Today we have to understand whether it is possible to take urine with menstruation. And on what day of the next monthly cycle the corresponding research is carried out with the greatest accuracy. All this must be understood not only by the doctor, but also by the woman. From the correct choice of the moment of delivery of the analysis depends its effectiveness. All this is very important. Then everything will be told about the preparation for the urine test, as well as how much during the month it is expedient to carry out this study. What features should I pay attention to in the first place?

Effect of monthly on urine

Many girls are interested in whether it is possible to take urine tests with menstruation. Answer this question clearly will not work. It is necessary to pay attention to numerous features of the process.Is it possible to take urine with a monthly test

Monthly - this is the period in which women in the body are undergoing major changes. And they are able to exert a certain influence on urine. Can I take urine with menstruation?

To understand this, it is necessary to take into account the fact that during the critical days in the girl's body, red blood cells are produced in large numbers. Accordingly, some inaccuracies in the analysis are possible.

Than Dangerous

So can I take urine when the menstrual period is? Doctors do not recommend conducting an appropriate study in this period. As already mentioned, all this is due to the high content of red blood cells in the blood and urine.

A similar phenomenon may lead to the idea of ​​a woman having serious illnesses. For example, urolithiasis or infection of the kidneys, as well as the genitourinary system.

In addition, during the collection of urine in urine can get clots of blood. They often suggest thoughts about cystitis, as well as diabetes. All these features will have to be taken into account.

Prohibition or not

Can I take urine with menstruation? As already mentioned, doctors do not recommend conducting this study because of the inaccuracy of the analysis. Is this recommendation absolute?

Not at all. The delivery of urine in women during critical days is possible, although it is not recommended. It will be necessary to follow certain recommendations, so that it is possible to conduct a maximum accurate analysis of urine during the periods without too much effort.

Recommendations for training

What should I pay attention to in the first place? Can I take urine with menstruation? Yes, although it is not recommended to do this. But if properly prepared, then you can even get the most accurate result even in critical days.

Among the main recommendations are the thorough washing of the genital organs. This is necessary in order to exclude the ingress of blood into the urine. Accordingly, the probability of incorrect diagnosis is minimized.

Washing is required to be carried out according to a certain method. The genitals should be washed with a soap solution (without disinfection) in the direction from the pubis to the anal opening. This should be done immediately before collecting the biomaterial to exclude the entry of blood into the urine.

A detailed algorithm for collecting urine

Can I take urine with menstruation? It is undesirable, but if the corresponding analysis was appointed by the doctor, then after washing, you can collect biological material for further investigation. It is enough to act according to a certain technique. Which one? How correctly to collect urine for analysis?

For this you need:

  1. Wash the hands. It is desirable without disinfectants, it is enough ordinary soap.
  2. Rinse the genitals. The methodology has already been said.
  3. Prepare a sterile container for collecting urine. Open it without touching the inner walls. Or carry out collection in sterile gloves.
  4. Pour the first urine past the container. It is required to slightly dilute the labia and begin urination. It is enough to wait 2-3 seconds.
  5. The remaining urine is collected in a jar to collect biological material. Requires 70-100 milliliters of urine.
  6. Close the jar with a lid.

After the performed actions it is possible to hand over biological material to the laboratory for further research. This technique will help to achieve maximum effectiveness. And not only during the critical days. In the laboratory it is desirable to warn that the collection of urine was carried out at monthly intervals.

How much is the biomaterial

Another important issue is the topic of the validity of certain biological materials. Once the urine is collected, you will have to hurry to deliver it to the laboratory. Why?

Regardless of when exactly the urine was collected (during menstruation or not), urine begins to lose its properties within 2 hours after its collection. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account that the woman will have only 120 minutes to deliver biological material to the laboratory. Otherwise, the probability of inaccurate results is high.

Before Critical Days

And whether it is possible to hand over urine before monthly? For example, a few days before the proposed start of the cycle. This question worries many girls. After all, getting blood in the urine under the circumstances is out of the question. So, is it possible to take urine tests before menstruation?

In fact, doctors do not recommend conducting appropriate studies several days before the critical, and also during the menstrual period directly. As already mentioned, in urine the level of erythrocytes rises. This process takes place shortly before the start of the critical days. Therefore, urine for analysis should not be taken both during the menstrual period, and 3-4 days before they begin.

After monthly

Nevertheless, these are not all the features that every woman should know. Is it possible to take urine after menstruation? Yes, it is during the period after menstruation that basic tests are given. Both blood and urines.

When is it best to start collecting biomaterial? It is best to wait a few days after the end of the period. Within 2 days, it is possible to collect biological material without fear for inaccurate analysis.

What is possible and what is not

Is it possible to take urine before menstruation? Yes, but this is not recommended because of inaccurate research. Nevertheless, the female body is a mystery. There are always some changes in it. And therefore part of the blood and urine tests have to be delivered on specific days of the cycle. Sometimes even regardless of whether menstruation is coming or not.

Can I take urine with menstruation? A number of studies are carried out precisely in the specified period of time. But, as a rule, not urine is investigated. Blood tests for hormones, as well as for infections are carried out on the 5th-7th days of the cycle and at any time, respectively. Critical days in no way affect these studies.

But from the immediate delivery of urine will have to abstain. And carry out appropriate tests only after the recommendation of the treating doctor, as well as using the already known method of collecting biological material.


Now it is clear, whether it is possible to hand over urine at monthly. How to take it, too, is no longer a mystery. In fact, critical days have to refrain from many studies. Especially when it comes to analyzes on oncomarkers.

Shortly before the start of critical days, it is also better not to collect urine for certain studies. Blood can be taken, but only with great need. Critical days cause significant changes in the body of the girl, which far from the best way affect the analysis.

In any case, do not hand over urine or any other biological material in critical days. When referring a doctor to a particular study, it is necessary to warn that some days will go on a monthly basis. Only the treating specialist will be able to say exactly how to act in this case. And only he will tell, whether it is possible to hand over urine, when there are monthly.