Bowel cancer: features of treatment in IsraelBowel cancer in recent years has become one of the most common oncological diseases. A competent approach to the treatment of this disease is effective in almost a hundred percent of cases. This is confirmed by Israeli specialists. The disease is treated by surgery and chemotherapy. At the end of the therapeutic course, patients return to their usual lifestyle.

According to statistics, over the past year, thousands of residents of the CIS and Russia have treated cancer of the intestine in Israel. Many patients get into local clinics after unsuccessful operations and therapeutic activities, held at home. In this case, the chances of recovery are lower, since the main factor in the victory over oncology is timeliness. Physicians are strongly advised to contact specialists if the slightest deviation is found.

The beginning of the correct treatment of cancer of the intestine and other organs and systems is highly accurate diagnosis. Israeli clinics are among the best in terms of equipping with modern equipment. With cancer of the thick and / or small intestine, local experts conduct PET CT, virtual colonoscopy, high-precision ultrasound. The technique allows to visualize tumor formations, and additional research - to determine their origin and degree of complexity.

After conducting diagnostic activities in detecting neoplasms, as a rule, surgical intervention is indicated. In leading Israeli clinics, operations are often performed by minimally invasive procedures. Instruments are sent to the sites of lesions through natural holes or by making single punctures. This approach allows you to make the postoperative period less time-consuming and painful. Radiation is used to fix the results and eliminate metastases after the operation. It is worth noting that chemotherapy in Israel is also used as a palliative treatment. This procedure reduces the risk of relapse and improves the quality of life for patients for whom complete recovery is no longer possible.

After recovering from cancer, it is necessary to monitor your own health with redoubled force. For this, you need not only to undergo regular examinations and studies, but also to lead a correct lifestyle. This applies to nutrition, and sports, and recreation.

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