We all want to look perfect. However, sometimes our skin presents us with unpleasant surprises in the form of acne. In this case, they can appear not only on the face, but also on the back, and on the hands. How to make the skin beautiful, read below.

Pimples in the arms above the elbow: how to get rid

The causes of rashes can be very diverse, and if you want the result to come as quickly as possible, you should visit a dermatologist. If you do not want to visit a specialist, you can try to make independent attempts to remove pimples in your arms above the elbow.

Almost always among the root causes of the appearance of unsightly red spots is a poor state of the intestine. In other words, it is most likely contaminated with slag and toxins. If this is true, then hope for too fast a result is not worth it. To pimples in the arms above the elbow have passed, you need to change your diet. Try to give up meat, giving preference to fish (2 times a week). Eat more raw vegetables and fruits. From the sweet will have to give up altogether. And, of course, drink 1-1.5 liters of liquid every day.

Another possible reason why you have pimples in your arms above the elbow, may be non-compliance with personal hygiene. A daily shower may not be enough. People with such a problem should be cleansed at least once a day in two hands above the elbow. Washcloth should be purchased artificial, because in the natural the bacteria multiply, and wash it after each use.

When taking a shower, you can double the effect by taking advantage of the tea tree oil. In your gel, add 2-3 drops of the drug, mix well and cleanse the skin with this mass.

It is useful to use scrubs once a week. You can use salt or soda. And you can prepare a cleansing and moisturizing scrub, consisting of 1 tsp. honey, 2 pounded tablets of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), 2 drops of olive oil, ½ tsp. warm water.

After the shower, lubricate the pimples on the hands above the elbow with a very light moisturizing cream to prevent the formation of thin skin crusts that will prevent the release of sebum.

Among folk recipes, there are many more that will contribute to smoothing the skin tone. If you have already adjusted your diet, refer to such products as tincture of calendula, salicylic acid, a solution of levomycetin. Using these tools to cure red pimples on the hands, one should not forget about regular moisturizing, as they dry the skin quite strongly.

What other reasons exist? It may well be, for example, that your body lacks vitamin D. It can be obtained with interest, taking in reasonable amounts sunbathing. Just what to do in the cold season? The only way out is taking vitamins. And here it will be better to seek advice from a doctor, since an incorrectly calculated dosage can give very unpleasant side effects.

If a month after all your efforts, there is no positive effect, you will still have to visit a dermatologist. Perhaps the reason is much deeper than you expect.