Today, people with disabilities, the society is friendly. Disabled people and simply those who are “not like everyone else” sympathize, offer various benefits and special conditions, try to help. But the situation was completely different half a century ago. Siamese twins Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyapovy are among the most famous in our country. In many interviews, the sisters told that their life was not easy, and not only because of the unusual physiology.

Siamese twins Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyapovy: death spread them

Uneasy twins

Mikhail Krivoshlyapov worked as a personal driver for Lavrenti Beria, and his wife, Ekaterina Krivoshlyapova, was a housewife. Young spouses dreamed of children and were incredibly happy to hear about the onset of pregnancy. Catherine's abdomen increased quickly enough and hit its size, all the relatives immediately guessed: you should wait for twins. On January 4, 1950, the Siamese twins Masha and Dasha were born by caesarean section. According to one version, the doctor who took birth, from time to time allowed himself to drink alcohol in the workplace. He also abused the day unusual children were born. Seeing the twins, the doctor lost consciousness, and waking up, he decided never to drink alcohol. Mothers of unusual sisters said that her children died almost immediately after giving birth. However, one of the nurses could not look at the experiences of a young woman and secretly showed her girls. After what she saw, Catherine experienced a serious shock and went to a psychiatric hospital for several years.

Physiological features of sisters

The twins Krivoshlyapovy had two heads for two, four arms and three legs. The bodies of the sisters were connected at a 90 degree angle. The scientific name of this developmental anomaly is dicephales tetrabrachius dipus. Also, twins in the case of fusion of their lower limbs, pelvis and abdominal wall is often called ishiopagami. Scientists, of course, interested in these children. There were many questions: are there any common internal organs, and how does such a dual organism work? The separation of Siamese twins - in those times the rarest operation. However, it was necessary to explore all the physiological possibilities, after which it was possible to consider this option.

Childhood and youth

The first seven years of their lives Siamese twins Masha and Dasha spent at the Institute of Pediatrics, Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR. In their mature interviews, the sisters recalled that time with horror. According to Masha and Dasha, various experiments were carried out daily on them, sometimes terrifying with their cruelty and soreness. Once the girls were laid on the ice so that they became sick, and doctors could observe the body's reaction to the acute stage of a cold. After such a study, the sisters lay with a temperature of about 40 for several days and morally prepared to bid farewell to life. But the girls were stronger and survived.

By the seventh birthday of the sisters, doctors received all the data of interest and successfully defended more than a dozen theses. After that, the Siamese twins Dasha and Masha Krivoshlyapovy were transferred to the Central Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics. It was there that the girls met their second mother, nurse Nadezhda Fyodorovna Gorokhova. This woman was the first to treat the Krivoshlyapovs as ordinary children, and not a scientific exhibit. At the institute, the sisters received primary education and learned to walk.

Time passed, and interest in the unusual twins faded away. In adolescence, the sisters had their third leg amputated, after which they were sent from Moscow to Novocherkassk, to an ordinary boarding school for children with motor problems.

From the world of science to the real

Siamese twins Masha and Dasha suffered a lot from doctors in the first twenty years of life. But if life in scientific institutions was not very pleasant and easy, then afterwards a real hell began. At the boarding school the sisters immediately disliked. Other children constantly mocked them, sometimes physically offended.

After the amputation of the third leg, the sisters could only move on crutches or a wheelchair. The “extra” limb performed the supporting function, having lost it, the girls felt worse. Moreover, in some interviews the sisters talked about the fact that from time to time phantom pains were experienced.

After 6 years of living in a boarding school in Novocherkassk, the sister Krivoshlyapovy returned to Moscow. It was 1970, they did not immediately get to find a place for permanent placement. But after some time they were placed in an old people's shelter No. 6. There the women lived until their death. Neighbors at the nursing home recalled Dasha and Masha sullen and aggressive. The sisters never smiled, often cursed, sometimes drank.

Was separation possible?

According to some sources, in 1989, the sisters were offered a separation operation. No guarantees in such cases, no one gives. Often, the operation ends with the death of one of the twins or two at once. In addition, the case of the Krivoshlyapov sisters was unique and complex in itself.

Masha and Dasha had a common circulatory system and some internal organs. The separation of Siamese twins with such a structure rarely has positive results. Anyway, even if the operation was offered, the sisters refused it, without hesitation. They were too tied together. Journalists were told by women that they see only dreams and even read each other’s thoughts. If you eat one, the second does not feel hunger, and even the mood is often one for two.

Relationships with family and society

Incredibly famous Siamese twins in the USSR Masha and Dasha were the first children of their parents. After the birth of girls, their mother was treated for several years in a psychiatric institution. After recovery, the woman tried to find her children, but the meeting did not take place. The sisters claim that they themselves found a mother and met her as an adult, they were then 35 years old. The father was never interested in the fate of his children. They did not want to communicate with unusual sisters and two younger brothers who were born completely healthy. Masha and Dasha stayed in touch with their mother for some time, but then refused to see each other in the future. Society treated unusual sisters with hostility. Siamese twins Dasha and Masha Krivoshlyapovy visited Paris in adulthood. They were shocked by the fact that in Europe people on the streets did not look at them, and everywhere they were treated as the most ordinary people.

One body, two souls

Not so often conjoined twins in Russia. Masha and Dasha have been proving to their associates all their conscious lives that they are two different people. Indeed, the girls initially had one birth certificate for two, and did not want to give them two passports. In this case, the sisters are radically different characters and habits. Dasha was more vulnerable and soft, and Masha is calmer, in some ways coarser. It is difficult to believe in it, but, despite their physiology, the sisters managed to fall in love with each other and once almost got married. Dasha always dreamed of children and her family, but doctors in her youth told her that she shouldn’t think about such things. According to some sources, the sisters tried to commit suicide, and more than once. If such stories can be safely attributed to gossip and rumors, then there are irrefutable facts. In the last years of her life, Dasha began to drink heavily. Doctors even coded the sisters for alcoholism, but this measure did not help.

Sad end

On April 13, 2003, Dasha woke up and called the doctor, because she felt very bad. The sisters were hospitalized, and it turned out that Masha had already passed away. A diagnosis of acute heart attack was made. Alive Dasha was told that her sister was given an injection of a potent drug, and she was just sleeping. At this time, intoxication has already begun, and after 17 hours, the second of the twins died. The sisters at the time were 53 years old. This is a rare case, because many other stories of Siamese twins end a couple of years after the birth of unusual children. According to experts, Masha and Dasha could have lived longer if they refused to drink alcohol.

Media about the twins Krivoshlyapovyh

At first, the sisters diligently hid from the public. Experts believed that such a spectacle could frighten and shock Soviet citizens. Nevertheless, over time, documentaries and publications in the press began to appear. Gradually the sisters Krivoshlyapovy became known to the whole world and quite popular. At a mature age, from time to time they personally gave interviews and talked to journalists. This unusual story was repeatedly covered in large print publications and even on Central Television. Many viewers remember, for example, the Let the Speak program, dedicated to Krivoshlyapov. Siamese twins Masha and Dasha received nothing from such fame. The sisters lived their lives quite modestly, and their main source of income was their disability pension. After the death of the Siamese twins were cremated, their remains are buried in a columbarium at the St. Nicholas Archangel cemetery.