Puchkov Konstantin ViktorovichWho is Dr. Puchkov Konstantin Viktorovich, know all the patients who visited his operating table. For those who have health problems and who also want to use the services of this popular surgeon in our country, we will provide more extensive information about his professional achievements.

Who is Pustkov Konstantin Viktorovich?

Konstantin Puchkov was recognized as the best surgeon in the Russian Federation, who specializes in laparoscopic urology, coloproctology and gynecology. He is a professor, doctor of medical sciences, a specialist in high-tech surgery and uses only the latest methods and equipment, including those developed by him, during his activity.

Main directions of activity

Dr. Puchkov Konstantin Viktorovich is engaged in practical development and performs organ-preserving laparoscopic operations, including removal of uterine myomas, renal, spleen, liver, adrenal, ovarian and various cysts. In addition, the most popular and qualified surgeon of our country performs reconstructive and plastic surgical interventions for such abnormalities as a hernia of the abdominal wall and esophagus.

One can not ignore the fact that Puchkov Konstantin Viktorovich repeatedly performed operations to eliminate the causes of female infertility, as well as to remove malignant and benign formations in the digestive tract and the genitourinary system. Thus, the surgeon has saved more than one human life, for which the patients are very grateful to him.

Academic Education

In 1988, Konstantin Puchkov graduated from the Ryazan Medical Institute named after Ivan Petrovich Pavlov. After that (during the period from 1988 to 1990), a young surgeon underwent clinical residency at the above-named institute at the Department of Faculty Surgery. Further in 1992 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of medical sciences. on the topic "The effect of low intense laser radiation on the hemodynamics (regional) of the small intestine in patients with acute intestinal obstruction".

Five years later Puchkov K.V. again went to defend the thesis, but already on the doctor of medical sciences. This time, his theme was "Laparoscopic methods of surgical interventions in the field of abdominal surgery." In 2001 the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation awarded the surgeon the academic title of professor.


For all the time professional work surgeon Puchkov Konstantin Viktorovich has repeatedly been recognized as the best of all operating experts in our country. It should be especially noted that laparoscopic surgery, gynecology and urology, he is engaged since the distant 1993. To date, he has accumulated experience in more than 19,000 surgical interventions. At the same time, the results of his (practical) work were summarized in 570 scientific publications of the foreign and Russian press, as well as in 10 monographs.

Puchkov Konstantin Viktorovich created a unique technology for conducting laparoscopic operations. They received about 19 patents for inventions.

It should also be noted that the professor was formed and launched a scientific and practical school, where today future surgeons can be trained not only from all corners of the Russian Federation, but also from foreign countries. Every year more than 10 master classes are held on the basis of this educational medical institution. Under the personal guidance of the best surgeon of our country, 20 were defended, and 4 doctoral and 6 candidate dissertations were prepared for defense.

First in the world

The title of the best surgeon of the Russian Federation is Dr. Puchkov K.V. received not just. After all, an experienced professor was the very first in the world to develop and then introduce (in 2008) the method of laparoscopic myomectomy with temporary obstruction of uterine arteries. By the way, before that in 1997 a young surgeon performed a complicated and life-threatening laparoscopic removal of the spleen in a pregnant patient with a hematologic crisis.

The first in Russia

The operations that were first conducted in Russia were also carried out with the direct participation of Professor K.V. Puchkova:

  1. The very first laparoscopic intervention was carried out in the Ryazan region in 1994.
  2. Laparoscopic splenectomy was held with the participation of Dr. Puchkov in 1995.
  3. Laparoscopic surgery for extirpation of the uterus with anterior removal of the rectum in infiltrative endometriosis was held in 1997.
  4. Laparoscopic partial resection with such a deviation as the adrenal adrenal gland was carried out in 2006.
  5. In 2008, transvaginal cholecystectomy was successfully performed, which was performed using the technology of N.O.T.E.S. It should be noted that surgical intervention was carried out without any incisions on the abdomen, as well as post-operative scars on the skin.
  6. In 2009, for the first time in Russia, a single-port operation was performed on pelvic organs and the abdominal cavity, which was performed using the technology of S.I.L.S.
  7. In 2011, on February 19, Puchkov performed laparoscopic total coloproctectomy with a single puncture using the same S.I.L.S. technology.
  8. In 2011, on August 29, a minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of retrocervical endometriosis, located at the 4th stage, was performed.
  9. In 2013, January 14, Dr. Puchkov performed a simultaneous operation, more precisely laparoscopic removal of the uterus with the formation of an anastomosis and extraction through the vagina of the colon.

