What is a vegetable like turnip? Useful properties and contraindications of this product will be described below. Also we will tell you about how to properly prepare the ingredient in question.Turnip: useful properties and contraindications, application in folk medicine

general information

Turnip is the fruit of an annual or biennial herbaceous plant of the same name, which belongs to the genus Cabbage and the Cabbage family.

This product is used in cooking since ancient times. It can be boiled, baked and stuffed. Also from the turnips are prepared stew, porridge and various salads. It can be stored for a very long time in a cool room, without losing its medicinal properties.

Turnip is easily assimilated by the human body and is recommended even for baby food.

The composition of the vegetable

What is the composition of turnip? Useful properties and contraindications of this product are due to those substances that are contained in it.

According to experts, such a vegetable boasts the presence of a large number of vitamins, organic acids and minerals. Surprisingly, the concentration of vitamin C in this vegetable is 2 times higher than the concentration of ascorbic acid in citrus fruits.

In addition to all of the above, the fruit in question contains vitamins such as B1, A, B2, PP and B5, as well as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, iron and sodium.

What else does the yellow turnip include? This vegetable contains a unique substance called glucurafanin. It should immediately be noted that not all products can be proud of the presence of such a component. Scientists say that it is extremely necessary for the prevention of cancer and diabetes.

The high content of sulfur in the above product gives it the properties to disinfect and purify blood, to split stones in the bladder and kidneys. As for calcium, thanks to it, this vegetable noticeably strengthens teeth, hair and nails.

Turnip: useful properties and contraindications

Very few people know, but with regular use, turnip can replenish the deficiency of vitamins in the human body, which ultimately leads to an increase in immunity. Also, this vegetable is an effective remedy for insomnia, constipation, bronchitis, rapid pulse and asthma.

Atony of the intestines and gastritis can also be cured due to the use of turnips. Also, this fruit has a beneficial effect on the human digestive system, normalizing its metabolism and actively removing various toxins.

Doctors say that delicious turnip can be used not only for cooking home dishes, but also for the treatment of various diseases. According to their statements, such a vegetable is able to have wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect. It is also characterized by antiseptic and diuretic properties.

Turnip well cures acne and eczema. The low calorie content of this product helps patients cope with obesity. It is very useful to use this vegetable for people who suffer from diabetes.

The most valuable product in folk medicine is not the fruit itself, but its juice. It is an excellent expectorant, in a short time relieving a person of all the unpleasant signs of a cold. Also, turnip juice is used when there are various problems with joints, including rheumatism. In addition, it is a very good soothing agent.

In addition to the useful properties of the product in question, it also has certain contraindications. We will tell you about the conditions under which this vegetable should not be used.

Whether can be harmful turnip, useful properties and contraindications which are described in this article. Experts answer this question in the affirmative. They argue that the contraindications for taking this product are the following conditions: an ulcer of the 12-типерстной guts, an acute gastritis and a stomach ulcer. Than it is caused? The fact that the turnip contains a huge amount of essential oils, which can adversely affect the mucosa of the digestive organs.

It should also be noted that turnips in their raw form can not be used for acute gastroenteritis and colitis, as well as inflammation of the kidneys and liver. By the way, with special care for this product must be treated and with various diseases of the intestine.

Product Features

Healing properties of all types of turnip are most often involved in non-traditional medicine. This product is used for the preparation of medicinal infusions, compresses and gruel.

The most beneficial effect of such a vegetable has on the human digestive system. Root crops well cleans and tidies the stomach, removes harmful toxins and restores normal bowel function.

Also turnip is considered the best dietary product.

The considered fetus is very popular among the inhabitants of our country, not only because it is very useful, but also because it is stored for a long time without losing its qualities.

In addition to traditional medicine, this product is actively used and in the traditional. Some doctors offer their patients to take local or shared baths, which are added liquid broths turnips. However, such treatment requires mandatory consultation with the doctor.

Also follows for the therapy of certain diseases use not only the root crops of turnips, but also leaves of the same plant. Experts argue that the decoction made from greenery, quite effectively removes toothache, and also cures inflammation of the gums.

How to cook a turnip?

Now you know the useful properties of such a vegetable as turnip. His contraindications were also presented above. But how to cook a turnip? The answer to this question is not all the mistresses. Therefore, we decided to present the recipe for the most popular dish from this product in this article.

We make delicious and useful porridge

How long does the turnip prepare? Dishes from turnips are made quite quickly. To see this, we suggest using the recipe in question. For him we will need:

  • turnip yellow medium size - 1-2 fetuses;
  • butter - 10 g;
  • salt, turmeric, sugar - add to taste.

Cooking method

How is turnip handled? Dishes from turnips may require the use of different types of this vegetable. We decided to buy yellow. It is thoroughly washed, peeled, and then shredded with medium cubes. After that, turnips put in salted boiling water and cook until ready.

As soon as the vegetable becomes soft, it is deprived of the broth and divided into two parts. To one of them add sugar, and to the other - salt. Also, both halves season with turmeric.

Stretching the turnip with a tolk and making a homogeneous sweet and salted mashed potatoes, put it in a bowl and savor a piece of butter. It should be noted that both varieties of this dish are very tasty and useful.