Every adult dreams of healthy white teeth. Realizing that you need to take care of your oral cavity, he regularly visits the dentist. But with the kids everything is much more complicated. It is very difficult to take them to the dentist, not only for treatment, but even for examination. And often after the parents still manage to visit with a dentist's child, a diagnosis is made: caries. And then the commotion begins! How to treat, what to do, how to save healthy teeth and prevent infection of not yet grown permanent teeth? Is it not better to treat caries in children with prophylaxis? After all, you need very little for this: to teach the children to properly care for their teeth and to explain to them what kind of a terrible beast is caries.

Disease eating a tooth

Prevention and treatment of caries in childrenCaries is a disease of the teeth, which, developing, softens the dental tissue and eventually destroys it.

Caries begins suddenly and unnoticed. But the development of the disease occurs quickly enough. Treatment of caries, especially in children, must begin immediately to save healthy teeth. It is important to see the initial caries. First, a hardly noticeable spot appears on the tooth, which eventually becomes black.

Speaking about the treatment of caries in children and in general about this disease, it should be noted that sometimes in babies the first milk teeth erupt already affected by the ailment. A sad picture - and my parents are to blame.

In children, caries can appear for several reasons. This is primarily due to the fact that mother during pregnancy took inadequate amounts of vitamins, inattentive to what she ate. During fetal development there was a violation of the structure of the fetal teeth. Vitamins and trace elements should enter the body of a pregnant woman in a clearly specified volume.

If the teeth cut through the child's good, and after a time of caries, then the reasons should be sought in another. And in this case there can be plenty of them. This and the wrong care for the teeth, and a lack of vitamins, and infection with bacteria, and poor immunity. Also to the causes of early caries carry artificial feeding.

Speaking about the treatment of caries in children, we should emphasize that the bacteria that cause the disease in the mouth can not be destroyed forever. And this does not affect the cost of caries treatment. If caries has appeared and teeth are amazed, then the person will not get rid of it till the end of his days. It can only be healed, paused. Therefore, the treatment of caries in children and adults should start immediately after its detection.

To treat or prevent?

Of course, the treatment of caries (especially in children) is a complex and painful process. It is much better to prevent the disease. It is important from infancy to teach the child to the proper care of the oral cavity. After feeding, it is necessary to wipe with a damp gum napkin, and with the appearance of the first tooth for the baby, start brushing it with a rounded brush.

It is necessary to monitor the baby's nutrition. Sweets, soda, chewing gum adversely affect the structure of the teeth and the condition of the gums. Once again pampering the baby with sweet candy, think about the fact that such a manifestation of love can lead to serious problems with the oral cavity.

And, of course, in order not to start caries treatment in children, it is necessary to regularly visit a children's dentist and from childhood learn the child to properly care for your teeth.