With the global deterioration of the environment, climatic changes annually there is an increase in allergic pathologies. The number of patients with pollinosis inevitably increases regardless of the place of residence (megacities, villages, villages). From the seasonal allergy is not insured, either old or young. To date, doctors are sounding an alarm about the number of cases, even infants do not spare the disease.

Everyone solves the problem in his own way: some change the location of the location, others avoid direct contact, others swallow tablets all the time. But often none of this does not help. To simplify the life of people with allergies, special services have been established, which daily conduct pollen monitoring or monitoring the concentration of seasonal pollen of hazardous plants in the biosphere.

Innovative discovery in the prevention of seasonal allergies

Pollen monitoring in Russia to help people with allergies

Such forecasting is successfully carried out in many countries of the European Union and in Russia together with meteorologists, pharmaceutical companies and the health organization. The services regularly monitor the growth and flowering of plants, the results of the work and changes are reported in the media. Information on the concentration of allergens is recorded in a single electronic database and transmitted on television.

Pollen monitoring is conducted in Moscow, Samara, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and other regional centers of the Russian Federation. For tracking, finger traps or traps are installed, which are compact ventilated chambers that absorb air with dust and automatically detect its composition, presence and amount of dangerous allergens.

Solution found

Pollen monitoring is a unique program that allows you to carefully analyze the dynamics, concentration of pollen grains, fungal spores in the atmosphere and in a timely manner to warn the public about it. This will provide an opportunity to start a preventive course of antihistamines in time to block associated clinical manifestations. Daily informative bulletins on the quantitative composition of allergens help doctors to correctly adjust the dosage of medications.

Where can I see the results of the check?

All received analyzes on the state of the biosphere are generally available, any user on the Web can familiarize with them. Pollen monitoring is conducted on the territory of the Russian Federation since 2001. All data is archived from the very first day, they can also be studied by asking the region of interest. Thanks to this project, people prone to allergies can independently determine the degree of danger and take preventive measures in advance. In addition, the monitoring program will introduce a person to plant species, tell about the area of ​​growth and flowering time.

Topical advice for people with allergies

Unquestionably, pollen monitoring is called upon to help mankind, to fight against pollinosis and to take protective measures. Knowing the exact time of flowering, you can "arm" and not expose the body to unpleasant manifestations. Do not continuously use drugs, sit in four walls and cut out on the street, thereby avoiding a meeting with harmful pollen. Allergists and immunologists recommend strictly monitor the humidity in the room to reduce the concentration of fungal spores.

It is advisable to use cleaners, during the period of exacerbation (seasonal flowering) to control food. To reduce the ingress of allergens into the nasal sinuses, periodically rinse the mucous membrane. Of course, do not forget to take antiallergic drugs, for example "Kestin". Pollen monitoring, as we found out - this is the right project, created for the benefit of the society.

I think that monitoring helps a lot of people. Itself every spring I experience global inconveniences because of pollen, since allergic. Fortunately a young man on the Internet stumbled upon this way of protection from her. Of course, it's very difficult to predict with accuracy to 100%, but it helps me. I use the pollen app club, I did not let it down, but again I repeat, it's all conditionally. Therefore, regularly it is necessary to monitor the humidity. I'm looking forward to when it rains, that washed away all the pollen and you could safely go out into the street)

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