Mouse fever is a disease that is viral in nature and threatens with general intoxication and kidney damage. The name of the disease is not difficult to guess that the main culprits of human infection are mice. While a sick person will not become infected with a healthy person. Typically, infection with a mouse virus occurs through foods that have been contaminated by sick rodents, or rather their urine or feces. Also, you can catch and when you breathe dry feces of a sick rodent.

In most cases, people living in rural areas become victims of murine (hemorrhagic) fever. Children who are not used to washing their hands after a walk and before meals, and also unwashed vegetables and fruits, are very often ill.

Mouse fever diagnosis .

The whole difficulty of recognizing this disease lies in the fact that it is impossible to detect it before the first symptoms. But in fact at this time the fever is already in full swing. As a rule, the manifestation of the disease begins not earlier than two weeks after infection. But it is worth considering that the symptomatology of murine fever happens even after a month and a half.

The main signs of hemorrhagic fever include:

Basically, after 3-4 days, the temperature decreases, but kidney failure begins to appear. You can identify it by passing a blood test. It will indicate the content in it of certain substances that, with good work of the kidneys, are excreted in the urine. At this time, there is increased weakness, nausea, vomiting and joint pain. This period is considered the most dangerous and will last 1.5-2 weeks from the time of the appearance of the first signs.

Somewhere on the 20th day of the disease, the acute period ends. After that, for several weeks, there may be a noticeable weakness of the whole organism. Mouse fever is a very dangerous disease that can lead to the death of the patient. Therefore, at the first appearance of any of the above listed signs, it is urgent to call an ambulance and not engage in self-medication.

Mouse fever prevention .

As is known, the largest concentration of mice occurs in the fields and in the forest. Therefore, in order to somehow protect yourself and your child from this dangerous disease, when going on a trip to nature, you have to be extremely cautious and make sure that the products are not "anywhere." Also, do not forget about the cellars, in which the mice are habitual tenants. Particularly carefulA Dangerous Disease - Mouse Feverit is necessary to use all the cereals, seeds and other products that were there. By the way, the virus of hemorrhagic fever dies when exposed to it by ultraviolet rays and high temperature. Therefore, the thermal treatment of all foods will be a very good prevention tool.

Mouse fever is a disease that is treated in strict order in a hospital. The patient needs rest and bed rest. As a rule, antiviral treatment with "Ribaverin" is carried out. If there was a kidney failure, then apply a drug that is able to replace the role of the kidneys and remove urine.