of attention. It is possible without any problems to get service here any day of the week. Contacting the clinic and making an appointment will not be difficult. A person can be recorded on the nearest free date, but it is advisable to plan a visit in advance.