Orthoses of the knee joint - an indispensable thing not only for athletes, but also for many people, especially in winter, when the street is ice, and movement along such roads becomes unsafe.

Orthoses of the knee joint

Of course, such constructions will not save them from injuries, but they will serve as a reliable fixer for the knee to prevent stretching of the ligaments, and will also become irreplaceable if the person has been injured.

Very often in people suffering from rheumatological diseases, the knee joint is affected. In this case immobilizing devices come to the aid, for example, orthoses of the knee joint in the form of bandages and "knee pads". When using such a product, it is possible to reduce pain syndromes, signs of inflammatory process, improve knee flexion functions.
Orthoses of the knee joint are irreplaceable and in those cases when the knee's working abilities are reduced and its dynamic instability is manifested due to deterioration of the ligaments afflicted by the disease.

Orthosis is a complex in the manufacture of orthopedic construction, which consists of plastic, metal and fabric. Orthoses of the knee joint, are able to act as follows: fix, correct, compensate, unload the place of pain location.

Orthopedic products are also divided into rigid and semi-rigid, depending on the complexity of the injury or concomitant disease. Thus, rigid orthoses are used for dislocation, fracture, acute, progressive phase of the disease of the knee joint.

Knee brace Genutrain

Orthopedic salons for today offer a large selection of orthotic designs, but among other names the orthosis on the knee joint Genutrain has proved to be well.

It is made of ultra-elastic, breathable knitwear, which also displays moisture well and is very comfortable when worn.

Due to the lateral seams, there is no movement of the nerve bundles under the patella. Tires are well adjusted to the anatomical features of the patient. It has silicone inserts, which keep the design as much as possible, light weight.

Unlike plaster bandages, during the wearing of orthoses, there is no muscle atrophy, relative freedom of the limb is observed. In addition, thanks to a special design and tissue material, blood circulation at the site of injury or illness improves, a massage and warming effect is created, which promotes accelerated recovery.

You can not choose the orthosis of the knee joint by yourself. How to choose in this case? Only the attending physician can help, which, taking into account the specifics of your illness or injury, will give the necessary recommendations. And remember, orthopedic orthoses and bandages can not treat diseases of the knee joint, they only serve as a supplement to the basic treatment, help to relieve pain, swelling, improve the stability of movements in the knee, enable you to move confidently, and lead a habitual way of life.