Choosing a medical institution to monitor health is not as easy as it seems. Most often, the public prefers state budget institutions. They are in every city in large quantities. Many residents of the Ryazan region are interested in where the registry of 11 polyclinics is located. Ryazan is a very large city. And so it's important to know where to go if necessary. Then the most important thing about the state polyclinic № 11 will be told. Where is it located? How does the registry work? By what numbers can you contact her?

The first step is to understand exactly where to go for further service. The address where Poliklinik No. 11 is located: Ryazan, Novoselov Street, house 26/17.Registration 11 polyclinics, Ryazan: working hours, telephone for communication

It is here that the registry of the medical institution is located. In the clinic, doctors take a variety of directions. The registry of the 11 polyclinics (Ryazan) records to the reception to specialists personally or by special telephones.

Operating mode

How does the organization work? This is an important moment, which should pay attention to all citizens. After all, the registry of the 11 polyclinics (Ryazan) is not available during non-working hours. She will not be able to get through to her. Personally, too, will not work.

From Monday to Friday, the state budget institution operates from 8:00 to 20:00 without breaks. At the weekend, only the doctor on duty is in the clinic. It is available on Saturday - from 8 am to 5 pm, and on Sunday from 9:00 to 16:00.

It is at these intervals that the polyclinic 11 is available for communication (Ryazan). And which phones will help you write to the doctor? How to contact the registry of the medical institution?

Today, all residents of the Ryazan region can use the following combinations:

You can also call a separate reception for paid receptions. For this, the phone is offered: 8 (4912) 41-41-96. All calls must be made strictly according to the mode of operation of the state budget institution.

If you believe the customers' reviews, then the registry of the 11 polyclinics (Ryazan) does not work in the best way. To get through to her is very problematic. Sometimes you have to make several attempts to communicate with a medical institution.

Nevertheless, if we managed to get through, the citizen can:

  • learn the mode of work of specialists;
  • sign up for an appointment with the doctor;
  • cancel the recording;
  • specify the work schedule;
  • call a specialist at home.