Practical activities

K.W. Puchkov is a surgeon with extensive experience. He is:

  • head of Surgical Swiss Clinic "SwissClinic";
  • director of the Training Center for Experimental and Clinical Surgery;
  • a full member of the Society of Endoscopic Specialists of Russia and the European Association.

It is also worth noting that Konstantin Puchkov is the first Russian - a member of the Association of Endoscopic Specialists of Asia.

Reasons for treatment

Very many people who need urgent surgical intervention, have heard about such a deserved surgeon of our country, as Puchkov Konstantin Viktorovich. The cost of an operation under his direct supervision depends on the complexity and type of the procedures themselves. As a rule, patients are addressed to the professor who have the following pathologies in the field of gynecology:

  • adenomyosis;
  • uterine myoma;
  • ovarian diseases;
  • intrauterine pathology;
  • external endometriosis;
  • female infertility;
  • abnormalities of the fallopian tubes;
  • genital prolapse, etc.

In the field of urology:

In the field of coloproctology:

  • swelling of the rectum;
  • colon disease;
  • colon swelling;
  • benign formations in the large intestine;
  • rectal prolapse.
  • ulcers and tumors of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • hernia and tumor of the esophagus;
  • diseases of the gallbladder;
  • tumors and cysts of the liver;
  • blood diseases and spleen cysts;
  • tumors and cysts of the adrenal glands;
  • retroperitoneal disease;
  • inguinal, umbilical and femoral hernias;
  • adhesions of the abdominal cavity;
  • raynaud's disease;
  • increased sweating of the palms and armpits;
  • obesity.

It was operated at Konstantin Viktorovich in occasion of an inguinal hernia. We have a hernia - this is a family scourge: first the grandfather was ill, but he was refused to perform the operation at 71, so he went to the end of life with a bandage and went, then to my mother. She herself faced her for the first time at 35, was already well-informed about the problem, so she did not run around the spellcasting women, she was asked for an operation. They did it in the regional hospital, the discomfort was creepy - before that they never did surgery for me, the conditions in the hospital were terrible, even there was no one to help me up, five people in the ward, two moaning with pain ... It was very difficult to recover. Imagine my frustration when in 4 years I re-appeared! I remembered the darkness that was at the first operation, and decided - only laporoscopy, good while the hernia is small. According to the reviews I chose Konstantin Viktorovich and the Swiss clinic, I decided to go there for a consultation. We underwent surgery very quickly, in the hospital - sterile cleanliness, sanitaroks come every hour, check what to bring, than to help. I felt like a resort. I follow the recommendations of Konstantin Viktorovich, I hope, now hernia will not return! Aliya Buskowitskaya, 40 years old

I was operated on by Konstantin Viktorovich about the prolapse of the uterus in July 2014. To say that I'm glad that I got to this doctor is not to say anything. Genius, talent and just the pride of our medicine, that's what I can say about Konstantin Viktorovich. After two births, I had a rather delicate problem - this is an omission. To this also the overstretchedness of the walls and muscles was added. The intimate life is upset, the state of inferiority is what has haunted me for the last 5 years. The search for methods to solve my problem constantly upsets me, then one restriction, then another. And I'm still young and do not want to limit myself in anything. And by chance I came across the site of Konstantin Viktorovich in the Internet. Being a man already savvy in this problem, I read the description of the operation, I realized that this is what I need. All ingenious is simple. I registered at the reception and underwent surgery. The operation was double (about the omission + tightened the walls of the vagina and the muscles of the pelvic day), lasted 4.5 hours. The narcosis is transferred perfectly. The clinic is super! Doctors and nurses too! All pleasant, sincere and professional. Vera Vyacheslavovna, thank you very much for the postoperative management. What can I say, everything is fine after the operation! I'm again a woman! All bodies have fallen into place, intimate life has returned and can not but rejoice! HUGE THANK YOU EVERYTHING.

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