The problem of hair loss is familiar to every second person today. Formation of bald spots on the head occurs equally often both among men and among the fair sex. With hair loss you can fight by various methods, for example, with the help of home masks or professional means for caring for hair. A unique method has also been developed that helps restore the beauty of ringlets with the help of medicines. However, the most popular plasma therapy for hair. This procedure is well proven in the market. And nowadays it is in demand among various strata of the population.Plasma therapy for hair - a modern method of treatment of alopecia

Plazmoterapiya - what is it?

  Plasma therapy is a cosmetological procedure performed with the help of injections. This manipulation contributes to the suspension of loss, and also favorably affects the general condition of the hair. This technique involves the introduction of injections into the subcutaneous layers of the human head. The material is prepared from the blood plasma taken from the patient himself. As a result, injection is introduced into the affected areas, prepared from the biomaterial of the individual, who will undergo this procedure. Plasma therapy for hair is prescribed exclusively by a specialist. Only a trichologist can accurately tell whether a patient should resort to this manipulation.

What injections are used for plasmotherapy?

  From the name "plasmolifting" it follows that the injection is created on the basis of the patient's biomaterial. From the client's vein, blood is taken, after which it is given to a special laboratory for further processing. Experienced physicians will place it in a centrifuge, where it will be cleaned of red blood cells and other elements. So will receive a plasma, in which the platelets will predominate. They are necessary for the procedure, since they can awaken hair bulbs, accelerate the regeneration of the skin of the head and slow the process of cell death.

How does the procedure go?

  The patient needs to familiarize himself with the rules of the procedure, before the decision is made to go to plasma-lifting. The clinics carry out the manipulation in stages:

  1. The patient is collecting blood from the vein.
  2. Purification of plasma is carried out.
  3. The client is treated with the skin of the head with the help of an antiseptic.
  4. Injections are introduced into the places of greatest damage: where there are bald spots and bald patches.

  After the procedure, the doctor will consult the patient on how to take care of the hair in the coming days, and will issue a memo. The whole procedure will take no more than 40 minutes.

What recommendations does the doctor give before the procedure?

  Before we poison into the plasmolifting of the scalp, the client is advised to consult. A trichologist will examine the patient's skin under a microscope. This is necessary in order to make a decision on the procedure of plasma-lifting. The fact is that not every person this manipulation will give a positive result. So, if the client's hair is not capable of regeneration (there are no small fluffy hairs on the bald patch that can be seen only under the microscope), then the procedure itself makes no sense. The patient will also need to give a general blood test. Only after receiving the results will it be possible to talk about whether plasma therapy for hair is allowed to the person who has converted. On the eve of the procedure, it is advisable not to eat, since this manipulation is performed on an empty stomach. Fat, spicy, floury is better to exclude a few days before the appointed date. On the day of X, you need to wash your hair. The procedure will take place in conditions of absolute sterility, in order to avoid the possibility of infection.

What recommendations should I follow after plasma lift?

  At the end of the procedure, the patient is advised to adhere to certain restrictions. So, for 2-3 days the client is forbidden to wash his head, and also touch her skin. For a week after plasmolifting a person should not make hair masks: both home and from a series of professional tools. Five days are not recommended to visit such institutions as a sauna, a sauna, a hamam. From swimming in the pool should also be discarded. And, of course, avoid direct sunlight on the scalp, as well as ultraviolet radiation. All precautions are necessary in order to prevent infection. In a week it will be possible to return to the usual way of life.

Indications for plasmolift

The procedure is not assigned to everyone who wishes, but only to those people who need this procedure. So, plasma therapy for hair is recommended in the following cases:

  • Oily seborrhea (hair becomes greasy in less than a day).
  • Dry seborrhea (the presence of dandruff).
  • Bald spots and bald patches on the head.
  • Poor hair condition caused by external factors. For example, after unsuccessful staining, chemistry.
  • Weak, brittle, split hair.
  • Alopecia.

  The latter disease can be of several kinds. So, genetic alopecia is not treated by plasmolifting. Manipulation at best will only have a temporary effect. Acquired alopecia can be eliminated with the help of plasma therapy. However, the result will not last more than two years, after which the procedure will need to be repeated.

Contraindications to plasmolifting

  Any cosmetic procedure can do harm if it is contraindicated to the client for one reason or another. So, plasmotherapy should be excluded if the following factors occur:

  1. Pregnancy and lactation.
  2. Exacerbation of a chronic disease.
  3. Any catarrhal disease (ARVI, ARI).
  4. Diabetes.
  5. Various psychological diseases.
  6. Period of menstruation.
  7. Oncology.
  8. Infectious diseases (herpes, hepatitis).
  9. Poor blood test (deviation from norms).
  10. Low level of platelets.

  In order not to harm, it is strictly prohibited to make a decision to conduct a procedure without consulting a doctor!

Patient Reviews

  Every person who plans to try this procedure on their own is interested in the opinion of patients who know for sure what the hair plasma therapy is. Reviews negative, for example, it is extremely difficult to find. Many girls and guys say that plasmolifting either positively affects the condition of the hair, or is neutral. Expect the tremendous effect can be the client to whom the doctor was assigned plasma therapy. The results in this case will be impressive. People who have done the procedure say that the hair returns healthy, and its volume is significantly increased. Also, from manipulation, one can expect acceleration of hair growth, rapid overgrowth of bald spots and bald patches.

  Plasmolifting of the scalp has one significant drawback - an overestimate value. This procedure is not affordable for every patient. In order to achieve a good result, you must hold at least two sessions. And this is with minor problems or with only the problem that has just appeared. On the average, every client needs to take a course consisting of 6-12 procedures! Making a decision is worth the money. After all, before manipulation it is necessary to consult a trichologist. The doctor will decide whether the specific client is the plasma therapy for the hair. The price in the clinics varies greatly. So, the cost of one injection on average is about 6,000 rubles. Provided that the client can be assigned 10 procedures, the entire course will have to spend 60 thousand rubles!

Alternative means for combating hair loss

  Not everyone will decide to resort to plasma therapy. In the fight against prolapse, other methods can be used. So, many girls trust their locks with folk medicine. In order to stop falling out, they put on the head different masks. Among them: mustard, oil, pepper. Also, young ladies use professional means, designed to restore hair and prevent fallout. In addition to masks, medicinal treatment is also practiced. So, for the purpose of struggle various food additives and vitamin complexes are used. Another way is darsonvalization. By this term is meant hair restoration due to a procedure based on current discharges. It is about the treatment of impulsive current. This method is gaining increasing interest from modern people suffering from the problem of hair loss. However, according to statistical data, it is the procedure of plasmolifting that is the most perfect, effective, although it requires considerable expenses and has a temporary effect for up to two years.