Today, most teenagers face skin problems. It is very rare to meet a girl or a guy with a perfectly smooth, radiant skin. And since young people of transitional age are extremely important in their appearance, they are trying their best to improve it. Fortunately, modern technologies in the field of medicine and cosmetology allow us to develop tools that help to combat acne, acne and other unpleasant defects. One such drug isPreparation Zinerit"Zinerit." The price of it is not so small, and ranges from 12 to 20 US dollars. This drug has been actively advertised for many years, and it can be purchased at any pharmacy. When you open the box, you will find two small vials, one of which contains the active substance in the form of a powder, and in the other - a solution of the auxiliary constituents. An applicator is also attached, which will need to be fixed on the neck of the vial of powder after the liquid from the second jar is poured there. Thanks to the applicator, it is very easy to use the preparation "Zinerit" for acne, it is not necessary to buy cotton wool to clean the face.

- erythromycin, which is the main killer of harmful bacteria that provoke acne and acne - 1.2 g;

- zinc acetate, which is an anti-inflammatory and healing agent that reduces the secretion of sebaceous glands - 360 mg;

- solvent - 30 ml.

There are no special contraindications regarding the use of this remedy, except for individual intolerance to any of the components, so it is better to consult with a doctor before use. In addition, it is better to immediately identify the root cause of the disease and fight it than treat external symptoms, and then, not having achieved the desired result, leave a negative feedback about the Zinerit remedy.

At the forums devoted to this drug, a lot of positive feedback. Many argue that improvements have become noticeable on the face after only 2-3 days of application of the remedy. On average, the course of treatment lasts about three months. In order not to be tempted to write about the preparation of "Zinerit" the response is unflattering, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions enclosed in the package, which states that the drug should be applied twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, on cleanly washed skin. Immediately after application, a kind of film may form on the face, so wait until the drug dries completely, afterthat the skin can be moistened with cream "Bepanten" or "Panthenol". But the usual moisturizer is also suitable. After full absorption, you can use cosmetics if you are dyed. By the way, it is worth noting that the drug "Zinerit", a review about which you, in any case, can leave on any forum, has a very sharp and unpleasant smell. Therefore, it is recommended not to leave the house before this "stunning" scent will not disappear. Otherwise ignorant people around you will misunderstand you. But this is not important, especially if the opinion of others around you worried the least.

And finally I would like to note that the preparation "Zinerit", a reference about which will be useful in the thematic forum, does not relieve of black spots and comedones. He cures only purulent acne and acne. But since the drug can not be used for a long time (it is addictive and ceases to function), it is better to combine the treatment of external manifestations with the search for the underlying cause and getting rid of it.