Correction of health at the cellular level is promised by manufacturers to each purchased device "Almedis". Feedback negative often associated with insufficient information about the technology of treatment. Vendors call it a symbiosis of the latest discoveries in the field of quantum physics and nanotechnology, allowing at home to get rid of hundreds of various ailments or improve the condition of many patients.Device   Is it really? How to understand what the apparatus of "Almedis" is? A new breakthrough in medicine or another business project of charlatans from medicine?

Principle of operation of the apparatus

Spectro-wave therapy as a method has been known since time immemorial. The strength of the influence of light waves on the human body was studied by physicians and philosophers, physicists and other bright minds of many generations: Plato and Aristotle, Herodotus, Euclid, Archimedes, Leonardo da Vinci, MV Lomonosov, NI Vavilov, KE. Tsiolkovsky. Physicians of China, Egypt and Greece actively used in their practice light rays of different spectrum in the treatment of people. In the works of the coryphaeus of the world medicine it was pointed out that in the therapy of every organ or system of man it is necessary to apply only the color corresponding to them. Today, scientists embody ancient knowledge in the invention of the unique light-wave therapy device "Almedis".   Thus, its producers promise that the light of a certain spectrum, falling through the iris and the retina of the eye to the affected organs, alters their vibration and feeds vital energy. For example, a green shade allows you to restore the health of the nervous system, get rid of stress, restore mental balance, yellow - increase efficiency, remove the feeling of apathy and drowsiness, purple - reduce the feeling of hunger. The impact on human energy fields is the essence of the Almedis device. Negative responses are most often received from skeptics who suspect that this method did not find approval in official medicine.

Quantum method of treatment

Head of the independent laboratory of quantum physics "Spectrum" confirms the conduct of long-term studies that study the relationship between light radiation and human energy. Pink glasses, according to him, ease the symptoms of heart disease.Projections of all organs and systems on the iris of the eye let light pulses enter the human brain. Then these waves penetrate into the internal organs, correcting the dissonance in their vibrations. In a group of 10 volunteers with chronic fatigue syndrome testing the device Almedis, eight people as a result noted improvement in sleep, energy intake and stabilization of the nervous system. Konstantin Zelensky argues that it is necessary to actively introduce "Almedis" as an additional therapeutic and preventive tool for the therapy of a wide range of ailments.

What is "Almedis" and how to apply it

To increase the immunity, energy potential and protective forces of the body at the energy-information level, the device "Almedis" was created. Reviews negative talk about the usual glasses with two blocks of LEDs and an electronic control unit.They should be worn daily for a few minutes to get rid of the disease or to establish the work of certain organs. The instructions accompanying the device describe programs in accordance with which the frequency, sequence, and polarity of the pulses of light are determined. The selected treatment technology for any of the diseases (from all types of schizophrenia and alcoholism to oncology, from diabetes to glaucoma, gout, thyroid problems, arthrosis and even habitual chronic fatigue), according to the instructions to the drug, eliminates them at the atomic-molecular level !!


With inflammatory diseases of the eyes (in the acute stage), the presence of a cardiac pacemaker, hydrocephalus, a small age (up to three years), the use of the device is contraindicated. Under the supervision of a physician, the use of the device is allowed even for mild types of epilepsy (for complicated forms of the disease it is necessary to refuse the use of the device).

Device "Almedis": results of applying the method

What is the official medicine's position regarding this unique device? Doctors do not deny lightwave therapy as a physiotherapy procedure, but do not consider it a one hundred percent panacea. This method perfectly complements medical and physiotherapy treatment.

The conducted studies on patients with cardiovascular diseases showed that comprehensive CB treatment with mandatory medication administration gradually reduced by one-third the dose of drugs taken, significantly reduced the incidence of coronary artery disease (coronary heart disease), increased tolerability of optimal physical loads and reduced the risk of heart attacks. Cardiology and neurology, psychiatry and ophthalmology, gynecology and pediatrics, as well as other areas of modern medicine - problems in these areas are indications for the use of the device in question.

"Almedis" in cosmetology

Due to the improvement of all organs and systems, marketers promise 100% rejuvenation of the body to all who have purchased "Almedis". Reviews are negative, but they make you doubt the powerful effect of anti-aging programs with the help of a miracle device.

Where to buy and what stops from the purchase?

How can I buy a unique device "Almedis"? Prices and reviews about miracle glasses can be diametrically different from each other. The cost of the device varies significantly depending on the place of its acquisition. So, for example, in large network pharmacies you can find the device for 38-42 thousand rubles. The purchase of "Almedis" in the shop of the manufacturer will cost 35 500 rubles. In the online store, this product can be ordered within 27 500-31 500 Russian rubles. Pensioners are offered "Almedis" even cheaper due to special promotions (about 24-25 thousand rubles). Official registration in the register of Roszdravnadzor in the apparatus of "Almedis" is currently not available.

The certificate of conformity was issued to the device according to the code assigned to non-medical, and electrical products for cultural and household purposes (OK 005 (OKP) 346800).

Not more than one hundred grams weighs the innovative apparatus "Almedis". The description of the device, the price and the responses of doctors are posted exclusively on the Internet sites. An additional factor of mistrust of this device is its advantageous sale through online stores, through radio advertising, free classifieds sites and other unofficial sources.

"Almedis": advertising and the effect of a placebo or a unique device?

In advertising equipment promises in addition to absolute security a pronounced and simultaneously persistent therapeutic effect for every person who bought this miracle device. On the contrary, in the sections "Negative feedback about ..." the device "Almedis" is in the lead by the number of negative opinions, full of disappointment and regrets about the money spent. Why, in addition to paid comments, there are sincere gratitude from people who cured this or that disease with the help of Almedis?Doctors explain this phenomenon with the placebo effect, when using self-hypnosis, a person can be cured of almost any ailment, especially the therapy of which is associated with relaxation. On popular forums "Reviews about ..." medical device "Almedis" by other consumers is described as a completely useless, and sometimes harmful device. Councils not to be conducted on advertising and other negative opinions are left by people with overestimated expectations who bought the device in the hope of defeating a disease whose treatment is not associated with light therapy. Also, numerous real customer testimonials about the device "Almedis" pay attention to some unscrupulous marketers who say that this device is an excellent substitute for medicines prescribed by a doctor! For fizioprotsedur, no matter how effective they are, these are too bold statements!

Before you buy such a cheap device to treat your ailments, you need to consult with your doctor. The assurances of sellers that the device "Almedis" relieves even what physicians can not overpower, - advertising trick designed for an ignorant consumer! With heart diseases, ailments associated with minor malfunctions in the nervous system, the device "Almedis" will help calm the body, reduce stress and the frequency of seizures (angina and others).Many cardiologists even recommend this device as a concomitant therapy, but in no case abolishing the basic treatment! With any illness, it is first of all to turn to the doctor and undergo a survey. Treatment with the device "Almedis" should be approved by your doctor. All attempts to lead a person away from the critical evaluation of the device "Almedis" is nothing more than a desire to sell faster and make a profit, but in no way care about the future of the patient. It is difficult not to agree with the opinion of the head of the Spectrum laboratory K. Zelensky that the glasses "Almedis" are good as a physiotherapeutic device, but they can not be considered a panacea for any ailment.