When a large amount of hair remains on the comb every day, and the lush and beautiful hair gradually disappears - this is a signal to pay attention to your health. There are a lot of reasons for this, and to understand which of them has had a negative impact, can only be done by professionals in this field. Alopecia is a fairly long process, but you want to be beautiful, so there are many popular methods for the treatment and prevention of illness.

How is the growth going?

Popular recipe for hair loss

This is surprising, but it is hair that grows most quickly in our bodies. This process is obtained by dividing the cells of the lower part of the follicle, namely the hair bulb. On average, they lengthen by 0.35 mm per day, i.e., by 1-1.5 cm per month. It is important to know that each person's hair increases in different ways. Even with the same individual, depending on the season and time of day, the speed will also differ. The appearance of beautiful curls is also influenced by such indicators as gender, heredity, general body health, and the state of the nervous system.

Good nutrition is not the last factor that can help against hair loss. For hair growth it is necessary to use only integrated approaches.

Causes of baldness

The main factors of hair loss in women and men are different. For the stronger sex, the main cause is heredity, which most often leads to baldness. In women, this problem begins on an emotional level under the influence of stress, lack of sleep, anxiety and anxiety. Also, such a disease can happen after delivery or termination of pregnancy, due to a decrease in immunity and lack of vitamins. There are diseases that contribute to hair loss, they can include ringworm, syphilis, scleroderma. Infections and chronic inflammation affect the health of the locks. Diseases such as cancer, anemia and radiation exposure are active reasons for disrupting normal hair growth.

Healthy food

An effective popular recipe for hair loss is a quality diet, which must necessarily consist of cereal porridge, fresh vegetables, eggs (especially useful yolks), products in which there is a high content of fiber, fatty fish, lean meat, nuts, soybeans and beans. . Keep track of the composition of consumed fats, as some of them help to absorb vitamins and microelements that are useful for hair from food, and this has a beneficial effect on their growth. You need a huge amount of minerals and vitamins in your hair so that you can get it all from food. To avoid the need to eat a lot, it is recommended to use the course methods of vitamin-mineral complexes. Nutrition is a building foundation for beautiful, strong and well-growing hair.

Head massage

Another popular recipe for hair loss is massage, because it increases blood circulation, thereby accelerating growth and activates dormant bulbs well.
Self-massage should begin with a light stroking of the forehead and temples - this will help improve venous blood flow in these areas. Then you need to go to the scalp, stroking the entire growth of the curls completely. The fingers of two hands should fit snugly to the head, but without strong pressure. After such movements, it is necessary to gently rub the scalp. You can use tapping, tingling and light stretching - it will also help from hair loss. Reviews of those who have tried this method, say that thanks to this procedure, you can well increase blood circulation. It is necessary to perform compression of the head with two palms. To do this, the right hand is pressed to the forehead, and the left to the back of the head, and at the same time the face is squeezed with little effort. The procedure must be repeated several times.

Folk remedies

Nature is full of useful vitamins and various plants that can help a person well to cope with his ailments, and loss is not an exception.

For many, onion juice is an excellent remedy. For hair, it can be a real salvation. It is necessary to add a little chicken yolk, brandy and burdock oil - 1 tsp. all components. Apply the mass, wrap everything in plastic and a towel, and then wash it off after a few hours. Treatment should be carried out once a week for 3 months.

Quality mask can be obtained from chicken eggs and yogurt. The mixture is well mixed, and then rubbed into the hair, worn for half an hour and washed off.

In the case of a strong problem, there is another popular recipe for hair loss, for the preparation of which, in one container, castor or burdock oil and alcohol are mixed, mixed. The mixture is applied 30 minutes before washing.

An effective remedy is the composition of chicken yolk of onion juice and castor oil. To make a bulb, all the juice is squeezed out, the same amount of all other ingredients is added to it. The mass is rubbed 40 minutes before washing, and the head is wrapped with a towel.

A lot of good was said about onion juice. For hair with it, you can prepare another mask. It takes 1 tbsp. l extract and mixed with 2 tbsp. l vodka, then applied shortly before washing. The procedure must be performed for several months.

