Tea tree oil from acne, reviews and recommendations about which are very common, and almond oil began to be used more recently. The thing is that many did not trust the so-called eastern medicine, from where the use of such drugs went. However, this was in vain.Almond oil and tea tree oil from acne: reviews and recommendations

Almond Miracle remedy and tea tree oil from acne: reviews and guidelines

So, what are they different from each other? It should immediately be recalled that all similar means are divided into basic (or basic) oils and ethereal. The first type includes almond, and the second - tea tree oil, respectively. But what is the specific difference? In the power of action! The basic ones are most often used for diluting or dissolving ethereal ones in them, the number of drops of which in turn should not be more than five. Consequently, essential oil of tea tree from acne is used in its pristine form extremely rarely, only in emergency cases of a strong "spread" of acne on the skin of the face. This suggests that most often it is an addition to any masks or creams.

Tea tree oil for acne: reviews and principle of action

So, how do our miracle tools work? Almond oil, in general, is universal, but it is during the adolescent period that it helps to fight with excessive greasiness, with enlarged pores and, as already mentioned above, with acne. Tea tree oil, reviews of which indicate that it is used only for problems with the face. Very carefully it should be used with sensitive skin, for this dosage should be reduced by half. What effect does this product have? First, it fights with already existing spots, gently whitening them. Secondly, it dries out the rashes and prevents the appearance of new ones. Thirdly, tea tree oil actively disinfects the skin, thereby protecting it from spreading bacteria through the skin.

Almond and tea tree oil for acne: reviews and recipes

How to use this or that remedy? Let's start with the first one. Almond oil can be applied in its original form every day instead of cream. As a rule, it is rubbed before going to bed. It should be noted that oil can be used as a means to cleanse the face of makeup, since it does not injure the skin and provides additional care. As for the second tool, it is added to different masks. For example, in white clay it is enough to drip 4 drops of tea tree, and the effect will increase several times (strictly in a dry, not yet diluted mass). You can also mix the essential oil with the base oil, that is, with almond oil (also 4-5 drops). Another tea tree oil can be added to professional cosmetic masks (the dosage is still the same). In its pure form, this drug is used extremely rarely, only in particularly difficult cases. If it nevertheless has come, it is enough to apply one drop locally to the cleansed skin.

Thus, these products help to get rid of acne in a fairly short time. The most important thing is regular application and strict adherence to proportions, especially when using essential oils. It is the treatment with natural products that will help to achieve excellent results.