It should be noted that inflammation of the inner ear is not uncommon. The labyrinthitis is accompanied by rather unpleasant symptoms and is a serious pathology capable of causing significant harm to health, down to deafness. Otitis of the inner ear, the treatment of which must begin immediately after the discovery of the slightest symptoms, is an inflammation of the receptive parts of the ear, as well as the vestibular apparatus.

Symptoms, causes and treatment of ear otitisIt should be noted that the disease can be acute or chronic. The second form is more severe and, if possible, it is necessary to prevent its development. As for the symptoms of the pathology, it is simple: earache, hearing loss, possible purulent discharge, weakness, sleep disorders and coordination of movements. In addition, the patient may have a fever. This disease develops due to the entry of microbes into the Eustachian tube. This happens during acute respiratory infections, sore throats, measles, diphtheria and other infectious diseases. Another symptom of the pathology is the obstruction of the ear in otitis. Treatment of the disease should be comprehensive and carried out necessarily after consultation with an ENT doctor. The fact is that the presented symptoms can arise due to other pathogenic processes.

Treatment of otitis media provides a combination of traditional, folk remedies, as well as physiotherapy procedures. As for medicines, the doctor can prescribe the drug "Ciprofloxacin". It is used for all types of ear inflammation. Naturally, the patient must comply with bed rest. If the medication does not help, then the radical method is used - surgery (cuneiform trepanation). However, it is performed only if other methods are not effective or intracranial complications have begun.

Treatment of otitis media is performed in a complex manner. Naturally, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the disease. For example, you should eliminate the infectious or inflammatory process in the nasopharynx, if it takes place. The scheme of treatment is appointed by the doctor. Basically, drug therapy is represented by antibiotics. It is also necessary to restore immunity with the help of vitamin complexes.

Treatment of otitis media provides withdrawal of pus from Eustachian tube using a catheter, as well as the introduction of antibacterial agents. Inflammation is removed with glucocorticoid drugs. As for ear lavage, you can use decoctions of chamomile and oak bark. However, with labyrinthite, they do not have the proper effect. And you can only do harm yourself.

Treatment of otitis of the ear with the help of physiotherapeutic procedures excludes warming up of the organ in the event that the disease is accompanied by the release of pus. In any case, there should be a specialist consultation. Remember, that treatment should be started immediately after you notice the first symptoms. Labyrinthitis can give serious intracranial complications, so you can not delay the visit to the doctor!