Prostatitis is treated according to a certain scheme, which is prescribed by a doctor. In general, antibacterial drugs are used, physiotherapy and special candles are used.

Aspen bark: treatment of prostatitis

Folk medicine in the fight against male disease

There are many ways of traditional medicine, helping to get rid of the problem, which many modern men suffer. In general, for the fight against prostatitis, infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants and trees are prepared.

Application of aspen

To get rid of the disease applies not only the aspen itself. Treatment of prostatitis is also carried out by leaves, kidneys of this tree. In the bark contains a significant amount of tannins, so the aspen has excellent antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory characteristics. Pharmacists note the laxative, diuretic, soothing properties of her kidneys. Aspen leaves not only stabilize the prostate, but also affect the entire body. This is promoted by flavonoids, vitamin C, A, fatty acids, pectins, mineral salts, in large quantities contained in asp. Use of the decoction of this plant improves metabolism, stabilizes digestion, strengthens immunity, eliminates toxins.

How to prepare bark

Not everyone knows when to collect aspen bark for the treatment of prostatitis in order to get the maximum result. Before starting treatment, get acquainted with the theoretical material. It is advisable to harvest the bark in the early spring, when the juice begins to move. Young trees are selected for harvesting, where the thickness of the trunk does not exceed 7-8 cm. Using a sharp knife, several notches are made along the circumference of the tree, about 30 centimeters from the second. Then for each site make an additional vertical incision, with its help it will be possible to carefully remove the bark from the trunk. The collected material is dried in the shade or in the oven at a temperature of not more than 60 degrees. If the plant is dried correctly, it has a shelf life of up to 3 years. It is not recommended to build a bark near large motor roads. Hydrocarbons, contained in engine oil, gasoline, can accumulate in the bark of the tree, bring during the use of tinctures and decoctions to the sick person not benefit, but harm. It is best to collect young branches, aspen leaves in ecologically safe areas away from settlements, railways and highways.

Recipes for home treatment based on aspen

There are many methods of treating the disease, drug and alternative, including the recipes of our grandmothers. It presupposes aspen bark treatment of prostatitis with antiquity. A very popular method is cooking the infusion.

For 100 grams of dry aspen bark, 1 liter of boiling water is required. The bark is poured hot water, cooked over low heat for 15 minutes. Then the mixture is filtered, cooled. 40 minutes before a meal, take a glass of "potion", choosing treatment of prostatitis with aspen bark. Reviews of men who experienced the effect of this drug, are positive. In addition to improving the performance of the prostate, they note a general improvement in well-being. The duration of the course is 14 days.

Aspen leaves, its bark, kidneys in the amount of 200 grams are poured with 0.5 liters of vodka. Insist the mixture for 14 days in the dark, then filter. The drug is supposed to be taken before meals (on a tablespoon), the duration of the course is 2-3 weeks.

In folk medicine, not only the aspen bark itself is used. Treatment of prostatitis is possible and tincture of her kidneys. If desired, you can additionally add natural honey to the tincture. Suitable for use and just aspen bark. Treatment of prostatitis involves its periodic chewing. You can dry the bark, grind it in a meat grinder, use it 2-3 times a day as a powder.

Contraindications to use

There were no contraindications to such a natural remedy as an aspen bark. Treatment of prostatitis with it is suitable for all men. It should be taken into account that there are substances with astringent properties in it, so the use of aspen-based products often causes constipation. Caution should be followed and men suffering from dysbacteriosis.

Compatibility with other drugs

Preparations made on the basis of aspen are allowed for use with other medications, which are prescribed by the urologist, as well as with modern antibacterial agents. The therapeutic effect of this plant drug treatment will only complement, the problem will be eliminated in a shorter period of time. A good result is a combination of tinctures from the bark of aspen with the root of the Kalgan and sabelnik. To prepare a similar product, take 100 grams of each plant, pour vodka, insist a couple of weeks. Then the mixture is filtered. Take the tincture - 1 tablespoon before meals 2-3 times a day, the duration of use - 4 weeks. Then you can take a break (10-14 days) in the reception, then resume the use of the tincture. In total it is necessary to spend 3-4 courses, only in this case it is possible to wait for improvement of the general condition of the patient.

Of course, in addition to the use of traditional medicine, a man suffering from prostatitis should periodically visit a urologist. Aspen bark is suitable for fighting the disease in the initial stages.

Interesting Facts

The presence of this disease has a negative effect on the mental state of a man. Not everyone knows that the aspen tree can cope with the problem. What does the treatment process look like? What are its features? Essential oils, minerals, which richly this tree, have a curative effect on different types of pathologies. Aspen broths are indispensable in eliminating diarrhea, treating gastritis. The product not only positively affects the digestive system, it can help restore lost appetite, relieve pain syndrome. The resins that make up the aspen bark will help cope with cystitis, inflammation. If a man has urinary incontinence, he suffers pain during the period of urination, the problem can be eliminated with aspen decoction. A liter of boiling water is required per 100 grams of dry bark. The mixture is boiled over low heat, cooled, filtered. Then the finished solution is placed in the shade. The daily intake of the drug is 1 glass per day. Daily reception of the decoction helps to relieve pain. This tool is suitable for men suffering from gastritis, diarrhea. If desired, you can buy a ready-made extract of aspen in the pharmacy network. This drug has proven itself in getting rid of prostate adenoma. This drug also helps to maintain human immunity, increase tone, strengthen the body of a man.


Not everyone knows how priceless the aspen tree can be, how its bark, leaves look, what benefit they can bring for health. Experiments that were carried out in specialized research laboratories with bark of aspen showed that the extract of this tree has the ability to influence not only prostatitis, but also small tumors. Therapy with a plant-based drug is carried out for 2 months. It is recommended to take 15 drops of tincture before meals (2-3 times a day). In addition to prostatitis, funds based on aspen tree can cure ulcers, gout, burns. Of course, you can not limit yourself to home treatment, you need to consult a doctor, combine the use of aspen-based drugs with antibiotics.