Nowadays, many people suffer from allergies. It has the property to take various forms: someone has an allergy to dust, others - to the pet hair, food, flowering plants. Even small and newborn children are increasingly becoming allergic.
Do drugs help with allergies?

This disease can be called one of the diseases of the 21st century. Our ancestors did not know so well what severe allergic reactions are, and could eat almost anything to survive. With the deterioration of the environment and environmental pollution, the addition of chemicals to food, the incidence of allergy gradually began to increase.

The best anti-allergy drugs are antihistamines. With their help, people can get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of the disease, which causes so much trouble. Still would! Itching on the body, swelling, nausea can even be life-threatening. The disease is an inadequate response of the human immune system to a completely normal stimulus, to which other people have no reaction. For a person suffering from a rash from a particular product, this irritant is an allergen, which must be excluded from the diet.

But what if the reaction is not to food, but to the flowering of plants? And are they on the street everywhere in the air? To help come modern preparations for allergies.

To treat the disease is simply necessary, because otherwise anaphylactic shock or Quincke's edema may occur, when the mucous membrane swells and grows in size. And if anaphylactic shock does not help in time, a person can die. In order not to bring your body to such a state, you can take such drugs from allergies:

  • "Claritin". Contains in its composition an active substance - loratadine.
  • "Levocetirizine". One of the fastest and not causing any side effects. Other preparations for allergies are known for the fact that after their use drowsiness and other reactions are manifested, and this medicine helps without such effects. Only 12 minutes - and allergy symptoms will recede!
  • Another drug for allergies is "Erius". It is an improved form of the drug "Loratadine" and blocks the allergen in the body, it has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • "Suprastin". An old and fairly proven remedy for allergies. It causes drowsiness, so you should not drive after driving.
  • "Fenistil." The drug is from allergies for children and adults. It can be used for babies from one month of life.
  • "Ruzam". One of the medicines of the last generation. The best drug for allergies - that's what doctors and patients can call it. Although this is not entirely true. What medicine is better, everyone decides for himself. After all, we are all individual, and our body is also individual.

To cure allergies, you must completely eliminate the allergen, which causes a reaction, drink a course of antihistamines. In addition, the doctor can inject a small dose of an allergen into the patient's body so that his immune system forms resistance to it.

Do not forget that only a doctor can prescribe the appropriate drugs for allergies!