Healthy and beautiful hair is an indicator that the human body is functioning normally. As soon as the hair begins to fall out, become brittle and dull, it is necessary to consult a doctor.The drug for hair loss Generolon: reviews and usesIn most cases, such problems are caused by a lack of vitamins or nervous breakdowns. However, hair loss is often a sign of a more serious illness.

What is alopecia

Pathological hair loss, which leads to their thinning or complete disappearance in some areas of the head or body, is called alopecia. There are focal, diffuse and androgenic forms of this disease. The course of treatment is appointed by the doctor after a complete examination of the patient. One of the effective agents for the treatment of local hair loss and alopecia is the drug "Generolon". Feedback from patients who used it, indicate the effectiveness of the remedy, although there have been some side effects in the form of dermatitis of the scalp and allergic reactions.

Hair loss in women

Alopecia are both men and women. For the fair sex, the problems associated with hair loss are much more sensitive than for men. This is due, above all, to female psychology and the desire to always look attractive. In many men, baldness causes a lot of anxiety and worry, and for women it can turn into a real tragedy. The causes of hair loss in women can be many. The main ones are related to pregnancy and postpartum recovery period, as well as to vitamin deficiency. Treatment is carried out by different methods and preparations. In most cases, doctors appoint "Generolon". Women's comments on this medicine are noted that it significantly stops the process of hair loss and strengthens their roots.

The effectiveness of the drug "Generolon"

The basis of this medication is minoxidil, which improves the blood circulation of hair follicles, including the so-called sleepers, and activates their growth. The preparation is produced in the form of a spray for external use in a 2% and 5% solution of minoxidil. For the treatment of androgenic and focal alopecia use "Generolon" - a spray, the patients' reviews of which with systemic therapy were positive.

Method of use of the drug

The agent "Generolon" is applied externally, it is applied to the treated damaged area of ​​the head with a special dispenser 2 times a day. It is sprayed with 6-7 injections. It is not necessary to wash off the spray, the product is completely absorbed within 4 hours.

The effectiveness of the drug "Generolon"

The doctors' testimonies indicate the intensification of hair loss in the initial stage of treatment with this medicine. This is normal, since minoxidil stimulates hair follicles, and new ones grow on the site of the fallen old hair. This period lasts about 2-6 weeks from the start of the course of treatment. Duration of admission is 1 year.

Contraindicated drug "Generolon" to persons under 18 years of age, pregnant, women during lactation and the elderly. About the drug "Generolon" reviews are contradictory: not all patients received the desired result. This is due to the fact that before the application was not conducted an appropriate examination and did not make all the necessary tests. In addition, if the spray is not applied systematically and the treatment period is shortened, it is impossible to obtain the desired effect.

In different forms of androgenic alopecia, a spray of varying intensity is prescribed. Patients in whom a 2% solution did not cause satisfactory hair growth, as well as for those wishing to restore hair bulbs more quickly, 5% of the drug "Generolon" is prescribed. Reviews after using such a solution are positive: there was a fairly rapid growth of hair and the resumption of the functions of "sleeping" follicles.

It should be noted that any medicines just eliminate the consequences of the disease. Therefore, for a complete cure it is necessary to find out the cause of hair loss and to conduct a course of treatment in complex therapy.

It is necessary to monitor the proper nutrition, avoid nervous overloads, use natural cosmetics.

Excellent stimulates hair growth head massage. In short, the effectiveness of systemic and complex treatment with the help of various techniques and tools in conjunction with the drug "Generolon" reviews confirm.