Most people, due to their employment, very often turn a blind eye to colds. Why do they do this? Yes, because one hundred percent sure that the common cold will pass. Yes, indeed, it will pass, the person will feel good, but complications can remain and, unfortunately, will make themselves felt after a while. The most common of these include congestion and pain in the ear. In this regard, a person can experience considerable discomfort.

Of course, before proceeding to treatment, it is first necessary to find out why the ear has been laid. Indeed, in fact, there are quite a few reasons. This trouble can arise when you fly, climb / descend in an elevator, or even overcome a high mountain. Why on the plane lays ears? It's quite simple, our auricle is complicated and very sensitive to atmospheric pressure changes. Also, congestion can be associated with the ingress of water into the ear canal or the appearance of a sulfur plug. All of the above is not really scary, it is much more dangerous if discomfort in the ears appears due to a catarrhal inflammatory disease. If you yourself find it difficult to establish the cause, it is best to see a doctor.

How to get rid of discomfort?

So, as soon as you figure out why the ear has laid down, you can move on to fixing the problem.

  1. If water enters the ear canal, try to dry it with a cotton swab.Why did he put his ear? Possible reasons
  2. There was a sulfur plug? It is also necessary to get rid of it. You can do it at home. Bury in each ear 5 drops of almond oil, plug with cotton wool and wait for a while. The sulfur plug will soften, and it can be easily removed with a cotton swab. Of course, there are cases when the "obstruction" in the ear canal is quite strong. Here you can only help a qualified doctor, he will wash the ear with a special solution and painlessly remove the cork.
  3. If you fly in an airplane, then from the stuffiness in the ears the following can help: yawn or make a few swallowing movements. The following method also helps: get more air, close your mouth and clamp your nose with your hands. Now try to exhale. The recruited air has nowhere to go, and it will puncture the cork.
  4. If the cause of why the ear has laid down is cold, then in this case self-medication can not be done! Be sure to consult a doctor. But as an emergency aid in case if the stuffiness of the ear is accompanied by a runny nose, before visiting the doctor, rinse the nose with saline solution and dip into it sosudosuzhivayuschie drugs. This should help - at least for the first time the rumor will be restored.

Thanks to this article, you can guess why the ear has been laid. What to do in this situation, you also now know. But before proceeding to treatment, it is best to consult with your doctor. After all, only he can determine precisely why he has put his ear, and to appoint the right treatment. Health to you and your loved ones!