Often in the lumbar region there are unpleasant pain. They can be signs of a serious illness, for example, osteochondrosis or rheumatism. Cope with the bouts of pain is not always possible. However, if you wish, you can prevent further development of the disease. In such situations, many use a belt of camel wool. Indications for use in such a product are very extensive.

Camel wool belt: description, properties, indications

What is so special about this wool?

The camel wool belt is very popular. This is due to the unique properties of the raw materials from which it is made. Camel hair has a special structure. This coat is good for moisture. In their reviews, buyers argue that when wearing a belt person does not sweat. However, the affected area is exposed to dry heat. It is worth noting that camel's wool has practically no analogues, which makes it simply irreplaceable.

In addition, a belt made of such raw materials can improve the flow of blood to that part of the body where the disturbance occurred. At the same time, the pain sensations gradually disappear. The warming and massage effect of bandages made from camel wool is achieved by adding sheep's wool to the raw material. In this case, the fibers are selected so that the properties of the material are maximized. Belt of camel hair allows you to use the internal resources of the body without exerting external influence.

What gives such a product?

The camel wool belt, the photo of which is presented in the article, has many properties. Among the positive effects worth highlighting:

  1. Increase performance.
  2. Raising the general tone.
  3. Stimulation and normalization of various internal processes.
  4. Increased flexibility of joints and stuff.

Belt of camel hair: testimony

Such products are often used by specialists for the treatment and prevention of certain diseases and back pain. These diseases should include:

  • cystitis;
  • prostatitis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • rheumatism;
  • sciatica lumbosacral.

This is only part of the diseases with which the belt from the camel's wool cope. With such ailments, the therapeutic effect of the bandage will be maximized. Judging by the feedback from consumers, in addition, the camel wool belt is used for chronic and acute lumbar and pelvic diseases, as well as for stretching muscles and tendons. It is worth noting that not so long ago the products of such a plan were ignored. However, now the belts are recommended for certain diseases even by rheumatologists.

Varieties of belts of camel wool

At the moment there are several varieties of bandages made of camel wool. First of all, they are divided according to the manufacturing method. Such belts are felted or knitted. It is worth noting that in the first and second cases the products have the same properties. They reliably protect the waist from hypothermia.

However, as consumers' reviews show, knitted goods are more qualitative and have a high index of wear. Over time, their commercial properties do not deteriorate, even if they have suffered multiple washing cycles. A knitted belt made of camel wool is not rubbed or rolled down when worn for a long time. Despite such a difference, both those and other bandages have a therapeutic effect. They are able to help with the presence of diseases of the lumbar and pelvic organs.

Where do they produce such goods?

The camel wool belt is made by many companies. However, homeland of this bandage is Mongolia. It is here that camels are bred for many centuries. In this country, the wool of these animals is very much appreciated. Not only belts are made of it, but also clothes, socks and blankets.

It is worth noting that many men in Mongolia wear bandages made from camel wool throughout their lives. After all, it is not only a remedy, but also a preventive one. Such a belt reliably protects the back from cold, dampness and drafts. To date, bandages from camel wool are made not only in Mongolia. The production of such products is carried out by enterprises in Tashkent and Ashgabat. There are companies in Russia.

Can I make it myself?

If necessary, a belt of camel hair can be made by yourself. Everything is simple enough. To begin with, it is worth ordering camel wool already in the form of yarn. And then tie the product. If you do not do this kind of needlework, then you can do otherwise. You can buy a Mongolian blanket made of camel wool. They are produced, as a rule, in the capital of Mongolia - Ulan Bator.

The cost of felted blanket is an average of 6,000 rubles when placing an order through the Internet. From such a product patterns are made and a belt for the back is cut out. In doing so, you should carefully measure all indicators. Otherwise, the belt may be small or large. It should be noted that one Mongolian blanket is enough for about 15 bandages. The main thing when choosing the source product is not to lose quality. After all, recently, a lot of fakes have appeared on the market.

In conclusion

Belt from camel hair, reviews about which are mostly positive, has just unique properties. If necessary, this bandage can be purchased via the Internet or produced independently. There is an opinion that a product created by an individual master has the best therapeutic effect. The main problem is that with the large-scale production of such belts, the camel's hair, rather than the wool of a sheep, is used as the main raw material.