Gastritis with high acidity: treatment and prevention

Increasingly, doctors diagnose gastritis. Everyone can get sick with this disease, even a schoolboy. Gastritis with high acidity, the treatment of which takes a long time, usually arises from malnutrition, in particular due to excessive consumption of acidic, salty or acute, quick chewing, untimely food intake, etc.

MRI is

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive modern diagnostic test method that allows you to visually examine deeply located biological tissues. It is based on such a physical phenomenon as nuclear magnetic resonance.

Iatrogenic is what? Types of iatrogenia, causes, prevention

Often in modern medicine, the term iatrogenia is used. This concept denotes those states that are directly or indirectly tied to the actions of medical personnel. Often a doctor brings a certain traumatism to his patient, incorrectly communicating with him or performing certain manipulations.

Medication sleep in intensive care: consequences, reviews

Many medical procedures do not do without anesthesia. It is necessary in order to relieve pain, prevent shock. After all, the characteristic reaction of the body (increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, stress hormone production) can significantly affect the patient's condition. Often used medicamental sleep.

Mother and child: reviews

The network of clinics "Mother and Child" offers quality services in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. Many thanks to the work of doctors managed to achieve the long-awaited pregnancy

Has bitten a lip: what to do or make

Very often people during bingeing or eating bite their lips. There is no statistical data on this issue, but many observations allow us to conclude about the factors that lead to bite.

What is CT? CT of the spine

Today the final statement of many diagnoses is impossible without a computer tomography. About what CT is, in which cases it is used, how to prepare for the study, you will learn in this article. Also, it will discuss the types of examination, why the cost of CT depends and where it is better to do it.

Research Institute

In 1898 the Institute was founded. Morozov, who specialized in the treatment of tumors. The initiative of its creation was made by a professor at the University of Moscow, the famous surgeon L. L. Levshin and his student V. M. Zykov.

What products accelerate metabolism and promote weight loss

To lose weight and get the perfect shape, do not wear yourself out with long workouts or ruin the digestive system with diets. It is better to introduce useful food into your diet. Seafood and fish with a high content of iodine, spices and herbs, citrus, dairy, oatmeal and legumes - all these products accelerate the metabolism.

Ozone therapy in cosmetology - an alternative to surgical procedures

In medicine, ozone began to be used as early as the beginning of the 20th century. Every year, information accumulated about the wonderful effect of ozone on the body, which served as prerequisites for the emergence of ozone therapy in various sectors of human life. Most of the skin problems are associated with a deficiency in its oxygen cells. That is why ozonotherapy in cosmetology is just a find.

The acetabulum of the hip bone

One of the most frequent injuries that leads a person to a wheelchair is the acetabular fracture. Today we learn what this part of the hip joint represents, and also what methods of therapy of dysplasia or other problems of this place exist.

How to lower cholesterol without drugs and keep it low

Cholesterol is a very insidious organic compound. And its insidiousness is manifested in the fact that clots are formed in the blood due to increased viscosity, which interferes with normal blood circulation. Cholesterol clots (they are also called cholesterol plaques) form thrombi that can not pass through the narrowed vessels. This leads to clogged vessels, which entails many diseases.

The rate of blood test, what is its value

The norm of the blood test is of great importance. The thing is that blood is responsible for such functions as supplying tissues with oxygen and nutrients, removing unnecessary metabolic products, protecting the body from harmful infections and many others. Often it is the qualitative and quantitative composition of it that gives an idea of ​​the state of human health and allows one to identify certain diseases.

Functions of water in the human body

Each of us probably heard the phrase that the human body is more composed of water. Have you ever wondered why this is so? Why do you need such a large amount of fluid and in general what function does the water in the body?

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