Drug treatment of prolapse

There is also a saloon elimination of such a problem. All methods can be divided into surgical, which involve transplantation, and physiotherapy, these include mesotherapy, ozone therapy, cryotherapy, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, climatotherapy. There are also physiotherapy methods that combine drugs, although there are not so many of them, but they are great for hair loss. Reviews of pharmacists claim that these funds should have finasteride or minoxidil in their composition, all other products will not give such a visible and high-quality result.

Saloon methods

There are cosmetic procedures to help solve baldness problems:

- Acupressure is an effect on active sites, which are nerve aggregations and are fully connected with internal organs;
- electroneurostimulation is a hardware procedure that produces electrical impulses to the nerve endings of the skin;
- Mesotherapy is the introduction of drugs with special needles precisely in the center of the pathology;
  - ozone therapy - is used by using ozonated water for rinsing or irrigation, also components that are enriched with ozone, in the form of tablets or injections are used;
- phototherapy - a method based on the use of artificially obtained infrared and ultraviolet radiation.

Use burdock

This plant, which can be attributed to the weeds, perfectly fights with the problems of hair. Its root is a real treasure trove of wholesome ingredients. It contains essential oils, vitamins, proteins, polysaccharide inulin, macro- and microelements, stearic and palmitic acid, and many other components.

In order to prepare a decoction of burdock root, it is poured with a small amount of water, and then cooked until it becomes soft. The resulting balm is rubbed into the scalp as an independent means or is added to the mask, along with chopped roots.

For example, it goes well with some ingredients.
- 4 tbsp. l onion juice, 1 tbsp. l cognac and 6 tbsp. l decoction;
- tincture of marigold pharmaceutical and decoction in a ratio of 1: 1;
- in a 1: 1 ratio with a decoction of hop cones.

Burdock oil is made from the roots of this plant, which is an indispensable remedy for baldness.

Nettle application

Another popular recipe for hair loss is nettle. For the treatment of illness it is used as a water and alcohol tincture, as well as in mixed media:
- together with nettle we combine tincture of mother and stepmother in the ratio 1: 1;
- use the composition of the collection of the same number of plantain, dry nettle, chamomile, sage and oregano;
- 1 tbsp. l herbs are drawn for several weeks in a glass of castor, olive or burdock oil, and then filtered and applied as a mask;
- Fresh juice is perfect for care.

Nettle for strengthening hair is a very effective tool, and in combination with other components is generally indispensable.

Colorless henna to help

For a long time, women used henna only to lighten or dye their hair and were unaware of the existence of another type of its use. Also in nature there is colorless henna for strengthening hair, reviews of satisfied users say that it has excellent effect on the skin and adds strength to hair follicles, and also awakens dormant bulbs, thereby promoting active growth. The usual composition is made from the leaves of the lawsonum plant, and the colorless is the processing of the stems. Its components actively penetrate the hair and begin to strengthen the structure from the middle, and also cover it with a kind of protective film. Good for smoothing all scales, so the curls will get a healthy shine and become softer. Henna colorless to strengthen hair will help to solve problems perfectly; reviews of experts state that it favorably affects the whole head of hair and improves blood circulation, thereby increasing the thickness and elasticity of the entire hairstyle.

Valuable tips for preventing fallout

1. It is necessary to wash your hair only in boiled water, so the liquid softens and does not leave an insoluble residue;
2. Use hair dryer, ironing and forceps as little as possible. Be sure to worry about thermal protection.
3. Take care of protection from hypothermia and from the sun, use a hat.
4. More often try to apply a balm to strengthen the hair, which is made from decoctions of burdock, chamomile and nettle.
5. It is possible for several weeks to rub aloe juice into the pockets of baldness.
6. It has been scientifically proven that for strengthening it is necessary to regularly use onions in food.
7. To reduce hair loss, hair roots can be powdered with ground parsley seed powder.
8. Also used castor oil, and this tool has shown itself as the best from hair loss. User reviews state that it is best to heat the oil in a water bath and rub it into the head, and then leave it all night.
9. If there is a possibility, be sure to consult a trichologist, he will tell in detail about the problem of curls and help determine the cause of baldness.