Drug dependence is a serious illness. It is very difficult to cure it, it is almost impossible. It is caused by the use of drugs with the following formation of constant consumption. In its course there is an uncontrollable attraction to the substance. Potential drug addicts appear in 3 directions:Drug addiction - is there a way to get rid of

1. Violation of the central nervous system and internal organs.

2. Psychological disorders.

3. Problems in society.

In recent years, drug dependence in almost all countries has become very large. It becomes a social disaster. Two thirds of drug addicts are men and women for about 30 years. They became such in youth, and some in childhood.

Treatment of drug dependence is a long and multi-component process. Often patients are people with a criminal past. They do not consider it necessary to seek medical help. Such patients get under control, when narcotic dependence is strongly pronounced or their behavior becomes dangerous for society.

Stages of drug treatment are divided into two stages:

• Medical rehabilitation;

• adaptation in society.

The drug treatment stage of drug dependence treatment is abstinence withdrawal, which develops after refusal of the drug. At this stage, you need to take various medications. You can treat at home. To do this, you must strictly follow the instructions of a doctor-expert in narcology. But the practice of the world's rehabilitation centers shows that treatment and rehabilitation programs are much more effective in a hospital.

Sometimes they resort to “cleansing the blood” by hemosorption, which often does not help, and drug addiction returns.

The longer stage is psychosocial. It can be carried out on an outpatient basis (psychotherapeutic methods in centers for drug addicts). Rehabilitation treatment regimens are divided into 4 types:

1) Christian programs that include:

• prayers, conversations with the priest;

• public Works;

• Living in a Christian community.

2) Therapeutic groups in which they learn to live in a new way, with care about themselves and others.

3) programs and courses of treatment "12 steps" or "Anonymous drug addicts". In communities there are people on voluntary free bases. The essence of the treatment is work in a group, and the peculiarity of the method is that the "doctors" in them are drug addicts who are at different stages of recovery. In groups, people change the worldview of a person to the world, set the right priorities and principles. Treatment for "12 steps" does not provide for other forms of assistance, such as religion and psychotherapy.

4) Programs on the basis of psychotherapy. Patients must learn to live without drugs. The programs expand and open up new opportunities for patients. Such therapy may be individual or group.

The most important aspect in the question "How to get rid of drug dependence?" Is the very desire of the patient. The most important decision he takes personally. There are no methods that would cure a person against his will, there is no point in any therapy without patient involvement. Each of the ways will be effective with the condition that the patient's belief in recovery is sincere.