Any tooth disease affects not only the general state of health, but also the mood of a person. Discomfort, severe pain, inability to eat - all this has a negative impact on health. The parodontal abscess is an extremely unpleasant pathology that develops very quickly. Only soft tissues are touched, the tooth does not suffer at all: a purulent abscess is formed exclusively on the gum.

Periodontal abscess: treatment at home

Causes of pathology development

The parodontal abscess is a kind of "pockets" filled with pus. Its appearance is influenced by the following factors:

  • Gum disease: gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontitis.
  • Injuries of soft tissues surrounding the tooth.
  • Burning gums.
  • Low-quality work of a specialist when installing a prosthesis or crown.
  • Diseases of the teeth: caries, running pulpitis.
  • Poor cleaning of the tooth canal when sealed.

In general, the disease appears due to infection of the gums. If you do not start treatment of the pathology on time, then the patient's condition can significantly worsen, and the periodontal abscess itself - increase. In this case, even deformation of the jaw is possible. Exacerbation of the disease is provoked by stress, weakening of the body's defenses, cold or viral diseases. Whatever it was, but the abscess should be treated.

Symptomatology of pathology

Periodontal abscess is a very painful formation characterized by such symptoms:

  1. Unpleasant sensations during a meal (cold or hot).
  2. Pain syndrome, which is manifested during chewing, biting.
  3. The appearance of cones.
  4. Discharge of pus from the gums.
  5. Increased body temperature.
  6. Appearance of a bad smell from the oral cavity.
  7. Headache.
  8. Inability to sleep properly.
  9. Disturbance of appetite and even nausea.
  10. With frequent pressure on the affected area, you can find a tooth shatter. This is a very dangerous condition, since the crowns can simply be lost.
  11. If you do not start treatment of the disease, the abscess will increase greatly, which will be noticeable already with the naked eye.

In some cases, the patient is even difficult to speak. Sometimes the abscess is opened independently, however it is necessary to address to the doctor all the same. He will completely clean the affected gum with a disinfectant and prescribe further therapy.

Diagnosis of the disease

In general, the abscess, located on the gum, is found quite simply even during a visual examination by the dentist. In addition, the patient tells the specialist his complaints, on the basis of which he can make a preliminary detention. However, in some cases, an X-ray examination of the jaw is required to clarify the diagnosis. Additional tests may also be prescribed. They help to establish the cause of the disease. If a person is diagnosed with a periodontal abscess, treatment at home is effective. However, you need to know what and how to use.

What to do before the visit to the doctor?

If a person has a periodontal abscess, the treatment should be started immediately. Naturally, you should always show the dentist. But up to this point you can help yourself on your own. To do this, you need to use these recommendations:

  • A cold compress can be applied to the affected area. It will help eliminate pain.
  • In order to reduce the concentration of pathogens in the mouth, you can rinse it with decoctions of herbs (chamomile, calendula, oak bark) or medicinal products (a solution of furacilin or manganese).
  • It is best not to eat solid food. And it is necessary to monitor its temperature. Too cold or hot dishes contribute to increasing the intensity of pain.
  • It is necessary to drink more liquid. In this case, simple or mineral water is used.
  • If there is an increase in temperature, then you should use an analgesic or antipyretic: Ketonalum, Nurofen, Paracetamol.
  • It is impossible to heat the affected area in any case, as this will only intensify the inflammatory process.

If the patient showed a periodontal abscess, at home, it can be treated, of course. But you need to do this after your visit to the dentist. The periodontal abscess is very unaesthetic. Photo of education can be seen in any medical encyclopedia. Despite this, squeezing it is not recommended. This can provoke temporary relief. But the wound will get an infection, and the inflammatory process will spread further.

Features of traditional treatment of pathology

So, if a periodontal abscess is diagnosed in a person, treatment (antibiotics is prescribed only by a doctor in the presence of a strong inflammatory process) includes surgical intervention, drug therapy. During the visit to the doctor, he opens the abscess, removes pus from it and cleans the affected cavity. In order for the gum to heal faster, you can use physiotherapy procedures or laser therapy.

Some time after the abscess was opened, it is necessary to see the doctor and make sure that the inflammatory process is eliminated. If treatment has not started on time, the disease can become chronic. That is, the suppuration will periodically appear again. Self-medication in this case is contraindicated, otherwise complications such as osteomyelitis, phlegmon may develop.

Folk treatment: effective recipes

Periodontal abscess (medication is not the only method of therapy), can be eliminated with the help of non-traditional methods. For example, you should use herbal decoctions or compresses based on them. Naturally, it is better to resort to this method after the abscess has been opened and cleaned by the dentist. Useful will be such recipes:

  1. Poultice seed flax. It should be applied to the outside of the cheek in the event that the abscess has become very large. Use such a compress is necessary until the time when the abscess ripens.
  2. Flowers and leaves of sweet clover. This remedy helps to eliminate the unripe abscesses. In this case, the clover is used as a compress. Preliminary raw materials need to be treated with boiling water.
  3. Leaves of aloe. The presented plant is capable of killing harmful bacteria and eliminating the inflammatory process. From it, lotions are made and applied to the affected area.
  4. Kashitsa plantain leaves, as well as horse sorrel. Both herbs must be chopped and rubbed. Next gruel wrapped in cheesecloth and applied to the boil.

These folk recipes will help to quickly and effectively eliminate the abscess at any stage of development. However, you should consult a doctor beforehand.

Features of opening the boil

Periodontal abscess (the symptoms were considered earlier) is a pathology, which in most cases requires surgical intervention. The procedure for autopsy is quite simple:

  • First, the oral cavity is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Local anesthesia is performed at the site of the autopsy.
  • The opening and cleaning of the gum cavity with the laying of antibacterial medicine is performed.

After the procedure, the doctor should prescribe a therapy to the patient with antibacterial agents to prevent re-infection of the wound. In addition, you need to use funds that strengthen immunity.

Preventive measures

Any pathology is better to prevent than to engage in its treatment. To suppuration on the gum does not appear, you must follow these recommendations:

  1. Regularly perform hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity after meals: brushing your teeth, using dental floss, rinsing your mouth with plain warm water or antiseptic solutions.
  2. Periodically should be shown to the dentist, who will assess the condition of the teeth and gums.
  3. It is necessary to treat all pathologies of the oral cavity in a timely manner: caries, periodontitis, gingivitis.
  4. It is advisable not to eat too cold, hot or hard food.

That's all the features of treatment of gum abscesses. Be healthy!