It's no secret that usually most people care for the oral cavity reduce to brushing their teeth. The fact that the mouth is filled with teeth only by 25%, somehow do not think. Quickly back and forth through them with a brush in the morning, hurrying to work, and in the evening, hurrying to retire after a tiring day to a sleepy sleep. But meanwhile the mouth is not only the teeth. It is also the gums, the mucous surface of the inner side of the cheeks, the back of the tongue, on which, like the teeth, microbes multiply, capable of leading to various diseases of the body. Often we look for the cause of the disease, not suspecting that its origins lie in the insufficient care of the oral cavity.

Lack of proper maintenance of teeth and mouth is fraught with many troubles for the body as a whole, including diseases of the digestive system, skin, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, rheumatism, kidney disease, nervous disorders.

In addition, it manifests itself in the development of local inflammation of the mouth, which make themselves felt, at least exuding an unpleasant smell.

To prevent the development of pathogenic microflora, experts recommend taking systematic comprehensive measures to care for the mouth, consisting, in addition to the traditional brushing of teeth using paste and brush, also from cleansing the mucous surface of the inner side of the cheeks, the gingival cavities and pockets, the back of the tongue, the spaces between the teeth, prostheses, implants using threads (flosses), brushes, various recommended pastes. In addition, to ensure a thorough care will help a tool that can kill 99.9% of bacteria that are harmful to humans, and received well-deserved positive feedback from consumers - "Listerin".


Daily hygienic procedures are necessary not only for the teeth and interdental spaces, but also for the entire oral cavity. Mist Conditioner "Listerine", reviews about which are of great interest to users, can be an effective addition to the care procedures and protect the oral cavity of harmful microorganisms and the diseases caused by them.

Today, "Listerine" is the most popular professional mouthwash for users of many countries around the world. The effectiveness of the rinse aid is confirmed by clinical studies.

"Listerine" - mouthwash for the oral cavity

Testimonials of the agents that have experienced the effect unequivocally converge in the high evaluation of its effective therapeutic and prophylactic properties.

Users actively share in networks their experience of using the tool. The effect that produces the rinse aid "Listerine", reviews compare with the effect of a bomb exploding. What is the "Listerine" that gained such an expressive evaluation?

About the effect of the drug

Numerous studies have shown a high antibacterial activity of the drug: its use kills 99.9% of harmful microorganisms of the oral mucosa.

Traditional toothpaste with a brush can not cope fully with the problem of plaque, which eventually turns into a tartar, the fight against which can be entrusted exclusively to a specialist. The stone is a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria, in addition, it leads to gum injuries, which is fraught with the appearance of periodontitis and gingivitis. The products of the microorganisms of the mucosa are the cause of stale breathing, which is a serious problem for many.

Application of rinser "Listerine" allows to achieve effective results:

  • in the process of rinsing under the influence of the preparation, a qualitative flushing of the plaque is carried out - the medium on which the bacteria attach and multiply;
  • the drug decreases the functioning of bacterial enzymes, the protective envelope of microbes is destroyed, which leads to their death;
  • rinsing cleansing of the oral cavity from the products of vital activity of microorganisms is achieved;
  • for a long period, the growth of new bacterial cells is reduced;
  • the unpleasant odor disappears.

To solve which problems is used "Listerine"?

Dentists' comments describe the conditioner as an effective curative as well as a preventive remedy, the use of which can be shown to solve the following specific problems (or to prevent their occurrence):

The use of "Listerine" - the effective completion of the comprehensive care of the oral cavity.

What is especially benevolently emphasized by users who left their reviews on the Internet about this drug? "Listerine" due to its effective impact on the pathogenic microflora scrupulous selection of natural active ingredients. A unique combination of derivatives of essential oils provides the antibacterial effect of the drug, eliminates the habit of microbes to its effects, as well as the emergence of resistant strains.

As part of the conditioner, there is a moment that embarrassed some users of the network, who left their feedback about it: "Listerine" in some of its forms contains alcohol. Alcohol is a part of the rinsers, related to the expert line, to ensure better interaction of the active components of the drug.

Types of products

To combat the problems that have arisen in the oral cavity, and to prevent possible manufacturers of "Listerine" provides for the creation of two product lines: expert and basic.

Line "Expert"

Includes rinsers of three types, with the specific purpose of each:

  • "Protection of the gums." It is recommended for those who have problems of inflammation and bleeding gums. The use of the drug can reduce the development of the inflammatory process, as well as prevent plaque formation (during the day) and bacterial growth (99%).
  • "Protection from caries." It is recommended as a means of strengthening tooth enamel, maximally removing plaque, protecting from the formation of foci of caries. The effect is increased by 70% after cleaning the teeth with a traditional brush and paste.
  • "Whiteness of teeth." It is recommended as an agent that can effectively fight with the formation of spots and tartar, restore the natural whiteness of teeth. One of the most popular among users is "Listerine" whitening. The reviews confirm its effectiveness, which is clinically proven. Rinser "Expert whitening" is able to make teeth whiter in two weeks, without damaging the enamel. The benefits include abrasive whitening technology, remineralization and tooth strengthening with fluoride, the ability to provide cleaning in places where the brush and paste do not penetrate. It is recommended by dentists for bleaching at home as a means, which does not disturb the balance of the microflora of the oral cavity. The result of bleaching is different in each case.

All means of the "Expert" line are united by the following common properties:

  • provide full hygienic care;
  • prevent the reproduction of microbes;
  • remove the unpleasant odor;
  • have a harsh taste;
  • because of the presence of an alcohol-containing component, they can not be recommended for use by children under 12 years of age.

About the baseline

It is intended for preventive purposes. Honoredly popular, as evidenced by numerous reviews. "Listerine" of the baseline is recommended for use to persons who have no symptoms of disease, as a conditioner that can prevent and cause any problems:

  • "Strong teeth. Healthy gums. " Effectively protects from the formation of plaque, stone, prevents caries, inflammation of the gums.
  • «Comprehensive protection of 6 in 1». One of the most popular means. Users appreciate the effectiveness of the anti-bacterial "Listerin 6 in 1". The reviews confirm his effectiveness in protecting against caries, the ability to whiten teeth and restore fresh breath.

The general properties of baseline rinses include:

  • the composition does not contain alcohol;
  • they have a soft, pleasant taste;
  • are recommended for children from 6 years old.

How to apply?

Manufacturers recommend for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes:

  • use "Listerine" twice a day for rinsing after traditional tooth cleaning;
  • for one rinse it should be 20 ml (4 tsp) of the preparation pour into a glass, then, without diluting with water (!), rinse for 30 seconds;
  • if the taste of the rinse aid seems too harsh, you can reduce the time for the first rinse to 10, then 20, for the fifth day, bring up to 30 seconds;
  • alcohol-containing products are not recommended for use by children under 12 years old;
  • it is contraindicated to use all rinsers for children up to 6 years;
  • rinse with children of 8-10 years should be done under the supervision of adults to avoid swallowing the drug;
  • swallowing of the drug at any age is prohibited, in case of swallowing the drug in significant doses, it is necessary to consult a doctor;
  • before using the rinse aid for pregnant and lactating women, consult a specialist.

Daily application of "Listerine" as a component of complex oral hygiene guarantees its high-quality protection against harmful bacterial effects, provides a feeling of freshness and comfort for the whole day.