If your ear and jaw hurts, you can not tolerate such symptoms, treat them yourself, or even wait until everything passes by itself. These signs, as a rule, indicate serious pathological processes occurring in the body, and require immediate treatment to the doctor. And about the causes of such phenomena, we'll talk in this article.
From what the ear hurts, gives in a jaw

How to call the syndrome, which hurts the ear, gives in the jaw

The clinical syndrome of the "red ear" is called erythrothalgia and is characterized by severe pain in the ear, which gives to the lower jaw, the back of the head and the forehead. As a rule, due to the expansion of the vessels, the ear turns red, and the temperature rises there. The cause of this syndrome may be a violation of the function of the joint in the temporomandibular region, the defeat of the thalamus, cervical spondylosis, atypical neuralgia.

Pain in the ear and jaw can accompany not only the listed diseases, but also appear at the time of tooth growth.

The ear hurts, gives in a jaw. Maybe a "wisdom tooth" is growing?

Erection of the eighth molar (this is known to all "wisdom tooth") delivers us a lot of trouble. The most frequent complication of this process is inflammation of the gum and surrounding soft tissue tooth.

Sometimes the process affects facial muscles and lymph nodes, which, in turn, often leads to the appearance of headaches, worsening overall health, fever and nagging pain in the ear.

To prevent a purulent process that can develop in such cases and affect nerve endings and even bone tissue, you need to urgently consult a dentist.

The ear hurts, gives in a jaw, what is it can be?

  In addition to the above reasons, pain in the ear or jaw can be caused by neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve, which occurs against the background of a violation of the integrity of the sheath of nerve fibers caused by inflammatory processes, trauma or nervous overexertion. This disease is accompanied by painful pain, giving in the nose, jaw and ear.

Ear infections can also cause the described symptoms. They are joined by heat, itching, foul-smelling discharge and partial hearing loss due to puffiness of the auditory canals and overcrowding with pus. These inflammations require a compulsory examination by a doctor and the fulfillment of his prescriptions, since there is a risk of hearing loss for the patient.

Acute forms of arthritis can also be manifested by pain in the ear and jaw. As a rule, it is difficult for a patient to open his mouth, he can get fever.

Some diseases in which the ear hurts, gives in the jaw

Carotidinia is a fairly common syndrome that is attributed to migraines. It is also observed in the manifestation of carotid arteries, tumors squeezing it, and temporal arteritis. It is characterized by protracted pain attacks affecting the whole face, jaw, neck and ear, and the affected side can look edematous

Neuralgia of the ear canal is a disease in which the pain in the ear and jaw affects the area from the temple to the teeth. They are usually caused by the intake of cold or hot food.

As you can see, all diseases accompanied by these symptoms require urgent treatment to a specialist. Do not take risks, do not self-medicate!