How and when can bury boric acid in the ear

Everyone knows that ear pain is one of the most painful sensations. Because of the anatomical features of the auditory tube, children often suffer from otitis media. But also the otolaryngologists who treat adult patients also do not remain without work.

If the sulfur plugs in your ears, what to do

Many otolaryngologist patients have the same complaints that the hearing decreased suddenly, although until then nothing much bothered. It turns out that such changes cause sulfur fuses in the ears. What to do? Will hearing not return? This is exactly what will be discussed in the article.

What to do if your ears are covered with a cold

You can lay down ears for various reasons. If this has happened to you, and the natural way does not pass the discomfort, it's time to see a doctor. Or try to solve the problem yourself? What should I do if my ears are stuffed with a cold?

Makes ears in the plane - what to do? Useful recommendations

Hearing organs are extremely sensitive to external influences. It is for this reason that when you travel on an airplane, the ears are often stuffy. This manifestation is a consequence of the destabilization of the tympanic membrane. In order not to lay ears, the level of internal and external pressure, which is on the body, should roughly coincide.

From what the ear hurts, gives in a jaw

If your ear and jaw hurts, you can not tolerate such symptoms, treat them yourself, or even wait until everything passes by itself. These signs, as a rule, indicate serious pathological processes occurring in the body, and require immediate treatment to the doctor. And about the causes of such phenomena, we'll talk in this article.

Sulfur in the ear: when the norm turns into pathology

Sulfur in the ear is not as useless as it might seem at first sight. It is not only a product of the vital activity of the body, but also a very effective protective barrier. When pathogens get on the skin covered with sulfur, they almost immediately die, and foreign bodies penetrating from outside are "glued" and can not move deeper.

Treatment of hearing loss folk remedies: reviews

Sensorineural hearing loss is a partial or complete loss of hearing, which occurs only after the death of the so-called hair cells or damage to the basic structures of the patient's inner ear, the central parts of the auditory analyzer (in the trunk and, of course, the auditory cortex) or the cochlear nerve.

Acute and external otitis media: treatment in adults

Diseases of the ears are very unpleasant and quite dangerous for their complications. If a person has otitis, treatment in adult patients should be as comprehensive and thorough as in children. It should be noted that this disease requires mandatory consultation of the doctor.

Ejaculation of the ears without pain

For each of us, one of the most important, vitally necessary and, however strange it may seem, the ears are the irreplaceable sense organs. Thanks to them, from the very childhood, we begin to hear the voice of our mother, who speaks tenderly to us and reads fairy tales; get acquainted with music - classical, modern; we communicate with friends or colleagues.

How to remove water from the ear? Helpful Tips

With the onset of the bathing season calls to the doctor with problems associated with the ears, does not become less. In contrast to the winter period, when the main reasons for visiting the ENT are cold and viral diseases, in summer the ears suffer from water ingress during bathing.

What should I do if water gets into my ears? Practical tips

Doctors, otolaryngologists, there is such a term in everyday life, as "swimmer's ear." This expression is called external otitis, which often arises from the ingress of water into the auricle. This phenomenon is rightly considered a "summer disease", because it is difficult to surprise anyone in the summer when many people start the bathing season, got into the ear of water. Unfortunately, very often very young children suffer from water in the ear.

Why laid ear? Possible reasons

You can not understand why you put your ears? Then this article will definitely help you. Together we can easily identify all possible causes and find a solution to eliminate this unpleasant problem.

Ear plugs for removing plugs: application

Ear plugs and diseases cause considerable discomfort. We learn from the manufacturer's statements and feedback from consumers, whether ear candles help to remove congestion and treat ENT diseases.

Sensorineural hearing loss: degrees, treatment

In modern medical practice, there is often a problem such as sensorineural hearing loss. This disease is associated with a gradual decrease in hearing. According to statistical data, the number of patients with a similar diagnosis has recently increased significantly. That is why information about the main causes and signs of the disease will be useful to many readers.

How do I wash my ears at home? A few tips

If a person does not want to visit a doctor, you can try to figure out how to wash your ears at home. How to do it correctly and what you need to take into account - this is what this article will be about.

Medical review: how to treat otitis media

Otitis is an inflammatory disease of the hearing aid. In terms of prevalence, it occupies one of the leading places among inflammatory processes. More than 70% of cases occur in children under the age of 3-5 years. According to statistics, almost every child has had an inflammation of the middle ear at least once in his life. The cure in most cases is 100%. Complications with timely access to the doctor is practically not observed.

Hearing Acoustic: description, application, reviews

The problem with hearing can appear unexpectedly and acquire both temporary and permanent character. Eliminate such ailments called a medicine for hearing "Acoustics." It is effective and safe. For many people it helps to eliminate tinnitus, deafness, hearing loss and other diseases of otorhinolaryngology.

Ear otitis

Among all ear diseases, the most common is otitis media. Treatment for otitis media should be done exclusively under the supervision of a doctor, but the use of home treatment methods is also effective. Especially in the initial stages.

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