Sulfur is designed to protect the cavity of the inner ear from the penetration of various contaminants and bacteria. At failures in the course of its deducing sulfur fuses are formed. In children, this phenomenon is common and causes a worsening of hearing. You can help the baby at home or by contacting a doctor. To avoid the re-occurrence of the problem, you need to find out the reasons for its occurrence.

Why do you need earwax?

The human ear is so arranged that the sulfur in it is produced constantly. A substance is a substance consisting of dead cells of the epidermis lining the internal auditory canal, and a secret that is secreted by sulfur and sebaceous glands. The main purpose of earwax is to protect the ear canal from bacteria, fungi, viruses, foreign particles and dust.

How to remove the sulfur plugs in children? Councils of doctors

Normally, it is displayed independently. If the process is broken, sulfur begins to accumulate and thicken. This leads to the formation of traffic jams, which cause not only unpleasant sensations, but also can provoke the development of the inflammatory process.

Reasons for the appearance of sulfur plugs

Dense accumulation of sulfur in the ear canal often occurs in children. The reason is usually found in the wrong hygiene of the ear canal. After all, most parents use cotton wands for this, which do not purify, but, on the contrary, push sulfur down into the sulfur, forming sulfur plugs in the ears.

At children the stopper has a dense consistence and light brown color. Do not try to get it yourself, using improvised means. It can only hurt the baby. With a similar problem, it is necessary first of all to consult an otolaryngologist who will choose the optimal option for cleansing the ear canal. To avoid the re-occurrence of sulfur accumulation in the child, it is important to exclude the following provoking factors:

  • cause the formation of sulfur plugs can be a hypersecretion of glands against the background of excessive hygiene of the ear canals;
  • too dry air in the room where the child is, can also cause a thickening of the sulfur in the ears;
  • ingress of water into the ear canal;
  • frequent otitis is another cause of the pathological phenomenon;
  • some skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema) can cause increased secretion of glands in the ear canal.

Serous corks in children often arise because of the anatomical features of the structure of the auditory canal. This is not a pathology and does not require treatment. In this case, you just need to pay more attention to hygiene procedures.

In adolescence, the appearance of congestion is often associated with a prolonged wearing of headphones, which interfere with the natural self-cleaning of the auditory canal.

At the initial stage, it is impossible to independently identify the process of the formation of a plug. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the state of the child. A common cause of hearing loss is the sulfur plug. In children, this may not cause discomfort, but adults should pay attention to the fact that the child re-requests or does not respond to treatment.

A sharp deterioration in hearing is observed when water enters the ear canal. When exposed to moisture, sulfur accumulation begins to increase and completely blocks the passage. The child can complain of unreasonable headaches, tinnitus, nausea. This indicates that the sulfur plug breaks the vestibular apparatus.

The child has a sulfur plug: what to do?

Detect the sulfur plug can only be an expert who will determine the method of treatment. One effective way is to wash the ear canal. The procedure can be performed only by an ENT doctor. To carry out manipulation, a warm solution of furacilin is used, which is collected in a syringe (without a needle) and injected into the ear under pressure.

During the procedure, the ear canal is necessarily aligned. For this, it is necessary to pull the auricle back and down, if rinsing is done to the kids, and back and up - if the procedure is shown to older children. To completely rinse the sulfur plug, the child will need to visit the specialist's office several times. In some cases, when the accumulation of sulfur is very dense, doctors recommend pre-soften the plug with hydrogen peroxide, which is a few drops instilled into the ear canals.

Home methods

It should be borne in mind that it is very dangerous to get rid of sulfur accumulation in the ears of a baby at home and without consulting a specialist. There is a risk of damage to the tympanic membrane. How to remove the sulfur plug from the child and not cause harm? Doctors recommend using special medications, which are instilled in the ear canal. It is forbidden to use mechanical methods of extraction of sulfuric plugs!

Burying hydrogen peroxide is another safe way. For the procedure, only 3% solution should be taken. A higher concentration of the agent can cause a burn of the skin of the auditory canal.

