Anyone, regardless of the shade of the skin, sex, religion and other distinctive features, dreams of remaining young as long as possible. Millions of scientists work all the time to create an "elixir of youth." In this area, there are even truly fantastic developments that are based on the cultivation of new organs, nano-technologies, etc.Stem cell rejuvenation: before and after photos

The question of rejuvenation is actual for a person after his forty years, although there are people who are beginning to worry about emerging small wrinkles already at 30. Everything depends on the person. At some point, almost everyone begins to look for ways to rejuvenate the body. So, some spend huge sums on all sorts of rejuvenating technologies, others acquire inexpensive creams, others seek help from traditional medicine, etc.

I do not want to disappoint anyone, but today there are no magic creams, pills, or other means that could return 100% of the inner and outer youth of a person. Although you should not be upset, because there are already ways to slow down aging. They are able to improve to a great extent the state of the human body, in addition, improve the quality of his life. I would like to highlight one of these methods - stem cell rejuvenation (photos before and after can be seen in this article).

Despite the fact that this method does not promise you a new body for a 20-year-old man, especially if you are 50, thus rejuvenating the body, the 50-year-old body will look at 40 maximum, it will be easier to cope with various infections, it will receive a charge of health, strength and cheerfulness.


Scientists have long said that human embryonic stem cells are potentially capable of being any kind of cell existing in the body, only the transition to practice from theory was complicated. Under laboratory conditions, it is theoretically possible to grow these cells, but there are serious moral and ethical obstacles - for these procedures, an embryo is required to be killed.

In 2007, it was discovered that some adult cells have the ability to return to their completely immature state. Further studies have shown that a simple method of creating pluripotent induced cells is ineffective when interacting with older cells, for which such a procedure would be particularly useful.

Rejuvenation by stem cells (photo before and after are given in this article) has its own barriers, among which are natural processes that are associated with aging and cause cell death, when within them certain mechanisms too wear out in order to function fully. Learning this, scientists began to use in the creation of pluripotent induced stem cells 2 transcription factors - LIN28 and NANOG.


It should be noted that rejuvenation with the help of human stem cells of 74-101 years is possible, as indicated by the experiments performed. Several important aging markers were restored in the cells, including the size of telomeres - small protective caps, which are located at the ends of the chromosomes.

Telomeres and telomerase (controlling their enzyme) are the main factors for increasing life expectancy and rejuvenation.

Cells-telomeres each time after division a little wear out. In this case, the task of telomerase is to restore them a little, but the moment comes when the telomeres completely wear out, after which the cell dies.

Cell reprogramming

Rejuvenating the body with stem cells is a new way of reprogramming, which in the near future can be used for complete rejuvenation of the body. But scientists say that at the moment it's too early to rejoice and start planning your life forward for 150 years.

Experiments in mice have demonstrated that the creation of stem cells from adult cells may still be difficult. So, some pluripotent induced cells with the immune system can be rejected, even if they are obtained from the human body, therefore, from the experiments to the widespread use in practice there is still a long way to go.

Features of rejuvenation

As mentioned above, stem cell rejuvenation has so far the most unpredictable consequences. But in any case, this is a revolutionary technique, significantly different from all the others previously known.

How exactly does rejuvenation take place? Scientists say that the body grows old and wears out because of the depletion of its stock of stem cells in it. At the same time, comparing the analyzes of the elderly person and the child, they revealed that there are much fewer stem cells in the body of a fifty-year-old man than in the baby's body, therefore, if they are additionally introduced into the body, then the functioning of all organs and systems should be normalized, rejuvenation.

Back to life

The main action attributed to stem cells is revitalization, in other words, rebirth to life, renewal. Aging is not a defect or a deviation, it is a natural process in which gradually begin to fade away, certain functions are slowed down, and this leads to a change in the appearance of a person. And after that, wrinkles appear on the skin, and its elasticity disappears. But these are only external changes. In this aging affects the internal organs, too, and they also need an update. Stem cell rejuvenation is designed to tighten the skin and wrinkle, and restore the entire body.

Skin renewal

Medical cosmetology allows you to fight with age through the introduction of stem cells. There is also the concept of "revitalization of the face," in other words, its rejuvenation, which is distinguished by a narrower focus from general renewal. Local regeneration makes it possible to smooth wrinkles, restore skin tone, restore elasticity, color, radiance and elasticity, eliminate hyperpigmentation - return all the signs of a healthy young skin. In this case, the essence of the local effect is that it is more effective to introduce stem cells into the necessary areas, in this case, the skin.


Speaking about the fact that it is dangerous to rejuvenate stem cells, it must be said that the specialists do not identify any clear contraindications, most likely, because of the low degree of study of this method. But before the procedure, doctors conduct a survey to identify any possible abnormalities.

There is an opinion that the cancer causes rejuvenation of stem cells, but it should be noted that there is no exact confirmation of this. Their introduction is not a salon procedure, it is not a simple technique, it is an area of ​​medical cosmetology, therefore, it should be conducted in a specialized clinic with a good reputation. At the same time, the age that is acceptable for this procedure is 35-40 years.

Operating principle

In the human body, stem cells are a "matrix" that can be transformed into any kind of tissue. Therefore, such rejuvenation is considered complex, it acts on every organ and on all systems of the human body. This has already been scientifically proven. Rejuvenation with stem cells significantly improves the condition of the kidneys, heart, skin, stomach, intestines, liver, spine, etc.

Effect on skin condition

Rejuvenation by stem cells of appearance occurs so qualitatively and quickly that a person, looking at himself in the mirror, often does not believe his own eyes. The skin looks much better:

  • leave pigmented spots and cyanosis;
  • wrinkles are smoothed;
  • disappears skin stiffness, etc.

Having gone through such rejuvenation, a person finds a new stimulus, in his eyes there is a spark of youth.

Clinic selection

At the present moment there is a large number of medical institutions that work by this method. Clinics that use stem cell rejuvenation are always certified institutions. Although most of them make the main emphasis on the therapeutic effect of this technique. And only some institutions can be called true clinics of rejuvenation. They focus on the transplantation of unique cells.

It should be noted that in the post-Soviet space of institutions that are effective at the same time in the treatment and rejuvenation of a person, there are only one. They should be treated. They always introduce new developments and technologies, practicing every year in the treatment and rejuvenation of their clients. In such a clinic, health, beauty and youth are on the same level. In addition, when choosing an institution, do not hesitate to ask for certificates for this procedure, in addition, learn about the guarantees that it provides its customers. It is better to ask the real patients about the results.