The problem of cancer in the past few years is under the scrutiny not only of the medical community - many people are monitoring the development of the issue. It would seem that every year scientists are getting closer to revealing the puzzle, but there is still no definitive answer to the question of whether or not the cancer is cured.

Why is everyone so afraid of cancer?

More than two-thirds of the patients entering the treatment have an already neglected form of tumors. In this regard, to find out whether a cancer is curable or not is not just a desire of curious people. Scientists have repeatedly confirmed the influence of psychosomatic factors on the process of recovery. And this means that it is trust that gives many patients a chance to recover. Constant fear, on the other hand, can have a negative impact on the patient's condition.

Cancer is curable or not

In the press, headlines flash, saying that, say, in Russia the number of oncodiagnoses increases every year. The extent to which such statements are true can be understood by studying the premises.

What does statistics say?

Why do doctors diagnose that more and more people get cancer?

The first and main reason is an increase in the average life expectancy. It's no secret that with age, the chances of getting cancer are increasing. Accumulation of errors at the cellular level provokes the development of pathologies, so that the disease is more inherent in older people.

The second reason is a significant improvement in diagnostic techniques and tools that allow detecting malignant formations at an early stage. According to data from statistical studies, the number of cancer cases in patients in Russia is not much different from that in other countries. At the same time, mortality is slightly higher than in neighboring Europe.

Statements and real numbers

Indeed, many cases were recorded when the disease receded, a vivid example of this - Vladimir Luzaev. "Cancer is curable," the recovered one does not tire of repeating. Yes, but only doctors are not so optimistic. And the real indicators will not give you the confidence to say that cancer can be cured in 100% of cases.

The prognosis will be different depending on many factors - this is the specific form of the disease, and the stage, the general condition of the patient, and the body's response to the chosen treatment technique. Experts can bring a whole series of variables that matter. He claims that it is possible to overcome oncology, another miracle healed man - Vladimir Vasiliev. Cancer is curable - no one argues with this, but this requires a successful combination of circumstances, and such a picture can be observed not always.

Prevalence of the disease

In Russia, men most often find lung cancer, in second place - stomach cancer; while in women the leading positions are breast and ovarian cancer, respectively. According to unofficial data in Russia, about 500 thousand citizens fall ill with some form of oncology every year and more than half of them are not cured. Against this background, it is rather difficult to believe in statements that Vladimir Luzaev does not cease to repeat. "Cancer is curable," says the man.

The figures are really shocking, and doctors are doing their best to take the situation under control. The main activity at the moment is the improvement of diagnostic programs.

Many pathologies respond well to therapy - cancer of the uterus can be cured even in the last stages, as well as diseases of the ovaries, mammary glands, male genital organs, tumors in the region of the head and neck. But it's not necessary to talk about cancer curing soda, it's too controversial.

Wonderful cure from Vladimir Luzaev

The main purpose of the technique used by him can be considered a decrease in acidity in the body with the use of soda, which promotes the growth of cancer cells. Luzayev every day took a solution of soda at least thirty minutes before eating. Lunched sick oat porridge, seasoned with honey and hemp oil. At lunch, I took a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. From food later than 6 pm categorically refused.

After some time, the tumor was gone. Doctors confirmed the absolute cure. Still, oncologists are incredulous about this technique.

Opinion of specialists on the situation

For the purpose of a comprehensive assessment of the situation, a complete picture of the disease of a particular patient should be studied. But in the case of Vladimir Luzaev, the most likely story is the incorrect diagnosis. A characteristic feature of the diagnosis of formations in the pancreas region is the lack of a general informative method. Only in case of an exact combination of some methods it becomes possible to solve the problems of preoperative morphological verification of tumor flow.

  At the moment, out of 10 thousand patients with an established diagnosis of cancer, about a tenth of it can not confirm it. Most likely, the patient had chronic pancreatitis, but he was incorrectly verified.

