Unfortunately, many people, caring about other aspects of their appearance, completely forget about the condition of their teeth. But the wrong cleaning, smoking, eating unhealthy foods and lack of all the necessary vitamins and minerals can cause the teeth to quickly lose their natural healthy shine and whiteness, become dull and yellow. Modern dental clinics offer a variety of services that can improve the overall condition and appearance of the teeth. However, in most cases, such services are quite expensive, and not everyone can afford them. But few people think that an equally impressive effect can be obtained using improvised means. In particular, ordinary hydrogen peroxide is the best for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening in this way is fast, completely safe, and most importantly, a cheap procedure.

An unusual way to use hydrogen peroxide: teeth whiteningIn order to whiten teeth, a 3% peroxide solution (H2   O2   ). Before the procedure, you need to thoroughly brush your teeth. Next, we take hydrogen peroxide itself. Teeth whitening should be done by diluting 20 drops of peroxide with a quarter of a glass (about 50 ml) of water. The mouth should be rinsed with the prepared solution. The optimal duration of the procedure is one and a half to two minutes. Do not swallow the solution. After rinsing with a solution of peroxide, you need to rinse your teeth again with simple water at room temperature.

There is another option, how to use hydrogen peroxide. Teeth whitening in this case should be carried out very carefully, as peroxide is applied in undiluted form, and therefore the risk of burning slightly higher. The procedure requires a cotton swab or ball. It must be moistened in peroxide, and then wipe your teeth. After this, you need to brush your teeth with a clean brush and rinse with water.

If desired, you can further enhance the product with soda. How is teeth whitening in this case? Soda, hydrogen peroxide are mixed in a pasty mixture. With the help of a cotton bud, it is applied to the teeth, held for a couple of minutes, after which the teeth are cleaned with fluoride-containing paste and thoroughly rinse with clean water.

Many people are interested in how quickly hydrogen peroxide acts? Whitening teeth in this way will bring the expected result only if the procedure is carried out regularly. As a rule, the final result can be observed after several weeks of using peroxide.

As you can see, the prescription for teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide is extremely simple. However, in order to avoid problems, some precautions should be followed. For example, the proposed method can not be used constantly, otherwise there is a risk of encountering such problems as thinning and even destruction of enamel. At first the tooth enamel loses its healthy shine, the surface of the tooth becomes rough and porous. There are also several contraindications to the use of peroxide for bleaching. For example, if you suffer from periodontal disease, caries, wear braces or have any diseases of the oral mucosa, the methods of teeth whitening described above are absolutely not suitable for you. Refuse these methods is also the owners of sensitive teeth (acute reaction to cold and / or hot).