You can get rid of the sulfur plug by using a special ear candle. For its production use only natural components that have a pronounced therapeutic effect: propolis, beeswax, essential oils and herbal medicinal herbs. Such a candle has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, warming and warming properties. When using a candle, optimal conditions are created for melting the dense sulfur mass.

Before removing the sulfur plug from the ear of the child with a candle, you need to get an advice from the ENT. For children, candles of smaller diameter are produced. Use them only if there are no contraindications.

How to apply phyto-candles?

Adhering to certain rules, it is possible for several procedures to save the child from sulfuric plugs in the ears. Having prepared two candles, a napkin, baby cream, a glass of water, cotton turuns and matches, you can proceed to the procedure. A certain sequence of manipulations should be followed:

  1. Lubricate the baby's ear with a baby cream.
  2. Lay the child on its side, so that the sick ear is on top, and put a small pillow under your head.
  3. Put the napkin on the head, so that the slot in it coincides with the ear opening.
  4. The narrow end of the candle is inserted into the ear, and from the wide side it is ignited.
  5. After the candle burns to the mark, it must be extinguished in a glass of water.
  6. With cotton buddies, soaked in alcohol solution, it is necessary to remove the leaked sulfur.
  7. In the ear passage lay cotton wool for 15-20 minutes.

After the procedure, do not go out for several hours. It is recommended to perform manipulation at night.

Preparations for removal of sulfuric plugs

Medicines that are able to dissolve sulfur accumulation in the ears are called cerumenolitics. Preparations of this category are produced on an aqueous and oily basis. Removing the sulfur plug in the child with their help is considered the safest and most effective method.

To treat a pathological phenomenon, you can use the following tools:

  • "Aqua Maris Oto";
  • "A-Cerumen";
  • "Vaxol";
  • "Czerustop";
  • «Remo-Vaks».

These drugs have proven themselves only from a good side and are often used in otolaryngology. However, to remove sulfur plugs in children with their help should only after the appointment of a doctor.

The preparation "A-Cerumen"

The product belongs to the category of cerumenolitics on a water basis and effectively fights with sulfur accumulations in the ear canals. For children, drops can be used from 2.5 years. Pharmacological product is used to clean ear holes from sulfur and sulfur plugs. The components that make up the drug dissolve dense accumulations of sulfur and promote their excretion outside.

The product is released in small plastic droppers, a volume of 2 ml. In one package there are 5 such bottles. Drops are instilled in the ear of the child, which should be in the supine position on the side. A minute later, the child should tilt his head so that the ear is sick from below. This is necessary so that the residual sulfur can flow out of the ear canal. The procedure is repeated for another 5 days.

The effectiveness of Remo-Wax

Normally, sulfur is gradually removed from the ear canal itself. In the process of chewing and talking, she must move to the external ear canal. The formation of sulfur plugs indicates that the natural process of self-cleaning is broken. To cope with the problem will help the effective multi-component remo-wax, designed for the hygiene of the ear canals.

How to remove the sulfur plug from a child with this drug? For children, the product is released in the form of drops. The drug is allowed to use to purify the accumulations of sulfur, even in children under 1 year. The drug is preheated to room temperature. You can do this by simply holding a plastic bottle in your hand for a few minutes.

Instructions for use

Dissolve sulfur plugs in children with the help of "Remo-Wax" is quite simple. The child should be put on his side and drip the medicine so that his level reaches the transition of the ear canal into the sink. The drug should be in the ear for at least 20 minutes. After this, the child should stand up and tilt his head in the other direction. It is advisable to do this over a container or sink. The remnants of the agent and earwax will gradually emerge.

After using the "Remo-Vaks" oil solution, you should wash the ear canal with warm water. The drug can be used to prevent the formation of sulfur plugs several times a month.


Preparations to eliminate sulfur accumulation in the ears in children do not use in case of damage to the tympanic membrane or the development of purulent processes. It is necessary to pay attention to the components in the composition of cerumenologists to prevent the development of an allergic reaction. If pain occurs in the ear during the use of the drug should be abandoned its further use.