Since 2012, car parking in the center of Moscow is a paid service. But there are some categories of citizens who have the right to do this for free. They include people with disabilities. What are the rules of parking in Moscow for the disabled - we learn more.

Parking spaces for disabled people

After the introduction of paid parking lots in Moscow, according to the Federal Law "On the Social Protection of Disabled People in the Russian Federation", their owners must allocate a certain number of free parking spaces. They are intended for transport owners who have a disability group. In addition, they can be used by drivers who carry a person with disabilities. The parking rules in Moscow for disabled people state that owners of car parks, including those located close to trade enterprises, medical, sports and other institutions, should allocate at least 10% of parking spaces for motor vehicles of citizens with disabilities. In this case, they can use these places for free.

How are these places identified?

As a rule, disabled car parks have a well-marked 1.24.3 markup, which differs from the 1.1 marking used for parking places. In addition, that the parking space is intended for the disabled, informs the sign (additional information sign).

What you need to take a place for free parking

The parking rules for people with disabilities in the center of Moscow say that citizens who have limited opportunities have the right to take advantage of free parking in designated places. These include disabled I, II groups. The basis for this is the officially issued permit. At the same time you can use the parking space around the clock. But the same rules of parking in Moscow for disabled people suggest that, by occupying a place not intended for citizens of this category, that is not having a special markup, it must pay it on general grounds.

When parking on the site, intended for parking of vehicles belonging to disabled people, the driver must have documents confirming this fact. This can be either a standard certificate or a certificate. A special sign, pasted on the glass, is not proof of disability. On the other hand - its presence or absence is left to the owner's discretion. By law, the presence of this sign on the vehicle is optional.

Who else can use the free parking

There is another category of citizens who can take advantage of such benefits as parking for people with disabilities in Moscow. Rules allow these places to be used by those who transport persons belonging to this group. It does not matter, it is specialized, equipped for transportation of persons with disabilities, or a simple car. Drivers who are not disabled, but regularly engaged in their transportation or accompany disabled children, can place a sign on their car and occupy a place intended for parking vehicles belonging to citizens with disabilities. This is possible only for the period of transportation of the disabled person, who has accompanying documents. In all other cases, parking rules in Moscow for the disabled consider the presence of a sign on the car illegal.

Who issues a parking permit

According to the annex № 4 of the resolution of the Government of Moscow, from 2013 a special register is being maintained, which takes into account parking permits for citizens with limited opportunities. He is formed by the AMU. The registry contains the following information:

  • The disabled person's name;
  • his contact details or contact information of his representative;
  • information about the place of residence;
  • data on the car (brand, registration number);
  • date and date of disability;
  • an indication of the preferential category;
  • the validity period and registration number of the parking permit.

On which vehicle can I issue a permit

The parking rules for disabled people in paid parking also specify the requirements for a car for which a permit can be issued. To do this, it must meet several conditions.

  1. The vehicle is owned by a citizen with a disability.
  2. The car belongs to a person who is the legal representative of a disabled child.
  3. The car was given to a disabled person for medical reasons by the social services authorities. Protection.
  4. The car is the property of the person performing the transportation of the disabled person, except for cases when a fee is charged for this.

The order of registration

To apply for an authorization, a citizen with a disability group or his representative must apply to a multifunctional center where an application is prepared and submitted. Within ten days, it will be reviewed and a decision will be made and copies of the enclosed documents.

In addition, it is possible to apply electronically. For this it is necessary to go to the Moscow site of state services. In case you are not registered on it, then register or authorize. Then, in the "Transport" tab, select the "Make Parking Permission" item. After that, load the scanned copies of the required documents and send the request. The result will be known also in ten days.

Required documents

The following documents must be attached to the application for obtaining a parking permit.

  1. Passport of a person who is on disability.
  2. Passport of his legal representative.
  3. If the appeal comes from a representative of a disabled child who is not his parent, a document confirming his authority.
  4. A certificate of disability or an extract from the certificate of survey.

Note! If there is no information about a disabled person in the Department of Social Services. protection of Moscow, then the case will be suspended.

Penalties for car park owners

Despite the fact that they lose some of the profits, owners of toll parking lots are obliged to allocate the number of parking spaces that provide parking rules for disabled 2 groups in Moscow. However, the disabled group I have the same rights. Compliance is monitored by the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. In case of non-observance of these rules, Article 5.43 enters into force, which provides for penalties for the absence of parking places intended for citizens with limited opportunities. For individuals this can cost in the amount of 3 to 5 thousand rubles. Organizations will pay a fine in the amount of 30 to 50 thousand. Facing such a choice, the owners prefer to allocate and equip the necessary places, than to pay such amounts.

Penalty for misuse of parking

Despite the fact that the rules of parking for disabled persons of the 1st group in Moscow quite clearly describe those categories of citizens who can take advantage of free places, it sometimes happens that they are occupied by cars of those who are not part of the circle of persons. Even if you do not consider the ethical side of this issue - you will agree, it is not very nice to take the place of those for whom overcoming the excess meters often causes great difficulty - such an act can bring quite intangible troubles to the offender. The same Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (Article 12.19) provides for a fine in the amount of 5 thousand rubles in case of improper occupation of a parking space intended for a disabled person's vehicle. By the way, this is the largest amount for incorrect parking. Those who like to occupy other people's places are also at risk because the traffic police usually very closely observe such parking lots. After all, in order to write a fine you need so little: wait for the inattentive or impatient driver to stop at the place with the markings showing that this parking space is intended for a disabled person's vehicle, to photograph the fact of the violation? gjckt xtuj you can write a receipt.

And finally I want to notice ^ gentlemen drivers, let's stay people! Yes, it often happens that out of free places there is only parking for disabled people in Moscow, the rules of which can either be violated, or you have to park at a considerable distance from the purpose of your trip. But for a healthy person it is not difficult to overcome excess 100, 200, 300 meters. Occupying a parking space intended for a disabled person's car, remember that it is much more difficult to overcome this distance.