Research Institute of Oncology. Petrova N.N. is formed with the aim of implementing state policy in the sphere of health protection. The Institute is considered one of the main state scientific research institutions in the field of cancer treatment.

The subject of research

Research Institute of Oncology

The subject of the Research Institute of Oncology. Petrova N.N. is an:

  • the development and coordination of the fight against cancer, as well as the implementation of the tasks of other state programs on oncology;
  • the provision of highly specialized medical diagnostic and advisory assistance to the population with the use and implementation of new scientific developments;
  • coordination of organizational and methodological issues of the work of medical and preventive institutions and institutions of oncology, regardless of their level and departmental subordination;
  • participation in the development of activities under the program to combat cancer diseases within the limits of authority, as well as the implementation of the tasks of other state programs on oncology;
  • receiving information from institutions of the oncological service, regardless of their level, departmental subordination and form of ownership on the organization of anti-cancer control in accordance with the current legislation.

Interaction with Russian Cancer Institutions

  1. The research institute exchanges information and specialists with medical and prophylactic institutions in Russia and other countries on the profile of the Institute.
  2. The acquisition, transportation, leave and destruction of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in the Oncology Research Institute of St. Petersburg in accordance with the legislation of Russia.
  3. Development and submission of proposals to state authorities on the organization of provision of cancer care are underway.
  4. Planning and coordination of scientific research on oncology problems in Russia, including multicenter randomized trials to improve standard treatment technologies on the principles of evidence-based medicine, taking into account medical and economic indicators and logistics of the oncological service, is being carried out.
  5. There is a study and generalization of domestic and international achievements in oncology problems and, if possible, their introduction into the practice of health institutions that provide assistance to cancer patients.

Selection and expert evaluation of scientific research

Specialists of the Scientific Research Institute named after Petrova NN take part in the selection, expert evaluation of research on oncology topics planned for implementation at the expense of budgetary funds commissioned by the authorized management body, in accordance with the law.

The management of the research institute offers proposals to the authorized body on the issues of public procurement of antitumor drugs, medical devices, maintenance preparations and equipment for oncological services.

The organization is optimizing the use of budget funds to improve the material and technical base of the cancer service. Employees of scientific research institutes in every possible way raise the level of awareness of the population on the issues of early diagnosis of diseases.

There are held the courses of advanced training of scientific personnel in the field of activity of the Research Institute of Oncology named after. Petrova. Reviews of all those wishing about the quality of training for medical activities can be sent to management.

Integration of the oncological service into the world community

FGBU Research Institute of Oncology named after N.N. Petrova, in accordance with the main tasks, contributes to the integration of the Russian oncological service in the world and European cancer society by supporting the international principles of the anti-cancer struggle, declared in the Paris Charter of 2000.

The Institute participates in the development of programs for the early diagnosis of cancer; provides organization of morphological and molecular-genetic diagnostics of neoplasms at the level of international standards; takes part in relevant international programs.

Planning financial support for oncological work

Research Institute of Oncology. Petrova N.N. takes part in the substantiation of the economic component of national diagnostic standards, the feasibility study of procurement of antitumor drugs and equipment for oncological service for state budget funds within the limits of authority.

The medical institution takes part in the development of scientific programs in the field of prevention, treatment of oncological diseases, the development of new types of medicines, medical equipment, instruments, instruments and other medical devices. The research institute contributes to the introduction of the results of domestic scientific developments - equipment and chemotherapy products of domestic production.

The Institute implements scientific and methodological support of state and national target programs in the field of oncology, plans and submits for competitive selection research projects on oncology, radiation diagnostics, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine, which will be carried out for budgetary funds. Doctors of the center cooperate within the limits of the current legislation with the departments of higher medical educational institutions.

Scientific work

Research Institute of Oncology. Petrova N.N. manages the scientific work of doctoral candidates, post-graduate students, applicants, including those attached to the Institute. Carries out courses of improvement of professional skill of doctors on specialties according to the license.

The Center takes part in the development of methods for the rehabilitation of cancer patients. Submits to the Ministry of Health proposals for creating hospices for patients; provides organizational, methodological and advisory assistance to institutions and institutions of the oncological service; takes part in the creation and processing of draft normative legal acts with oncology issues.

Research Institute of Oncology (SPb) is preparing proposals for projects of management decisions for the leadership of the Ministry of Health on issues related to its competencies. He plans to hold conferences, congresses, symposia, ensure the exchange of promising experience in practical and scientific research work. Provides suggestions on training oncologists in leading domestic and foreign oncological institutions to improve their skills.

The institution conducts expert evaluations on oncology; monitoring of the quality of medical care for oncological patients is carried out. The research institute takes part in the preparation of statistical-analytical reference books on the state of health of the population and the quality of the provision of medical care; informs the public about the prevention of diseases.

Specialists are always ready to help

Research Institute of Oncology. Petrova N.N. Analyzes the anti-cancer struggle and annually provides relevant information and analysis materials to industry leaders.

The Institute also ensures the functioning of the National Register, cooperates with international medical organizations, and can also carry out other activities that are not prohibited by law.

Specialists of research institutes are always ready to assist. All who need it can contact the organization at the following address: Russia, St. Petersburg, Research Institute of Oncology. Petrova, Sand, st. Leningrad, 68.