Criticism of non-traditional approach in the treatment of oncology

Most people who speak in favor of non-traditional methods believe that stage 4 cancer will be cured regardless of its localization. Adherents of the above described methodology hold the same opinion, but oncologists tend to assume that it's not at all about using soda. Luzaev, most likely, helped the transition to a healthy diet and strict compliance with the diet.

A typical picture of the course of chronic pancreatitis shows an increase in pancreatic secretion. The use of soda could normalize this process, which does not mean that these substances will help another patient with an excellent pathology.

Forecasts from doctors

Oncologists unanimously reassure patients - cancer can be cured with a competent approach. It's important not to hesitate, literally every minute on the account. The gap between the adjacent stages is not so great, and postponing the diagnosis for a couple of weeks can significantly reduce the likelihood of recovery. If in the first stages, patients recover in about 95% of cases, then it is much harder to say that stage 3 cancer is curable. In the outback the situation is much worse than in the capital and other large cities.

How to protect yourself?

Each of the forms of diseases is characterized by its own risk factors, and instead of guessing, for example, blood cancer is curable or not, it is better to exclude the possibility of tumor formation in advance. Doctors give a variety of recommendations of a different nature, among which:

  • regular preventive examinations;
  • men should pay special attention to the urogenital system, namely the prostate gland;
  • smokers need to monitor the state of the respiratory and digestive systems;
  • women are recommended to do mammography and ovarian cancer tests;
  • molecular-biological analyzes will help to identify predisposition in advance.

Oncologists say that the cancer can be cured if the sick person took the situation in hand on time. In connection with the increased risk, doctors recommend especially to control the age group from 50 years.

Genetic background

At the moment, studies are being conducted, the purpose of which is to confirm or disprove the fact that predisposition can be hereditary. Medical practice demonstrates various examples, for example, family cancer. This does not mean that all members of the family are ill with the same form, at the same time it happens that in a short time the diagnosis is made for representatives of different generations.

Genetically based cancer is an entirely different thing. This includes breast cancer. So, if the tumor was found only in one gland, but mutations of a certain gene are observed, the patients are suggested to remove both at once.

Healthy Lifestyle and Cancer

There is an opinion that a healthy lifestyle is the best method of preventing any diseases. But will regular sports and eating healthy foods help to avoid occurrence of oncogenes? In countries with the highest average life expectancy (usually a healthy lifestyle in them is supported by the state), the risks are even slightly higher. The fact is that the body somehow wears out.

What hope?

At the moment it remains only to expect that in the near future scientists will be able to find answers to all the questions of interest. Some methods of treatment demonstrate good preliminary results during laboratory testing, but before the time of their release, more than one year can pass.

With special trepidation, people observe transplants. At one time, bone marrow implantation helped to answer the question of whether or not cancer of the blood is curable. Stem cells are credited with high performance, but, according to the doctors, unjustified.

Some experimental techniques show good results in the treatment of certain types of tumors, but a comprehensive solution was never found.

Especially promising methods include ultrasound and laser therapy, freezing and bleeding of problem areas. Multicomponent systems allow not to expose the body to overloads, as with chemotherapy. At the same time, nanotherapy seems to be something of a fantasy area. Especially it is necessary to allocate a neutron-capture therapy, on which experts have high hopes. Naturally, it needs further improvement, but at the moment it does not even get tired of surprising even its developers.

And yet - can we cure cancer?

In the first stages, treatment of most cancers guarantees almost 100% success. The longer the disease developed, the more difficult it is to eradicate. But doctors make quite optimistic predictions, without ceasing to repeat that it's never worth to give up.

It is safe to say that cancer is curable in the future. Experts approach solving problems from various angles, which greatly increases the chances of success.

At the same time, it should be remembered that timely diagnostics at the moment is the key to a favorable outcome. Leading oncologists recommend not to spend precious time searching for miracle cures that can be cured without chemotherapy and surgery. In many respects the probability of recovery depends on the patient himself.