Acne is a very unpleasant disease that not only causes discomfort, but also creates an unfavorable psychological environment around a person. Often, this problem occurs in young people, and acne occurs not only on the face, but also on the scalp. This pathology is quite painful.

Acne on the head under the hair: causes of appearance and featuresA very common question is why acne on the head and how to get rid of it? Before you begin treatment, you should find out the causes of this disease. Symptoms of the disease is obvious. So, acne on the scalp can appear due to improper diet and lifestyle. And the disease develops due to hormonal problems, which are observed in the transitional adolescent period, after serious infections.

The mechanism of acne formation is very simple: the glands in the scalp secrete sweat and fat. These two substances combine to create a protective film. If the glands work excessively, the sebum begins to fill the pores in which pathogenic microbes develop. It is necessary to treat acne on the head under the hair. Otherwise, the patient will receive a blow not only to his health, but also to the psyche. People with such a problem often become withdrawn, ashamed to communicate with people, afraid of ridicule. And yet, if the pathology is not eliminated in time, the person can simply become bald.

There are many methods of treating acne, both medicinal and folk. However, not all of them are equally effective. In addition, other technologies can be used to eliminate the disease - for example, warming the skin with ultraviolet light. First of all, remember: it is forbidden to squeeze acne on the head under the hair, as you expose your skin to the danger of additional inflammation. Moreover, after such a procedure, scars can remain on it.

An effective way to eliminate the pathology is wiping the skin with a solution of sea salt with the addition of sulfur. Naturally, some drugs also contain such an ingredient, but their duration is very limited. It should be noted that each case of the disease requires an individual approach to treatment.

Acne on the head under the hair is treated with special shampoos that contain tar. It is also desirable to strengthen the immune system and visit an endocrinologist who will figure out which hormones you have problems with. In addition, you need to carefully care for your skin: wash properly, and dry thoroughly before treatment. Camphor or salicylic alcohol can still be used for treatment. You can use special antibacterial ointment, which will eliminate the inflammatory process in the skin.

If acne on the head under the hair can not be eliminated by local means, the doctor may prescribe a certain type of antibiotics. Naturally, such treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

Proper skin care and healthy nutrition in any case will quickly get rid of the problem or prevent its occurrence. Be healthy!