Very often people during bingeing or eating bite their lips. There is no statistical data on this issue, but many observations allow us to conclude about the factors that lead to bite.

Has bitten a lip: what to do or make

1) When talking or eating, a person becomes extremely thoughtful and completely immersed in his thoughts.

2) Dentures can be incorrectly made or the person has an incorrect bite.

3) Simultaneous conversation with chewing food.

4) Chewing food too fast.

5) Improperly grown teeth.

From this suggests such a conclusion: do not combine several cases, and especially when chewing. It may cause injury. According to some observations, women most often bite their lips. It is not known what it is connected with. Even online forums are full of themes about how the girl bit her lip.

What should I do after biting?

Of course, after a man bites his lip or cheek, the wound remains on the place of the bite. It must be done so that the pain from the damage is as low as possible. And if there is a heavy bleeding, then you need to either reduce it, or completely stop it.

If I bit my lip, a sore was formed, than to treat it? First, you need to eliminate the pain syndrome. In order to relieve soreness after biting her lip, you can apply a tampon of cotton wool, which is moistened with lidocaine, to the wound. You can also use drops containing anesthetic and used in ophthalmic practice. Without these tools, pain can be felt very much.

If a person strongly bites his lip and bleeds, then at home there is only one way that will help stop it. You should rinse the bite with cold water 2 or 3 times. It helps to narrow the blood vessels, which will reduce the intensity of bleeding. In the event that it is uncomfortable to rinse with water, then after a bite of the lip, you can attach a piece of ice.

Healing of mucosal defects after bite

After the pain has abated, and the bleeding is stopped, it is necessary to help the healing of the wound. After all, it's ugly, if the girl bit her lip, a sore was formed. Than to treat?

1) Immediately after the bite, you need to brush your teeth and rinse the mouth.

2) Rinsing and cleaning procedures should be carried out regularly. It is advisable, after each meal.

3) You can rinse your mouth with St. John's wort or chamomile.

4) It is possible to use antiseptics, which currently exist in a variety of forms: solutions, sprays and lollipops. Each person will be able to choose the best antiseptic for himself if he bites his lip. Than to treat better? A good solution of chlorhexidine. Use antiseptic is recommended after eating and rinsing your mouth.

5) It is necessary to exclude liquid hot food and hot drinks during the healing period. If you constantly act on the sore hot, the healing will be prolonged for a long time.

6) It is also desirable to refuse cold food, since the effect will be the same as from a hot one. While the wound was not dragged on, no ice cream.

7) The ration needs to be enriched with those vitamins that accelerate healing. These include vitamins B and C. In the pharmacy you can buy ascorbic acid. But the trip to the pharmacy can be postponed, if there is fresh fruit, meat and greens.

In what cases do I need help from a doctor

You need to contact a doctor if:

  • after biting her lip, the defect does not heal more than four days;
  • after three days it became noticeable that the wound becomes larger;
  • after biting the mucosa formed a large hematoma;
  • damages occur very often, then, perhaps, a person has an incorrect bite; in which case it is necessary to visit an orthodontist who will help correct the defect;
  • the integrity of the tissues is severely disturbed (it happens that they bite very strongly).

If there is one of the above factors, then you should immediately contact LOR or a dentist.

What not to do after biting

1) It is not necessary to smear the wound with iodine or zelenka, and also pour with peroxide solution.

2) Decoctions of herbs should not be drunk in hot condition.

3) In no case should you press on the wound.

4) Do not touch the place of bite with unwashed hands.

5) There is no need to sting the bite with an antibiotic. They should not be taken at all without the appointment of a doctor.

Very often, stomatitis appears in the mouth after it has bitten its lip. Than to treat it or him? These unpleasant sores appear because of getting into the wound of microbes. The microflora of the oral cavity is disturbed, and stomatitis occurs. Over time, his symptoms may increase, and discomfort - increase. If this disease could not be avoided, it is necessary to rinse the oral cavity with various antiseptic agents. If the disease has passed into a very severe form, when it is impossible to take food, you need to see a doctor who can prescribe antibiotics in the form of injections or pills. To eliminate pain syndrome, you need to apply drugs related to analgesics.

In order to avoid stomatitis, you need to be careful and make sure that the microbes do not enter the oral cavity.

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