Among the many diseases, there is one that everyone sees as a sentence. This is cancer. Doctors joke: people are afraid of oncology, and die from diseases of blood vessels and heart. What is so scary about this diagnosis? The answer is simple - the inevitability of radical surgery, severe treatment and unpredictability of the result. The disease manifests itself when the vital organs are affected, and the prospect of a positive outcome is extremely small.Natalia Lebedeva: her fight against cancer

Insidious disease

The Nizhny Novgorod region has recently reached the eighth place in the country in terms of the incidence of oncology. Natalia Lebedeva, a resident of the city of Balakhna, is a sad mother and a happy wife. Eight years of carefree, full of joy of life ended suddenly in 2014. It was then that the woman suddenly lost the ability to move. Doctors announced the presence of a tumor of the spinal cord, pressing on the nerve roots.

Neither in Nizhny Novgorod, nor in Moscow, physicians failed to determine the nature of the tumor by the results of a biopsy. They performed an operation to remove it, reinforcing the metal part of the vertebrae. It did not get better, on the contrary, the woman was even worse. Someone would fold his arms from suffocating despair, but not Natalia Lebedeva. Cancer corroded her body, and she, not suspecting the insidiousness of the disease, was looking for a way out. Together with her husband, she flew to Israel, where she did not have enough strength to go to the doctor's office. The diagnosis was learned by the spouse: lymphoma, 4 stage. Operation on a spinal cord to do or make was categorically it is impossible.

The beginning of the struggle

Israeli doctors gave hope: a bone marrow transplant is possible, five million rubles is needed. Relatives, numerous friends started looking for money, and Natalia Lebedeva started the struggle for life. One course of chemotherapy followed another, but she did not give up. They took fourteen. Nobody knows the limits of human capabilities, but this is beyond understanding.

About the courageous woman wrote local media. On the Internet, leaflets appeared with an appeal for fundraising and the opening of a charitable account. A friend who was trained in Moscow, wrote in the program "Let them talk". Nizhny Novgorod artists held a free concert in support of the countrywoman, who arranged a fair - the sale of things. The first hundred thousand rubles began to arrive at the account. It was not without meeting with these scammers. A charitable foundation offered a loan in the amount of the right amount for the operation for inconceivable interest and a pledge of the property inherited by the child. They were not ready to sacrifice the future son to their spouses.

Community "Healthy to live!". Natalia Lebedeva «VKontakte»

In the search for funds, the idea of ​​creating an open group in a social network was born. So, there was a page "It is healthy to live. The story of Natalia Lebedeva. " Friends persuaded the young woman to tell her story, so that people cared more about their health and did not feel lonely if they were in trouble. This caused an immediate response: 4707 people became members of the group. The indifferent stretched out a helping hand, organizing the fairs of good to raise funds, supporting by word, advice.

On the site are exhibited goods for sale: original things made by hand, clothes that do not fit in, tickets to the theater. All the proceeds were initially spent on treatment for a young woman. But it did not become in January 2016. Natalia Lebedeva is undefeated, her friends say. They called the woman an angel who would keep those who stayed and needed help.

Instead of a will

In the US, Eveline Lauder, who devoted her life to the fight against cancer, did not become. She is considered the author of the symbol of this confrontation - ribbons of pink color. Tincture means a problem of mammary glands. Similar symbols of other colors now exist for all types of oncology. Natalia Lebedeva had to hold a purple ribbon in her hands to pass it on as a baton to those who continue to fight.

Its phenomenon is that oncological diseases develop against the background of immunodepression of the body. Patients often fall into despair and need the support of others. Young woman, despite the cruel pain and lack of ability to move, has kept the desire to live, communicate, help others. The message line is full of leaflets with calls for help to those who lead an unequal fight against cancer.