In medicine, ozone began to be used as early as the beginning of the 20th century. Every year, information accumulated about the wonderful effect of ozone on the body, which served as prerequisites for the emergence of ozone therapy in various sectors of human life.Ozonotherapy in cosmetology is an alternative to surgical procedures

Intravenous and local ozone therapy can improve the body's protective functions, improve metabolic processes, cleanse not only the skin, but the entire body.

Ozone destroys all known fungi, viruses and bacteria. When exposed to ozone on the cells of the human body, they not only do not collapse, but, on the contrary, receive additional energy.

Ozone acts as a very strong antiseptic, significantly exceeding the strength of any antibiotic. Therefore, the use of ozone in various branches of medicine and cosmetology is quite common today.

Ozone therapy in gynecology occupies an important place in the complex treatment of various diseases of appendages accompanied by inflammation. Effectively, the use of ozone therapy for the treatment of endometritis, colpitis, vaginosis, adhesions of the pelvic organs, with the goal of restoring and preserving the female genital function, as an additional component in the therapy of salpingo-oophoritis (both acute and chronic).

Ozone therapy in cosmetology

Most of the skin problems are due to deficiency of oxygen in its cells. That is why ozonotherapy in cosmetology is just a find. After all, it is ozone (which is the active oxygen) that saturates the cells of the body with vital oxygen and thereby saves the skin from hypoxia. Moreover, under the influence of such a cosmetic procedure as ozone therapy, general recovery, toning and skin cleansing are achieved, and not a temporary effect. There is an effect not only on the skin or individual parts of it, but also on the whole organism. Thus, the result is preserved for a long time.

Ozone therapy in cosmetology is an excellent way to prevent and treat a number of problems with the help of an ozone-oxygen mixture. Indications for the application of this procedure are age-related skin changes, acne, acne, spider veins, cellulite and many more. Ozone therapy of the face is carried out by injecting ozone at the skin withering site with a microscopic needle.

Ozonotherapy of the body is carried out through injections into the stomach, thighs and buttocks subcutaneously. This procedure is non-traumatic and painless. With its help, you can fight stretch marks, scars, cellulitis and vascular asterisks.

Ozonotherapy is used in cosmetology in different concentrations: high concentration is used for disinfection, in order to reduce inflammation and pain, average ozone concentration is used, and low concentration for skin rejuvenation and healing.

Ozonotherapy in cosmetology, reviews of which speak for themselves, still has contraindications. This includes poor blood coagulability, allergic reactions to ozone and a tendency to hyperthyroidism or the appearance of seizures.